FXone Releases Unique Spreadsheet Trading Platform, Free for Live Account Holders at FXCM and FOREX.


FXone Representative
San Francisco, CA – March 27, 2012 – FXone announces the release of its multi-patent pending, automated trading platform for FX and CFDs. FXone is currently fully integrated into FXCM and FOREX.com for receiving data and account information and doing manual, semi-automated and fully-automated trading all within a single platform for both US and non-US accounts. FXone is free of charge for traders with live trading accounts at participating brokers, with many other broker integrations in the queue.

Rosario M. Ingargiola, chief executive officer at FXone, said “We are very excited to announce the release of what we believe will become the leading platform in retail FX trading. By embedding a high performance spreadsheet component into the heart of the platform, FXone is much more useful for the average trader than any other platform where programming is required. It makes it possible to quickly do things that can't be done in any other retail trading platform available. FXone is quite literally the most accessible platform available to non-programmers for creating custom analysis and automated trading strategies.”

In addition to supporting manual click trading, users can also perform spreadsheet-formula based semi-automated and fully-automated trading using nothing more than simple IF() expressions. FXone’s embedded spreadsheet supports 300+ Microsoft Excel™ functions and all critical Excel functionality required for trading without the need for an Excel license. The portability of FXone spreadsheets makes social investing more interesting because the spreadsheets can be emailed to other users for immediate use.

FXone further improves upon many limitations of other popular platforms. It supports trading of all available CFDs including stock indices, oil and gold, has no 4 digit vs. 5 digit price issues, has support for trading from multiple strategies concurrently without missing trades, and has faster and more reliable trade execution without using a bridge. In addition, FXone has support for faster manually executed scalping strategies, any custom timeframe for real-time and historical data, e.g., 30 second, or 2 minute bars which are not provided by the brokers, as well as support for quickly building trading dashboards that can include custom charts and graphs that update in real-time containing any market data or data computed with a spreadsheet formula, together with any account, order and position information available from the broker.

Thomas C. Capalbo, vice president of business development and sales at FXone, said “With pre-built indicators and trading strategies provided by FXone and the community that is forming around the platform, even novice users can do automated trading with a couple of mouse clicks instead of building their own strategies, much like how they currently use EAs. A major advantage over traditional EAs though, is that as these traders become more knowledgeable about trading – not programming – they can grow into the platform’s advanced capabilities at their own pace and take more control because of how straightforward it is to modify or extend trading logic for a non-programmer.”

“The platform is initially aimed at retail traders that want the best possible tools, but it is an institutional quality platform supporting very sophisticated automated trading strategies. Our team has deep experience, and has developed award winning, large scale automated trading platforms for some of the largest hedge funds and investment banks in the world. ”, said Mr. Ingargiola.

Dr. Ernie P. Chan, head of QTS Capital Management LLC, a hedge fund that employs fully automated trading strategies, and the author of the book “Quantitative Trading: How to build your own Algorithmic Trading Business” has been an active beta user of the FXone platform. Dr. Chan said “Usually, a trading tool is either hard-to-program (think C++), or it has low computing efficiency (think Excel). To me, FXone combines the best of both worlds: high performance coupled with ease of development.

The FXone platform is inherently multi-asset capable and the company is planning integration of binary options, futures and equities. Free demo access can be requested at www.fxone.com and product videos are also available on the site.