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All in one place, the Tables of Contents for the FPA's Education Materials.

Forex Daily Trading Signals

These are the free signals started by Felix. Peter gives the signals now.

Shoulders of Giants

Three master traders share their insights and analysis.

Forex Basics Bootcamp

Need some advice on finding a broker or avoiding scams. Pharaoh is addicted to writing about forex and shares his methods and ideas for free.

FPA Traders Glossary

Definitions of trading terms. Written by traders, for traders.

Forex Military School

Learn to fight on the forex battlefield! Sive Morten is the Commander in Pips of the FPA's Forex Military School.
Forex Basics Bootcamp

Forex Basics Bootcamp

Need some advice on finding a broker or avoiding scams. Pharaoh is addicted to writing about forex and shares his methods and ideas for free.


How To Select A Forex Broker
A broker that is good for one trader may not be good for another. Don't waste your money hoping for a "one size fits all" broker. Use this method and find the broker that's right for you.

How To Manage Risk While Forex Trading
Poor risk management wipes out more accounts than even the worst brokers. Before you can learn to make money, you need to learn how to not lose it all.

How Not to Lose All Your Money With A Managed Forex Account
If you don't have time to learn how to trade, you might want someone to trade for you. Learn how to defend yourself from having someone else take or lose all of your money.

Ponzi Schemes And HYIPS - Free Money Traps
There's no such thing as free money. Ponzi Scheme and HYIPS make it seem like there is. The warning signs of these scams are usually very obvious, once you know what to look for.

How To Trade The FPA's Daily Trading Signals
A general overview of how to handle news trading signals.

Wealth Protection
We live in uncertain times. Once you have money, do you know how to protect it?

Wealth Protection II
A followup to the original Wealth Protection article. It's 3 years later and Pharaoh has some more advice on how to keep your money safe.

Striking Back - Ethical Vengeance Against Scammers
When all else fails, use this step-by-step guide to expose scammers and warn others.

Make Your Trading Really Worthwhile
Make your trading count for something more than just making a profit. Use it to make the world a better place.
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Forex Military School

Forex Military School

Learn to fight on the forex battlefield! Sive Morten is the Commander in Pips of the FPA's Forex Military School.

Each week another lesson or two will be posted. Sive is starting off with the basics and will be working up to some very complex analysis.


Forex Military School Introduction. >>

Chapter 1

Part I. What is the Forex Military School?

Part II. What is a trading object in the FOREX market?

Part III. How are currencies traded in the FOREX market?

Part IV. FOREX stats and numbers.

Part V. And what is beyond spot FOREX?

Chapter 2

Part I. Why FOREX?

Part II. What about the Stock Market?

Part III. There is quite different story with the futures market...

Chapter 3

Part I. The Structure of the FOREX market.

Part II. Participants, participants…

Part III. Look in the rearview mirror.

Chapter 4

Part I. Trading Sessions.

Part II. -Japan Trading Session.

Part III. BIG BEN Time - The London Trading Session

Part IV. The New York trading session.

Part V. It’s double time – trading sessions overlapping.

Part VI. When should we trade?

Chapter 5

Part I Where does the money come from in FOREX?

Part II. Intermediate Checkpoint.

Part III. Fractions of the quote rate.

Part IV. Spread, Lots, Leverage/margin and profit/loss – joining all...

Part V. Order Types in FOREX.

Part VI. The time has come to talk about DEMO.

Part VII. Some revelations.

Chapter 6

Part I. Different types of market analysis.

Part II. Technical analysis.

Part III. Fundamental analysis.

Part IV. Sentimental analysis.

Part V. What type of analysis is better?

Chapter 7

Part I. Chart Types.

Chapter 8

Part I. Support and Resistance.

Part II. Trend Lines.

Part III. Channels.

Part IV. How to Apply All These Lines in Trading.

Part V. Lines Summary.

Chapter 9

Part I. Candlesticks, what are they?

Part II. How to interpret different candlesticks?

Part III. Simple, but fundamental and important patterns.

Part IV. Single Candlestick Patterns.

Part V. Double Deuce. Dual Candlestick Patterns.

Part VI. Triple Candlestick Patterns.

Part VII. Summary: Japanese candlesticks and patterns.

Chapter 10

Part I. Mysterious Fibonacci

Part II. Fibonacci Retracement.

Part III. Advanced Talks on Fibonacci Retracement.

Part IV. Sometimes Mr. Fibonacci could fail...really.

Part V. Fibonacci and Lines.

Part VI. Fibonacci and Candles.

Part VII. Fibonacci Extensions.

Part VIII. Advanced View on Fibonacci Extensions.

Part IX. Placing Orders with Fibonacci.

Part X. Fibonacci Summary.

Chapter 11

Part I. Introduction to Moving Averages.

Part II. Simple Moving Averages.

