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Where the heck is FPA in all this? Are they allowing someone who is a scammer, scam the public for the fourth time then? Don't they check better than this?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY REALLY hope this is not a scam or I have lost faith in FPA forever.

So far, all I see is...

A conversation on another forum which could be explained by confusion over cent account vs demo account.
An accusation that the seller owns other EA sites without any evidence to support the claim.

If the FPA took action against a company based solely like this, I would lose faith in the FPA. The good news is that the FPA has some requirements for evidence before taking action.

There are over 4000 threads in Forex Services Discussions. Someone may have posted real proof of a real scam in one of them and it might not be noticed. If a trader has been scammed, then that person needs to open a thread in the Scam Alerts folder.