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Just starting, sort of. Looking for brokers.


Hello traders. I started trading 3 years ago and took a break after blowing my account. I've spent the last 2 years doing demo, researching and backtesting. I'm ready to put what I've learned to use. I really would like some input on good US friendly brokers. I've just started looking into it. Binaries I've been looking into cantor exchange and nadex. Regular brokers I have just started looking at. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.
Honestly and this is a personal opinion, i would highly suggest avoiding binary brokers, I guess i have seen enough to make me doubt lots of them, just be mind full when joining then since I do have very little experience with them, with regards to forex brokers, are you looking for local broker with in the US or off shore brokers who accept US traders? there is a couple i can suggest looking into which has shown some good promise such as finpro trading and LMFX, these are good, other such as renesource capital these are EU based broker, others are from different regions such as the middle east includes fxglory, pls keep in mind to make the right research before simply joining..

we all when through blowing an account ever now and then lol. just be mindful when trading live and keep you capital at minimum for testing before being blinded by greed of big earnings, forex trading is a life style and it does take time..
And what demo do you use? Maybe there is a sense in choosing the same broker as you've chosen for demo trading?
Oanda is who I've been demo trading with. I don't really care if it's us based as long as they are fair to people. When I do make money, I don't want to be denied access to it.
I mostly prefer broker that got instant payment system because I feel very uncomfortable if the payment is not given straight away and then bonus too is obvious thing I look. So with keeping these things upfront, I prefer OctaFX, who have instant payment system, at least for Skrill without commission and have bonus as well. So, if you too have these requirements then it’s your pick.
Practically all brokers have instant payment systems so I still recommend you choose the one you've already tested.
Practically all brokers have instant payment systems so I still recommend you choose the one you've already tested.

I won’t agree with this. I have worked with many companies and very few have instant payment. Sometimes, there are brokers who say they have instant payment, but once you make deposit, it’s very different scenario. Also, often there are certain amounts like inside 100 USD to which payments are instant and above that scenario changes. So, I will at least say it’s incorrect to say all broker have instant payment system!