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Google PANDA News 2012 - CentOS 6.6 - NEWS = SPAM for www.seo-danmark.dk and ArticleSearchEngineMar

Discussion in 'Spammers Hall of Shame' started by LiptLeriExpix, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. LiptLeriExpix

    LiptLeriExpix Banned spammer for seo-danmark.dk

    Nov 27, 2011
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    I am so desperate to get money to do SEO that I will spam anywhere I please. If you hire an unethical spammer like me, I'll increase your search engine ranking while ruining your online reputation.

    As an entrepreneur, you SEO :: (Søgemaskineoptimering) ? Search engine optimization (SEO) ? Internet Marketing ? fra SEO - Danmark SPAM know that having an online presence is something that you cannot afford to ignore AND RUINING IT WITH A SPAMMER IS A BAD IDEA. It is one of the most effective and seo cost efficient ways to not only provide solutions to your customers but also to ensure new customers and prospects find your business AND AVOID DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU. Having said that, between websites, blogs, article marketing, search engines and the myriad of options you have to get your message out online, it can be quite the challenge to not only create awareness of your brand but also ensure that you seo have fresh and relevant content on a continuous basis. PAY ME MONEY AND I WILL SPAM FOR YOU!

    That’s seo where we come in. At ArticleSearchEngineMarketing.com, we specialize in not only content creation but also syndication and SEO services AND WILL SPAM YOUR MESSAGE AND RIVE CUSTOMERS AWAY. What does this mean for you? You get on with the business of running your business and leave your content needs to us AND GO BANKRUPT. We offer effective article SPAM marketing as well as syndication strategies based on your specific SEO needs and time frame. In short, your search for search engine SEO and article marketing domination is at an end AS WILL BE YOUR BUSINESS IF YOU HIRE ME.

    If you have a custom project that doesn’t fit what we offer on the right, please use our contact form to give us more details so that we can develop an article SPAM marketing (SEO) strategy that suits your custom needs. Ultimately, article search engine SPAM seo marketing can not only increase your ranking seo within Google, Bing and Yahoo, it will also help position the with you and your company as SPAM experts in your chosen industry this is something that cannot be bought and yet is so important to your online SPAM success it bears repeating. Something else you will want to consider is that although these seo days there is a premium placed on speed, you also want to ensure that your strict standards for quality are met BY VIOLATING FORUM RULES AND SPAMMING. This is one of the most important things when designing a long-term online marketing seo strategy. At Article Search Engine Marketing we offer the speed of SPAM execution you look for, quality you can trust and we treat your online marketing campaign as though it were our own by esnureing that we provide the highest level of quality SPAM content , SEO for Life SEO :: Søgemaskineoptimering ? (SEO) Search engine optimization til virksomheder i hele DK ? Fra SEO - Danmark

    I spammed the FPA from IP

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