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Discuss Storm FX Marketz Forex/Crypto Broker has a special HYISA Savings Account Program.

General discussions of a financial company
The decision to become private broker was overturned by other business partners of mine. We will remain public.

My legal team informed me to stop engaging in this fintech war of yours here on this forum.

There is nothing we need to prove to anyone. It's simple if you don't want to invest in HYISA then don't. Traders can simply trade their own accounts on cTrader as long as they are not within the United States.

I don't care to give you my former forum name here because you want to ultimately bash me in the end for even being a member of your forum as a trader just as you want to do to me as a broker. You already know who I am by my IP address and logins in the backend of the forum CRM with all the passwords in your SQL database. You have the forums all seeing eye I don't need to share what you already know.

Just like Pharoah did to his people your name is rather fitting Pharoah. No God above you. You are right in everything you say you are perfect Pharoah we know.

Enjoy your other Fintech wars with bashing brokers who are honestly trying to operate legitimate business's.

We wish this forum and community all the best. Sorry for becoming a member here as a trader to begin with a wrong mistake of mine to have joined this forum not knowing future moderators real thoughts on peasants like me who just wanted advice getting started as a trader long time ago.

Just was tired of all the scam brokers as a trader and wanted to make a broker myself which did not do such.

I decided to operate a full true A-book, not B-book or even a C-book.

As a trader did not like all those artificial spikes of market makers, extra slippages and requotes and all the other nuances that came with scam broker operations. But I see here Pharoah even wants to tarnish a Broker that wants to not do such shady tactics.

I will respectfully leave your forum Pharoah.

Apologies for ever joining it to begin with.

Have a nice life.

Storm FX Marketz Wishes you and your community all the best.
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Wow, you try to mock me about my username and can't even get the definition of Pharaoh right. :D

Pharaoh originally was the Royal Palace in Ancient Egypt and later was used to refer to Egyptian kings and queens (you can check for yourself HERE). The ancient Pharaohs were the intermediary between the gods and the people, much like the monarch of the United Kingdom also leads the Church of England and the Pope leads Catholic church. After death, they got a promotion to some low level of godliness, like some Chinese emperors or similar to former Popes who were made saints.

Trying to invalidate a source of information with childish (and incorrect) attacks only further damages your credibllity. I like to hang out here at the FPA to warn about scams, and Ponzi schemes are my specialty. I don't ask people to trust me with their money like you do. I don't try to sell a pipe dream unlike the pipe full of crack dream you are trying to sell.

You also cry about Fintech Wars. Fintech wars are when massive financial companies fight. I don't own a massive financial company, but I did make some very good profits in my IRA and have had a few forex trades worth bragging about when I go out with other traders. You don't own a massive financial company. You are just someone making massive claims and trying yet again to distract from the simple fact that your claims are laughably false.

Unlike you, I admitted there was a possibility I was wrong, and so I placed a challenge before you that should be very simple for you to meet, if and only if your claims are true. In response, you've decided to take you ball and go home. You could even have tried to negotiate the terms and I'd have been willing to have all of that $10 million go to charity, but since you know you can't reliably turn $1 into $36 in two months, much less $10 million or $360 million (per the challenge) or $360 billion (per the original rate of return), you are throwing a temper tantrum and stomping off. The challenge offer will remain open until Friday, May 31st, 2024. If you don't accept, everyone will know it's because you already know it will prove you are nothing but a loser.

Strangely, you say you are the owner, but then conveniently claim lawyers and partners can order you to sit, stay, and roll over on command, yet somehow all of these moves just conveniently further your attempts to hide the fact that you haven't provided any evidence to support your claims. I'll personally wager this whole thing is a one man operation, unless you are such a gullible fool willing to be a stooge for so-called hedge fund managers who lured you in with backtests that can never work in real live trading.

I am an anonymous person here, but look at my record.

1. I NEVER endorse brokers or other trading products.

2. I warn people about scams, especially Ponzi Schemes.

3. I've been active at the FPA since 2007.

4. I've written articles to help people:

How Not to Lose All Your Money With a Managed Forex Account
How to Avoid Being Scammed While Buying Forex Products
How to Manage Risk While Trading
Wealth Protection for Traders and Investors (Twice)
How to Select a Forex Broker
Ponzi Schemes and HYIPS - Free Money Traps

as well as on some other subjects.

5. I've argued with a lot of Ponzi Scheme scammers and their fans. Some of them could match you for acting childishly and illogically. These include:

MTI/Mirror Trading International
Courtenay House Trading Group
CRE Capital Corporation
MFX Broker - Just like StormFxMarketz, a broker offering an impossible savings plan and defending it with bluster and insults, not facts. They disappeared with all client money.

So, I have a verifiable record of spotting Ponzi schemes, warning people against investing in them, and aso of pointing victims to the police and regulators.

