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SocialVPS - Cheap Vps with Friendly price Starts from $5 per month / IDR 70,000 per month
The Best Forex VPS Solution

SocialVPS is a VPS service with good quality and friendly price. Only with Rp 70,000 /month or US$ 5/month you can get a VPS service that is designed specifically for traders.

Reasons why choose SocialVPS
1. Affordable
prices start from 70rb per month. Click here to see the price.

2.Instant Setup
As soon as we receive your payment, the VPS will be created automatically. You do not need to confirm the payment if you follow the payment instructions.

3.Ultra Low Latency
Our VPS has been proven that we have amazingly small latency amazingly small.
It could even achieve <1 ms *.

4.Free Scripts
We provide important scripts for free. You can also request a new script if you need it and we will create for all our clients.

5.VPS Remote Control

You can set the VPS of the client area after login. You will be able to know the current condition of your VPS is complete without having to seek the help of Customer Service.

6.MT4 Remote Control
Your loss because MT4 disconnected without you know? With this tool you will be notified if your MT4 is Disconnected or error,. Notification can be recieve via email or text messages.

7.MT4 Installed
We have installed MT4 and Dropbox in VPS. There is also a download link MT4 from various brokers so you can easily add your broker MT4

8.Easy Payment
In SocialVps we understand, diversity of payment options is an important thing for the customer, therefore SocialVps accept payment through Bank BCA, Mandiri and Paypal. Do not have an account with BCA and Mandiri? SocialVPS also accept payment through Bank in Indonesia and Paypal .

SocialVPS understand What traders want, A high Quality VPS with affordable prices.
Therefore we, SocialVPS committed to providing affordable VPS Services with premium quality.
Click here to see a comparison of SocialVPS package price

Classic VPS Europe Packages
Location : Europe

Classic Basic
  • 640 MB RAM
  • 1.280 MB RAM + SWAP
  • 32 GB Storage
  • 1 Core Processor
  • 1 GBPS Port Speed
  • Dedicated Port
  • MT4 >2
  • Rp 70.000,- Monthly
  • $5 Monthly

Classic VPS USA
Location North America
Classic Basic
  • 640 MB RAM
  • 1.280 MB RAM + SWAP
  • 32 GB Storage
  • 1 Core Processor
  • 1 GBPS Port Speed
  • Dedicated Port
  • MT4 >2Rp 70.000,- Monthly/ $5 Monthly

Premium VPS Europe
Location : Europe
Premium Basic
  • 640 MB RAM
  • 1.280 MB RAM + SWAP
  • 32 GB Storage
  • 1 Core Processor
  • 1 GBPS Port Speed
  • Dedicated IP
  • MT4 >2
  • Rp 90.000,- Monthly / $8 monthly

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More info:
This VPS's owner is Indonesian and I want to write some experiences as the affiliate.

They have great pricing and performance. But they have some errors on their affiliate system but they refuse to admit it and blame the error to the affiliate or referrals.

Here is the story. They have affiliate system whereby every referrals would bring 10% commissions on each orders upon payment whenever you introduce clients to them and they sign up under your affiliate and assigned in your group.

I introduced some clients to them and they used my affiliate links to sign up. Few months later, I noted that there were some orders/VPS made by referrals were not captured in my affiliate report and I checked with the support. They told me they didn't sign up under my affiliate, either they didn't click it or they visited the website before and the cookies effect, they were not put under your group but registered to company's group. Then they requested me to tell my referrals to e-mail them and so they can delete their e-mail and re-register again. They did what they have been told but still, they were not in my group.

SocialVPS then manually put them to my group and assured that future orders and payments, I would receive the commission.

However, my referral made another new order and payment but still, I can't see the order//commission is credited to my affiliate. I sent ticket again and they told me this story now. Please read carefully-

We are apologies sir.
Look, for example if I register to broker, every opened account is not register automatically under affiliate unless I tell to Affiliate Manager to assign my account under IB X.
So, in the future if your client want to buy VPS, tell him to send email to us then we assisgn under you then he can make an order so you can get commission.
So please do not tell us we are liar in Affiliate Commission.

Now, they turned the story that their affiliate system is not automatically and need my referrals to email them and tell them whenever they made new orders. Imagine that if I have many referrals and do you think they are so free to tell them whenever they make orders? The answer is no.

And, they used the broker example to quote the case and this fellow is really stupid.

They never want to admit the errors but create the story, turn the story until no end.

I have frustrated and i wanted to write the review to let everyone here to judge.
They closed my ticket without clarifying further.

Please take note that if you want to do affiliate for them, you may loss the commissions on certain orders.