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Problem FundedEA - Martingale and doesn't want to honor guarantee

I am having an issue with a company


I just wanted to share my very negative experience with this company.

For those of you who feel tempted to use their "pass ur challenge" EA. Let me explain how these scoundrels run their scam, so that it doesnt look like a scam (that is the key).

1. They sell u an EA with lots of snapshots of wins and positive client remarks

2. They never tell u it is a martingale EA

3. The telegram channel only shows you winning reports of some clients.

4. As a user, starting in August, I used their EAs to only see my account plunge by 6k.

5. Small print: no refund.

6. Guarantee: when you request it, they find plenty of excuses..

Guys be careful out there and only believe hard cold evidence based on a long track record of individual trades lwading to consistent gains. Obviously I didnt follow my own advice.