There there's you. the completely anonymous owner of this scheme who:

1. Claims he can make regular payments at a rate of return above what Warren Buffett has done and are far bigger than what Bernard Madoff offered his client-victims.

2. Claims to deserve extra credibility because he used to be an FPA member under a different name, but won't reveal the name (even privately to AsstModerator, the FPA's Forums and Reviews Administrator). This makes me wonder if his claimed military service is also nothing but stolen valor in another attempt to gain more undeserved credibility.

3. Says he can magically offer these far larger profits than any plan offered by any licensed bank, because he owns a brokerage (really he just has a cTrader license). Factually, there are many large financial groups with banks and brokerages under their umbrellas.

4. Claims that hedge fund traders regularly make thousands of percent each month. As proof, he showed backtests, one showing $10,000 turned into over $6 billion in a month. To simplify the math, let's make that $1 turned into exactly $600,000 in a month. Let's drop that into my Ponzi-omatic™ Ponzi-HYIP Calculator and see where it leads:

After 2 months, the balance is $360 billion. After 3 months, it's $216 quadrillion dollars. After 4 months, it's
$129.6 sextillion dollars.

A ballpark estimate of the value of the entire planet (not just the stuff sitting on it) is $5 quadrillion dollars. This means that we are supposed to believe that magical hedge fund managers who use a magical forex brokerage could own the ENTIRE planet in less than 3 months and would own a very signicant portion of the galaxy in 4 months. This isn't fiction. This isn't science fiction. This is PURE FANTASY.

Despite all of this, the anoymous owner of Storm Marketz wants us to believe that it's worth his time to deal with being a broker and running a claimed High Yield Investment Savings Plan based solely on the time tested scam methods of Trust me bro! and Those claimed profits look so big that my brain is getting distracted from asking relevant questions.

I have laid out a simple method of how the anonymous owner of the company can prove that a fraction of his claims are true. So far, he's more interested in insulting me and then running away than in showing any valid form of evidence. Until such time as he posts verifiable evidence, I personally urge traders everywhere not to place 1 cent with Storm Marketz. Based on long experience dealing with Ponzi-type scammers, I believe Storm Marketz is nothing but a scam that will result in total loss sooner or later.
Simple HYISA will be removed and we will give money back plus investors gains. Call our broker ponzi still without HYISA.

Anyone who is apart of our HYISA program we are in process of returning all of your funds if you stumble across this forum. Due to allegations of Ponzi from this fintech site. We will explain to members why our HYISA was terminated for allegations of Ponzi by this forum.

HYISA eliminated. I will leave my finance team an email to make all returns to investors their principle plus interest earned through their HYISA. You will find the following message on our main page now for our account holders it is high lighted in red for Pharoah to see in screen shot. We will leave it up until my finance team process all returns.
Screenshot 2024-05-13 011039.png

Without HYISA you will see Pharoah's response will say this proves you are a Ponzi. But what Ponzi's returns all investors money and still runs normal trading operations.

Tried to let USA investors on our platform somehow but it seems Pharoah is against such actions. Therefor I am the Pharaoh of my company and will axe the HYISA then. Just keep my hedge funds manager trading company funds internally for our own private gains in that case. So Storm FX Marketz HYISA account holders you can thank Pharaoh and his fintech forum for this decision of mine. And no Pharaoh I am not one man operation. Like I said call the number on site or come to my office and meet me and my team directly in Sterling Virginia. We invite you and your team Pharaoh. Come call us Ponzi in person please.

Client Relations Office:

21580 Atlantic Blvd
Ste 120B PMB 1021
Sterling, VA 20166
United States

Client Services Phone: +1-800-619-0918

And yes this shared colo office so we need to make an appointment and we will meet you in office once you give us your date and time of arrival my team works remotely so we will all come there just to meet you and your team Pharaoh.

You will learn all you want from us.

We respectfully wait your reply.

The Entire - Storm FX Marketz Team.

All investors money plus interest sent back.

Send more fintech war our way Pharaoh. After we sent all money back, what other Ponzi activities have we committed lord Pharaoh?


No more HYISA how else due want to continue fintech war Pharaoh to Tarnish Storm FX Marketz.

We are still waiting for you to call and accept invite to visit our office. We will give you all company details, our names, exclusively just for you just like we do with big clients. Then you can come back here to share more negative feed back after we give you positivity.

Storm FX Marketz - Team

If not comfortable with our office location lets go directly downtown to DC at CFTC headquarters along with SEC. Its right down the street from us. We are more than happy to meet you there too with the CFTC regulatory agents as well.

CFTC Address: Address: 1155 21st St NW, Washington, DC 20581
CFTC Phone Number: (202) 418-5000

FPA Forums Team Note: We have merged a number of your posts to make this thread more compact.


