Services Offered Get your own funded account 60/40 Split


Get upto $50000 dollars to manage. Profit share 60/40.
Just open an account with XM(Under our affiliate) and trade according to our set of rules. As long as you manage your risks and prove to us you can trade with consistency we will fund accounts for you.
Initial proof of trading will be done with your own money. (Min Account size $1000)

1. No trades held over weekend
2. Max DD less than 20%
3. No hedging allowed.
4. Proof of trading should be for atleast 90 days
5. All accounts must be added to myfxbook. You can hide all current and previous trades. We are only interested in you maintaining your DD to the max allowed.
6. People who take good risk to reward trades have a higher chance of getting bigger accounts
7. Scalping is allowed but not recommended as investors don't like too many scalp trades.
8. No news trades. All positions must be taken atleast 3 hours of any major news and after. Positions can be held through news.
9. Swaps will count towards DD or profit
10. Only one account will be allowed per trader.

Valid for new and exisiting XM clients (Under our affiliate) only.
For more information drop in a comment and we will contact you.


Unlike other prop funds we don't charge fees. All we require is a funded account to show trading style live for 90days.

The profit from the funded account is all yours.

Instead of fee we accumulate broker referrals to boost our funding for traders who can provide consistent profits.

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60/40 doesn't sound like a very attractive option considering we are the ones carrying all the risk