Standard Trading Platform

D Hondo

Trading with large FX company using their standard Trading platform using Mini Account.... Been trading using their charts... noticed a lot of small loosers... so tested doing the following: Using Eur-USD chart, entered trade using ten (10) pip stop loss and ten pip limit order... trade went in my favor lost $1.29 ...... Next entered trade using 15 pip stop and limit order, lost $1.93 ... Next entered trade using 20 pip stop and limit order... lost $2.33 ???? All times trades went in my favor either long or short... how can you trade using their charts setting 20 pip limit order and loose money..
Impossible to scalp doing this... or even trade and not to be knowing how your money is everopating within their system...... also have entered trades using their charts putting in stop and limit orders ... taken picture so know their set..... half hour later check and the trade is still on but the stop and limits you set are not there......?????? Anyone understand this or had the same problem....