Signals Review August 9~13, 2010 - 570+ Potential Pips


[If you like my signals and you have made some pips. This is what I need you to do: Share with me on how many pips you've made and share this post via Twitter and Facebook if you have accounts there... I know there are thousands of traders on FPA but most don't even take a second to post a comment. Please understand that writing these analyses is a VERY LONELY process, and the communication is one-way. If you don't take the time to respond and show that you care (btw, sharing is caring), then services like this may not last long.

So if you care, then share!

Thank you,


hai..Henry this is not a good week for me..managed only 52pips i bought 3 std per pip is around 30usd..i think this is the best way to gain from the Fx with more than 1 lot size.What is your comment?thanks again for the good analysis..god bless..



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Hakunas, I always feel that we should encourage people with Tourettes syndrome into writing articles so good for you. Next week you could try spelling mom and dad instead.

As for Henry, Your work is much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to do what you do. I don't do Facebook nor Twitter but I will spread a good word about you though. ;)

Kingsley Obase

We're with U Henry!

Hi Henry!
I can understand how it felt when you are alone and writing so much. But I encourage you not to get tired bcos you are actually helping a whole lot of people out there. I have not started trad:Ding live with your signals yet but on overall analyses I have a good grading for your trading system. I intend to commence trading live this month but i have been sharing your analysis on facebook for others to see. I will keep on spreading the good news for your good work and your excellent trading system.

Keep it up Henry.


Thank you


thank you for everything, made 50 pips. not bad...

hoping to have a better week this week! dnt stop...ever!!:)


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Hi Henry,

I certainly do care and I'm paying very close attention. I've not yet acted though on your recommendations as I've just started following them relatively recently and am still getting the feel for applying them with appropriate stops and so forth, and weighing them against other strategies I'm exploring. I am seeing in hindsight that your calls are working out quite well and am anticipating going live with them this week, specifically with the pre-news.

I can absolutely empathize with the chore posting info can be when there is little or no feedback. I'm currently in the same boat with a matter having nothing to do with forex. Yes, posting on the FPA as you are most certainly can be lonely.

I'm sorry to say, however, that I'm one of those who doesn't do facebook or twitter. (Been doing internet so long that those services seem a bit like a teenage fad type thing, though in my head I know better!) Maybe another favorable reader can be encouraged to do that in my place?

Thank you, Henry.
Me too, your efforts are greatly appreciated. I read you all the time (I may not respond much but your efforts mean a great deal).