SpotOption's Offices in Israel Raided by the FBI


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SpotOption's Offices in Israel Raided by the FBI

International cooperation in the war on binaries has reached a new high. Last week, the FBI and Israeli Police paid a visit to the offices of SpotOption.

Unscheduled visits by law enforcement to collect evidence are generally considered to be raids, but the owner of Spot Option claimed the surprise visit wasn't really a raid. ;)

The FBI's interest seems to be centered on gathering evidence regarding Lee Elbaz, the CEO of Yukom. Yukom ran BinaryBook and BigOption. There are allegations that the SpotOption trading platform used by the brokers manipulated trade outcomes. Ms. Elbaz was arrested by the FBI for wire fraud charges when she flew to the US in September.

SpotOption is one of the biggest platform providers for binary options.

You can read more about the FBI raid on Spot Option here...

And about the arrest of Lee Elbaz here...
Woohoo! One step closer to shutting down the whole binary network.

Everyone who's been scammed should note that the Lee Elbaz arrest would not have happened if victims didn't share facts with the authorities. The FBI, CFTC, and SEC want information on binary companies whether or not the victims are in/from the USA.

If you've been scammed by a binary broker:

1. Gather your evidence. Anything about where money sent to the broker really went (bank wire instructions, info on credit card charges, etc. could be very important in tracking these scammers).

2. Open a thread in Scam Alerts.

3. Leave a shiny 1 Star review for the broker.

4. File complaints with:

a. The ISA -

b. The FBI -

c. The CFTC -

d. The SEC -

e. eConsumer -

f. Your local financial regulators - ask your local police and bank or else look them up here.

g. Any regulator or registry the binary company claims to belong to.

5. Some of these places you report to will give case/complaint numbers. Add those to your Scam Alerts thread so that other people complaining about the same company can refer to your complaints.
I wonder if the SpotOption platform shuts down, that could cause many binary brokers to close. And still, surprise that why people taking the risk with Binary Brokers.
Beelzeboul & Associates heading for Rikers Island, EXCELLENT NEWS

How many worldwide consumers victims, had been robbed over the last ten years by their fraudulent rigged mastered on line platforms,
not just Binary Options.......uffff
If the SpotOption is going to be shut down then it will be the end of many binary brokers. Israel is taking strong actions against the Binary brokers as they have proposed a law to ban all these brokers.