I'm new here - great site

Steven Chase

I am new here and I wanted to say hello.

I have been trading for over a decade. I stopped for two years but decided to get a PhD in finance. I'm still in the program and started trading forex about a year ago with a demo account (and my dissertation is on forex trade systems). Based on the sample I am analyzing few forex traders make money and they lose it very quickly.

On the trading side of things I use TradeStation (which doesn't seem to be used by many here) but I have developed a couple systems that have been performing relatively well. I set up a mini account and I start trading it live the first week in January with my automated systems. Forex is a totally different world than futures and stocks and I am glad I took my time getting this far.

I have found the posts here very informative and I think FPA does an excellent job covering fraud and EA's.

Just wanted to introduce myself to the group. I do more reading here than posting. ;o)


Hi Steve, hope you do try and post from time to time, sounds like you could have some valuble stuff to say.