Introduction to Afterspike Trading using Diamonds Trading Signals


Hi Isten, How did you get those data? Did you trade them from January? I still haven't understood the DTS style yet, but looking forward to it.

No i didn't trade this strategy, i have evaluated it only with pen and paper, The requirements are strict so thats not a problem.
But 2020 is after February not representative because Corona.

Maybe i check 2019, too


Looks like a one-way ticket to blow up your account. If we enter at the first 30% retracement,
1. if it retraces 40% or more we would hit our stop, our stop is so tight with only 10 pips.
2. Sometimes it would retrace 100% or more before going up again.
3. Sometimes it will whipsawed and reverse to the other direction.

Many people have asked a video on how to execute this strategy, there is no response to all the comments here... Wonder why?

I use to trade all the red news and know roughly how the pairs react in the first few minutes. This strategy doesn't seem like it would work.