Part III. Exponential Moving Averages.

Part IV. Which one is better – EMA or SMA?

Part V. Using Moving Averages. Displaced MA.

Part VI. Trading Moving Average Crossover.

Part VII. Dynamic Support and Resistance.

Part VIII. Summary of Moving Averages.

Chapter 12

Part I. Bollinger Bands.

Part II. MACD Moving Average Convergence-Divergence

Part III. Parabolic SAR

Part IV. Stochiastic

Part V. Relative Strength Index

Part VI. Detrended Oscillator and Momentum Indicator.

Part VII. Average Directional Move Index – ADX.

Part VIII. Indicators: Tightening All Together

Chapter 13

Part I. Leading and Lagging Indicators

Part II. Leading Indicators

Part III. Lagging Indicators

Chapter 14

Part I. Basic Chart Patterns Intro

Part II. Double Top and Double Bottom

Part III. Head and Shoulders Pattern

Part IV. Wedge Pattern

Part V. Rectangles

Part VI. Flags and Pennants.

Part VII. Triangles.

Chapter 15

Part I. Pivot points – description and calculation.

Part II. How to Use Pivot Points.

Part III. Other ways of Pivots calculation.

Chapter 16

Part I. Elliot Wave Theory

Part II. Major EW Patterns - Impulse Move.

Part III. Major EW Patterns - Correction.

Part IV. More about Fractals.

Part V. Trading Elliot Waves.

Chapter 17

Part I. Intro to Harmonic Patterns.

Part II. Harmonic Numbers and AB=CD Pattern.

Part III. Gartley's Patterns.

Part IV. 3 Drive and Harmony in Classical Patterns.

Chapter 18

Part I. Intro to Divergence.

Part II. Divergence Trading.

Part III. Divergences with Oscillators

Chapter 19

Part I. Harmonic Approach to Recognizing a Trend Day.

Part II. Indicators’ Application for Estimating of Trending Market.

Part III. Ranging Market Indicators.

Part IV. Retracement and Reversal.

Chapter 20

Part I. Intro to Breakouts and Fakeouts.

Part II. Trading Breakouts.

Part III. Trading Fakeouts.

Chapter 21

Part I. Again About Fundamental Analysis

Part II. The Power of Interest Rates.

Part III. A Bit More on Monetary Policy

Part IV. Central Bank Representatives.

Part V. What Could Shape the Market

Part VI. News Impact

Part VII. Market Response on News

Chapter 22

Part I. Cross Pair – What the Beast is That?

Part II. Crosses – Continuation of Discussion...

Part III. Crosses - Continuation of Continuation... and Finish

Chapter 23

Part I. Multiple Time Frame Into

Part II. Buy or Sell?

Part III. Some Rules and Advanced Talks

Chapter 24

Part I. Market Sentiment and COT Report.

Part II. Trading Sentiment.

Chapter 25

Part I. Dealing with the News

Part II. Buying and Selling the News

Chapter 26

Part I. Let's Start With Carry.

Part II. Should we rely on Carry Solely?

Chapter 27

Part I. Let's Meet the Dollar Index.

Part II. Dollar Index - Continued.

Chapter 28

Part I. Intermarket Analysis - Commodities.

Part II. Relation with Other Financial Markets.

Part III. Continuation - Stock Market.

Part IV. Stock Market - Forex Market Relation.

Chapter 29

Part I. Trading plan framework – common thoughts.

Part II. Starting With Trading Plan Creation.

Part III. Dealing Directly With Trading Plan (Finally!)

Part IV. Daily Routine and Disaster Plan.

Chapter 30

Part I. A Bit More About Personality.

Part II. What Type of Trader Are You?

Chapter 31

Part I. Mechanical Trading System Info

Part II. Mechanical System Creation Framework

Chapter 32

Part I. Tracking Your Performance.

Part II. Tracking Your Performance - Continued...

Chapter 33

Part I. Risk Management Framework.

Part II. Position Size Calculation.

Chapter 34

Part I. A Bit More About Leverage.

Part II. Overleveraging and Transaction Costs.

Chapter 35

Part I. Why Do We Need Stop-Loss Orders?

Part II. Ways to Place Stop-Loss Orders.

Part III. Stop-Loss Orders Based on Volatility.

Part IV. Other Thoughts on Stop-Loss Orders.

Chapter 36

Part I. Scaling of Position.

Part II. Scaling In.

Chapter 37

Part I. Intramarket Correlations.

Part II. Application of Intramarket Correlations.

Chapter 38

Part I. Some Talk About Brokers.

Part II. Things to Think About.

Chapter 39

Part I. Forex Scam: Money Managers.

Part II. Forex Scam: Trading Bots, Signals, and Brokers.

Part III. Forex Scam: Emergency.

Chapter 40

Part I. Graduation.

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