Signals Review August 9~13, 2010 - 570+ Potential Pips

Henry Liu

Former FPA Special Consultant
Hey folks:

It's been an extremely busy week for me, but as far as news releases, this past week was relatively quiet. Here's what happened with news trading:


1. Tue August 10, 2010 2:15pm EDT - US Federal Funds Rate
Historical Chart & Data For US Federal Funds Rate Analysis Triggered - 60+ pips

2. Wed August 11, 2010 9:30pm EDT - AU Employment Change
Historical Chart & Data For AU Employment Change No Trade

3. Thu August 12, 2010 6:45pm EDT - NZ Retail Sales
Historical Chart & Data For NZ Retail Sales No Trade

4. Fri August 13, 2010 8:30am EDT - US Core CPI & Retail Sales
Historical Chart & Data For US Core CPI No Trade
Historical Chart & Data For USD Core Retail Sales No Trade

It depends on where you got in based on my FOMC analysis, there is actually a chance for over 120+ pips of gain if you were trading the GBP/USD pair. For the record, we'll count 60+ Pips for the week based on news trading.

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As far as weekly trend front, this is what I recommended:

Weekly Trend

1. BUY USD/CAD between 1.0100~1.0000

Market didn't quite drop down to the 1.0100 level, but at the start of the week, we saw some strong trend reversal as indicated and USD/CAD moved up about 222 pips throughout the week. If you bought on any dips, you should have make some pips.

2. BUY USD/JPY between 85.00 ~ 85.10

Market dipped down below 85.00 and then bounced back up to the 86.33 as expected. If you got in around 85.00, you would have seen at least 130 pips by the end of the week.

Total pips for Weekly Trend: 130 Pips

And for pre-news trading, here is what we ended up this week:

Pre News Trading

1. For Australian Employment - "AUD/USD should be under pressure from the recent FOMC statement is casting doubt over global economic recovery. It is likely we'll see some selling pressure on this pair, but not from the pre-news as Employment has been a strong area for the booming economy. I would be looking for a possible short-term bounce on account of pre-news, but I am still looking for long-term shorts for this pair and a bounce back could offer opportunities for a SELL."

If you sold at all during preview session and even after the release, you should be looking at a maximum of 280 pips. As long as you SOLD.

2. For NZD Retail Sales - "With the general market under a strong risk aversion sentiment, NZD is trading lower and is likely to remain on this path until risk sentiment changes. With last week's employment data at -0.3% versus the 0.5% expected and Unemployment rate soaring to 6.8% versus 6.3% expected, we should see some pre-selling of NZD/USD prior to the release."

If you sold from the top around the 0.7200 area, there is a potential of picking up about 100 pips from this trade.

Total Pre-News Potential Pips: 380 pips


Total Potential Pips For The Week: 570 Pips.
However, this does not count the USD/CAD trend suggestion, which ended up with 220+ pips of gain; and remember my prediction of a major trend change? See what happened with the Euro?

I think what most traders need is direction. Entry/Exits doesn't matter much, what matters is the RIGHT direction. If you've been following my directional bias throughout the week, you should be doing beautifully.

If you only picked up 25% of the total potential pips, you should still ended up with: 142 Pips.

If you like my signals and you have made some pips. This is what I need you to do: Share with me on how many pips you've made and share this post via Twitter and Facebook if you have accounts there... I know there are thousands of traders on FPA but most don't even take a second to post a comment. Please understand that writing these analyses is a VERY LONELY process, and the communication is one-way. If you don't take the time to respond and show that you care (btw, sharing is caring), then services like this may not last long.

So if you care, then share!

Thank you,

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Great job, Henry! Made some pips this week again both from pre-news and news releases, been a good week - made about 10% of my account balance using MM of no more than 2.5% risk on any trade.


I got a good number of those pips you talked about. Thanks! Can't wait for 1kto1mm to start! Keep up the great work.
Chris Evans


Great week Henry!! I am very grateful for your analysis, and looking forward to learning a lot more with 10k to 1mm!!

Mike P


Great job Henry, made about 40 pips. Keep up the good work, we need your trend direction to know whether to buy or sell. Thanks.

John Caroselli


i do appreciate your analysis i am just learning the spike trading. i appreciate your other analysis very much and will also start trying those trades as well. no pips last week as most spike trading was no trade and i missed the fomc trade. am am learning alot more from your analysis as it is very thorough

thanks alot and keep up the great work

john C

C. Collins

Well well well,,,,,Made 145 pips with Tuesday and Firdays' news calls. Could have made more but got nervous and cashed out too soon. Oh well, it had been a while since I made some pips, I didn't know how to respond so I cashed out to keep them. However it was too soon...But that's OK....I will live to fight another day. Thanks for the good calls Henery......Glad to have positive pipis again,
C. Collins:)

Ahmed H

Good day henry.. good job as always, i didnt make much pips this week but im looking forward for your next week analysis..
Keep up the good work.


Private, 1st Class
Please understand that writing these analyses is a VERY LONELY process, and the communication is one-way. If you don't take the time to respond and show that you care (btw, sharing is caring), then services like this may not last long.
Hi Henry,

I certainly do care and I'm paying very close attention. I've not yet acted though on your recommendations as I've just started following them relatively recently and am still getting the feel for applying them with appropriate stops and so forth, and weighing them against other strategies I'm exploring. I am seeing in hindsight that your calls are working out quite well and am anticipating going live with them this week, specifically with the pre-news.

I can absolutely empathize with the chore posting info can be when there is little or no feedback. I'm currently in the same boat with a matter having nothing to do with forex. Yes, posting on the FPA as you are most certainly can be lonely.

I'm sorry to say, however, that I'm one of those who doesn't do facebook or twitter. (Been doing internet so long that those services seem a bit like a teenage fad type thing, though in my head I know better!) Maybe another favorable reader can be encouraged to do that in my place?

Thank you, Henry.