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Robert Dunlap

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hi.. guys..
any suggestion about this EA whether is worth buying or not..

thank you...
I bought the EA back in July and traded it on a demo account. It worked great for about 2 weeks and then all of a sudden the next 2 weeks I had a tremendous amount of draw down. I had a 50,000 dollar account and made around $37,000 and had a $34,000 draw down I went in and closed out some trades, some as high as -$7,500 each I had 12 trades open at once with only
.50 lots. The trades went the just the opposite of what they should of. The software picked sell instead buy and buy instead of sell. The author says the robot never looses. It doesn't use a stop loss. You can go into the inputs and set a stop loss which would help. I paid $199 for The robot and he does not give a refund.


Don Steinitz and live account number problems!!!

Dear all,

Don Steinitz HAS MTF - Problem with (live) account number

I have a problem with my (live) account number. I have a live account with Masterforex - your ideal forex broker, online trading and therefore a live account number.

Using Don Steinitz HAS MTF I have a problem with the inputs. If I use my masterforex live account number an alert comes up saying: "AccountNumber entered is incorrect. You entered XXXXX (my live account number)". I tried to change it with the normal account number "12345". The same problem: An alert comes up saying "AccountNumber entered is incorrect.
You entered 12345".

I have to say that I have never came across with this problem before while using Don Steinitz HAS MTF with demo accounts.

I have to admit, that the live account at Masterforex - your ideal forex broker, online trading ist properly openend, but not "certified" yet, because they have to ceck my scanned personal ID first, which I sent them. But THIS cannnot be the reason why an alert window opens (with a golden bell showing) saying: AccountNumber entered is incorrect.
You entered ......). Which account number shall I enter then? No number works or would work acutally....!!!

I also have to admit that Don Steinitz HAS MTF works on the charts (there is as smile in the right upper corner). But the account number is still wrong. As we have weekend now, I don't know if Don Steinitz HAS MTF would work if the markets were open right now.

Any idea? Pleas help me. Is ist possible that Masterforex - your ideal forex broker, online trading does not allow Expert advisors?

Many thanks in advance. How can I reach Don Steinitz per email?

Sorry for my bad English.

Best Regards,


Daniel Carter

before buying an ea, I’d prefer to know if I can set one myself according to my experiences and strategies, then I’d rely on an automatic tool like this. Do you know if traders can set our own ea on mt4 platform?
A lot of posting on the subject of Don Steinitz. Please read everyone of them before you consider making a purchase. Although he states a guarantee, many traders that have purchased his systems, don't get a refund. This can be verified by the many complaints on the internet. If you purchase his systems and have a problem with it, feel free to contact him by email. You will get a reply back stating that you can get phone support for $150 an hour. How does Steinitz sleep at night.