Signals Review August 9~13, 2010 - 570+ Potential Pips


well done Henry

Search in google about Obama homosexual affair. You will even find youtube videos. This is not making fun of anyone, homesexual or not... But by jumping immediately into thinking that I am offending alternative lifestyles, I'll have to say it reflects your true inner conflict. Since apparently your true nature is revealed and everyone can see clear as day that you just want to take a swing at me with any excuse, I am going to be the bigger man and walk away from responding to you further.

You are welcome to read my analysis and keep swinging. At the end of the day you'll still read the very analysis you are warning everyone about and still benefit from it... so peace.
Well done Henry, walk away. he is not wort this..


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I sent an email to Obama on the 9th of the month. I told him what I thought about a tabloid report of him having a homosexual lover. To date I have received no reply which means no denial.
Is that right Henry, it doesn't sound very feasible to me. I receive many worrying reports about Obama from colleagues in your country about your pre-edited version plus islam origins and non US citizenship etc but who knows what to beleive ! Let me know if you get a reply.

As for your distortions, neither myself nor Dave2012 have mentioned anything but praise for your news event analysis. Your longer term calls are another matter and pretty irresponsible in a forum largely frequented by novice traders. If you want to make longer term calls and publish rather misleading claims for results you need to do a lot more work detailing trade management. Otherwise your calls are just another way of promoting yourself with no regard to the best interests of your amateur audience.
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Since apparently your true nature is revealed and everyone can see clear ...
And your point is..... what?

I am not the one that is trying to be something or someone that I am not. My true nature has always been clear and available for all to see.


You are not getting it. Your trying to put the focus on the supposed "accuser" instead of addressing the issue. That's like blaming the victim of a crime instead of the perpetrator.

If you would simply address the issue with complete truthfulness you would sleep better at night and would be a local favorite of the FPA.

I can only assume that you and a few others find what I say to be divisive because I will not blindly conform and join the "Rah-Rah" gang.

FPA was established specifically for the type of dialogue that I am promoting. You are purposely avoiding the specific question because you fear that some will not like the response or you wish to keep your true intentions hidden because they are as dubious I have portrayed them to be.

I have purposely refrained from truly taking a "swing" at you (I was never very good a chess) in the hopes that you would be completely honest with the members of FPA. FPA members DESERVE to know the truth and if you are unwilling to provide it or continue to ignore the inquiry than you do not deserve to be part of the FPA community!


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I find it strange that you have not answered the question that Dave2012 has posed. I am certain that many of the FPA members besides myself would like to know the answer.