Hello everyone and I have a noob question...

Bro, just simply ask them, what are you afraid of being misinterpreted as incompetent?
where is the question? im look for a noob question but i cant find? i wanna answer and feel useful once more lol
The most accurate information regarding this matter will be provided by the broker you are working with. However, I believe you should pay attention to the following:

  1. Is the commission the broker will receive 'Round Turn' or 'Per Side'?
  2. Is the commission determined as a fixed amount or as a pip value?
  3. Will there be any hidden expenses?
First, I actually think that you got it wrong, they do not usually say that 4.5 GBP, they show it based on pips, so, you should look more carefully. then if we assume that for 1 lot you pay 4.5GBP spread, for a 0.1 lot, it will be 0.45 GBP, and for a 0.01 lot it would be 0.045 GBP. I think you can calculate for the rest. btw, does that broker have live support services?

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. They do have live support and I have been quoted at £7 for a round trip on £1000 trades. That sounds ok.