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I am 2 Years customer of Investtechfx, make Money in the Forextrading. If I start to make withdraworders the trouble begin.At the last they offer me a final Release if i wait until December 31th 2010 i get back USD 3500.
7 Months past and on January 1th i sent Emails for tranfer my Money. Until now nothing happens. I got this case a International lawyer and the Canadian Policedepartment also Interpol Germany. I hope all this guys will be arrested soon and the Internetsite will be closed. We have a lot of Documents about criminal activities. Who have also problems with this "Company" ? We give this case to the Court in Toronto, London and Los Angeles.If You have Details, Ideas let us know.Thanks


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InvestTechFX is not a true “Straight Thru Processor” (STP) broker.

Please notice the following excerpts from emails from InvestTechFX while trying to gain access to my earnings:

InvestTechFX is a No-Dealing Desk (NDD) and a Straight-Through Processor (STP) Forex Trading software company. Due to the fact that we are a NDD we do not actively monitor customers’ accounts regularly. In every case involving withdrawals, it is mandatory that all accounts be reviewed by all parties, including our liquidity provider.

Attached to this email you will find sever journal logs from your account activities which were provided by the clearing department liquidity provider. We are sending these images as illustrations for your specific case.

The images we sent you are from the Liquidity Provider which handles all the coverage.

Your account was thoroughly reviewed and we determined that you conducted HFT activities by using unauthorized EAs, which interrupted the signal to the Liquidity Provider. As a result of these activities, we suffered some losses.

The first extract is interesting in that they tell us that they are a STP software company, but not a broker. It also says that the your withdrawal will be reviewed by their “liquidity provider”. This means that your account details and trading activity is intimately known by the liquidity provider.

The second and third email extracts referred to a screen shot of server transactions that, according to the email extract, is from the liquidity provider and not InvestTechFX. The screen shot was a MT4 Trader Administration screen that had my InvestTechFX account number, IP address, and trade information. Again, this information came from the liquidity provider and not InvestTechFX. In fact they say the liquidity provider is handling the transactions and they themselves do not have access to the server.

The fourth email extract states that the liquity provider “suffered some losses” as a result of the trading. S

1) There is no separation of account information between InvestTechFX and their liquidity provider.
2) The liquidity provider is actually in control of when/if trades are “unauthorized” and you can get any withdrawals.
3) The sustained losses as a result of customers making money.

Sounds like the “liquidity provider” is a money maker and InvestTechFX is nothing more than a front.