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Problem nrgbinary=youtradefx=titantrade=alfatrade=nordex.. .

I am having an issue with a company


The truth behind nrgbinary

The company is founded by guy galbois,the biggest israeli scammer,who was the owner of 4XP,and fxgtrade,in this thread,I will provide all secrets about these companies.


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As far as I know this Gal was the CEO and not the owner of YTFX, are you positive he was also a main share holder?
where is the proof? in the picture of the vodka bottle?

I think you are member of the companies (Above-mentioned),be patient my friend,I will provide all proofs,in the beginning,nrgbinary was operated by alfa media group,another company owned by guy galbois.


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As far as I know, Mr. Itamar Patishi is the owner of YTFX and not Guy Galbois which is the owner of NRG, Alpha and Titan
Itamar Patishi is the owner of Youtrade Capital Markets Ltd, place of business is the UK, Status "authorized"
There is NO apparent link to YoutradeFX

Owner of YoutradeFX.com is You Trade Holdings Ltd. and is registered on the BVI and
Youtrade (Europe) Ltd. is registered on Anguilla, no obvious authority regulates either one of them

While youtradeFX- Your Gain, Our Goal is owned and operated by You Trade Holdings Limited, a company incorporated in the BVI.
If you could prove that Patishi owns actually these companies and the website of YoutradeFX.com...... you'd be in good shape reporting the activities to the FSA