- The United States Securities and Exchange Commission

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20,307 - The United States Securities and Exchange Commission

IMPORTANT - The SEC accepts reports by both US citizens and non-citizens. It accepts reports against companies and individuals inside and outside of the USA.

The SEC is one of the 2 primary regulators in the USA for trading and managed account issues. The other is the CFTC.

The page to get started is here:


Note that Ponzi schemes and HYIPs are specifically mentioned. Just above them is the Submit a Tip button. Go ahead and cllick it. Then read the disclaimer and click I Accept on the next page. That takes you here:


BEFORE clicking Continue, read that last paragraph. Have your evidence ready, including any items you want to upload. Then click Continue:


Yes, there is a whistleblower program. It's not available for all scams and frauds, but if what you report qualifies, you may be entitled to a reward. Even without a reward, report anyway to make life harder for scammers and to add to your chances of getting some of your lost fund back.

Pay attention to what is above the Do and Don't columns at the bottom. You have 60 minutes to complete the form or it will time out. Also, don't forget to note what Do and Don't says. Do use Previous and Next to go back and forth. Do NOT use the Back button in your browser. Do NOT include http:// or https:// when entering URLs into the form.

So, get your evidence and a rough draft of what you want to say together and click Start Your Tip:


As you can see, first you describe what happened. The form changes depending on what you select. For Pig on a Plate type romance scams or run of the mill offshore brokers that don't process deposits, you can just pick other and describe what happened, unless the "investment" or "trading" involved cryptocurrencies. Those have their own category.

The next page lets you share info about who scammed you. Remember to NOT include http:// or https:// in any website addresses you enter.

Make sure to answer all questions as completely as possible.
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