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Help Needed!

Discussion in 'General Forex Talk' started by deflationist, Nov 19, 2009.

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    Mar 6, 2008
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    This is the same person who was arrested in Sweden for Christmas 2008. After that when Swedish police transferred him to Finland, he has not had a chance to defend himself, just like he told when swedish police didn´t allow him to demonstrate his defense.

    How long this can continue in the EU and how Sweden has allowed this to happen???

    Members of club have received horrible treatment from Finnish police, KRP. KRP has confiscated their property, frozen their bank accounts, destroyed members' companies and KRP has kept also members long periods in jail. KRP has tried to prevent members' meetings and even 8 police men has picked up members with force to investigation hearings. Members have been treated like terrorists or murder men. Also their lawyers have been frozen. Ilkka Pitkänen, the jurist of EOK, has done investigations of WinCapita few months and he has not found any crime in operation of WinCapita members.

    Members of WinCapita are sure that govenrment is trying to steal their money. Hannu Kailajärvi has also developed an excellent, very good operating currency trade program, Forex Trade Signals System, which predicts currency trade pair EUR/USD in currency trading. The program has worked so well that users of it have doubled their capital in two-week-time. That will be a threat to Finnish banks and that is why Kailajärvi is kept so long in detention pending trial. Are they going to murder him there?

    KRP has investigated WinCapita already 2 years, but they have not brought any suits and not to Hannu Kailajärvi. There have been nearly 12 000 members in Wincapita including members of the parliament, polices, judges, bank managers, lawyers, entrepreneurs etc.

    Reporters, who would like to bring forward another truth than KRP, have been

    KRP and Finnish media has blazoned for years that WinCapita is the biggest economic crime in Finland, but is it a crime at all? Or is WinCapita case the biggest juridical murder in Finland?

    WinCapita are treated liked terrorists

    Membership of Finnish investment club, WinCapita, are treated liked terrorists or murders by Finnish police, KRP (National Bureau of Investigation). The leader of WinCapita, Hannu Kailajärvi, has been in jail for ONE-YEAR-TIME in detention pending trial! Nearly half-year-time he was kept in segregation in cellar booth in Oulu jail (OULUNAMO). The cellar booth was very cold. One window was broken, frozen over, and it was winter time in Finland (-10- -15 degrees). The cellar booth’s walls and floor was dirty of people’s excretion, mattress was in mold.

    In Oulu police jail in February they also give a strange pill to Hannu Kailajärvi. The pill caused him high fever, high blood pressure and hallucinations. After that he was taken to Oulu Central Hospital to blood test, but the blood test results have strangely disappeared. Blood tubes have been lastly seen in hands of KRP investigator. Why blood tubes were given to police? Hannu Kailajärvi has never received his blood test results. His mother has done investigation request of this to police but nothing has happened. Immediately after that Hannu was thrown to cellar booth without any doctor examination. There was no doctor examination at all during the whole cellar-booth- segregation time till June 2009 (half year)!

    Hannu Kailajärvi’s mother made an official complaint of KRP’s treatment and bad jail conditions of his son this week. Finnish EOK - European Central Association for Legal Protection Rules Eurooppalaisen Oikeusturvan Keskusliitto - EOK Ry - Etusivu and WWW.SANOMAT24.FI - VERKKOUUTISLEHTI - ETUSIVU were the first who published the complaint. Also some other media published it although till now Finnish media has published only the truth of police and accuse and treat WinCapita members as criminals.

    Hannu Kailajärvi’s complaint of Finnish police, KRP, under:

    This morning, Friday the 13th, when Hannu Kailajärvi was calling to his mother seven (7) guardians attacked him and he was dragged with violence to segregation cell (rund) in jail’s cellar. Guardians have undressed him in the cellar. Hannu was going to make complaint to one newspaper article through his mother and they did not allow him to do that. Is he still alive?

    Situation began when guardian named Lasse Hautakangas did not allow Hannu Kailajärvi to call his mother this morning. He has said that “phone calls are not allowed anymore”. Hannu has said that he wants jail’s foreman there. Guardian "H" has said “now you loser go to jail” and alarmed 7 guardians to take Hannu to celler. "H" had also tried to hit Hannu’s head to iron door twice. After that they had forced Hannu to undress all clothes.

    Kailajärvi was rent back to cellar booth in Friday (the 13th) morning

    I received following message from the mother of Hannu Kailajärvi:

    " When Hannu was taking a phone call to me at 7:00 a.m. this morning 7 guardians attacked him and rent him back to cellar booth, “rund” and forced him to undress his clothes there. They did not say any reason why he was taken there. Hannu remained there.

    Hannu had yesterday dictated reply for newspaper Kaleva where prison warden Margit Kyngäs had embellished conditions of Oulu prison. Hannu had started to dictate reply in Thursday, but then guardian suddenly interrupted the phone call. Writing of reply should have been continued today, but guardian "H". did not let Hannu make a phone call at all. ", writes Hannu’s mother.

    I got more accurate information about this later, and I specify the situation in the morning. So, Hannu Kailajärvi was taking a phone call to his mother at 7:00 a.m. this morning, but guardian "H", did not let Hannu take this phone call at all. When Hannu asked that he wants prison warden or foreman to settle the case, guardian "H" said “now you, dude, will go to rund”. Then seven (7) guardians rent Hannu to cellar booth.

    11:00 a.m. Hannu called again to his mother and told more accurate what had been happened. Hannu told that guardians were rent him to prison’s cellar booth and forced him to undress his clothes there.

    Hannu was not given any explanations for these operations. After this Hannu’s mother called to prison warden, Margit Kyngäs. Kyngäs pretended that she did not know anything about morning’s happenings concerning Hannu Kailajärvi. Is it really so?

    How is it possible that this shocking episode is not known by Prison Warden? I cannot either understand what is the motive of treatment of Hannu Kailajärvi like he has treated in Friday morning? Who decides what really happens in the prison?


    deflationist :)

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