PFG Best (at making trader money disappear?)


Some good news:

Russell Wasendorf, Sr. is serving 50 years. Considering his age, he probably won't live long enough to get paroled. If he does, he's also been ordered to pay $215 million.

The CFTC is going after USBNA for not following rules regarding customer funds deposited to PFG accounts.

The accountant for PFG has been permanently banned from any accounting that will be submitted to the CFTC.

CFTC Files Complaint against U.S. Bank, N.A. Alleging Unlawful Use of Peregrine Financial Group, Inc.?s Customer Segregated Funds and Violation of Customer Segregation Laws

CFTC Permanently Bars Accountant, Jeannie Veraja-Snelling, for Failing to Properly Audit Peregrine Financial Group, Inc.
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