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You say you closed it down. Then again, you also want me to believe that through the magic of giving your claimed hedge fund managers access via your magical broker feed, they can turn $10,000 into $6 billion in a month (and proved it with a backtest :p). You also declared you were taking your ball and going home, but you keep coming back. Under the circumstances, I don't see how anyone carefully reading this thread could accept all of your statements at face value.

Maybe you've ended your HYISA, maybe you haven't. Let's look at both possibilities.

Possibility 1. You are claiming to have ended it, but really just will be much more quiet about running it. Perhaps you will move it to another website under a new name. Perhaps you really sent a very different email to all your current subscribers about how lucky they are to be in it and are giving them a limited time offer to increase their investment and to get generous referral bonuses for recruiting others. Maybe you even warned them to keep as quiet about it as possible, because if they were to do something like coming to this thread and asking questions, you would throw them out of the program.

Possibility 2. You really have completely and permanently ended it and have returned all of the money.

If so, why? Surely if you could reliably turn $10,000 into only $20,000 in a year (which your "making thousands of percent per month is easy hedge fund managers amplified by your "I own a brokerage" superpowers should make ludicrously simple, why would you shut down a program you were so proud of just because one person in one forum pointed out Ponzi warning signs? After all, warning signs aren't proof. Only the forensic accountants can prove that even the most blatant Ponzi scheme actually was operating as a Ponzi.

Possibility 2a. Consider: If you were speeding down the highway during the day and a couple of oncoming cars flashed their lights, would you realize that's a sign that there's a good chance that you could be heading into a speed trap and slow down? If someone was heading towards the exit of a store with a couple of expensive unpaid items and saw someone staring at them and getting ready to take a video, wouldn't that person be more likely to set the items down and stroll away as if nothing illegal had been about to take place?

My guess behind this possibility is that a client or potential client who knows who you really are started getting suspicious and mentioned the possibility of asking the SEC, CFTC, Treasury Department. FBI, etc. about the legality of your HYISA offer. Possibly, that person even found this thread when looking for information to confirm or deny their suspicions. In this case, the proverbial oncoming headlights had been flashed and someone is figuratively about to take a video as something bad is about to go down, so ending the illegal behavior instantly would be the best reaction.

Possibility 2b. You finally got a look at how those magical pure profit back tests don't look so beautiful under the cruel effects of live trading. In this case, you realized that although putting your claimed hedge fund managers under the best possible broker conditions may be more profitable than an average trader under ordinary conditions, it wasn't enough to be SURE they could reliably generate 3% per month. This would mean that you actually were thought you could honestly deliver 3%, so were not trying to start a Ponzi. Then, when you realized that you couldn't deliver what was promised, you did the right thing by ending the program. In this scenario, you only lose ethics points for trying to dump the blame for shutting down the program on me. Even then , I wouldn't recommend a broker who enrolls even one client in something that hadn't been live tested. That would show a foolish lack of fiduciary responsibility.

Possibility 2c. Somehow the magic was real and you really had a revolutionary plan to pay 3% per month (whether this was compounded during the year was another question you ignored). I personally don't believe 36% per year (unless accompanied by over 25% annual inflation) is achievable. I also don't believe in flying saucers. On the other hand, like Agent Mulder, I want to believe, but you have done such a pathetic job of providing even a shred of evidence to support your extraordinary claim that you keep increasing my doubts. If this truly is the case, you shutting the plan down instead of showing me month after month and year after year would be your golden opportunity to recruit more people. You meeting my challenge would have cut the waiting time down to a few months.. You saying, "Waaah! Big Bad Pharaoh said mean things so I'll break my contracts with customers and kill the program!" just doesn't make sense, so although this is a possibility, I'd say the odds are low.

And again, you keep abusing the phrase Fintech War.


Real Fintech Wars are more than one discussion thread on one forum. They are serious campaigns involving propaganda, lawsuits, lobbying to get favorable regulations (or finding novel ways around them. They also involve VERY large companies. Considering that you've barely restarted your brokerage, you are not a very large company. Meanwhile, I'm just the person with the most posts at this forum. If this discussion thread is a war, then you must think real fintech wars stretch across half the galaxy.

And now you want me to pay for plane tickets to come meet you in Virginia or D.C. Why? I already explained previously that anything you could say in a phone call could be put in writing. The same applies to anything you can say in person. You also seem terrified to reveal your former name at the forums to AsstModerator, so why would you reveal your real self to me in person? Even if I did show up, do you really think CFTC agents will come out and comment on how good or bad your profitability claims and claim of honesty is? I warned about MirrorTradingInternational the month before the state of Texas stepped in and 2 years before the CFTC took direct legal action. Unless you are registed with the CFTC, they aren't going to hand out opinions on demand.

Personally, I consider ducking questions to be a huge red flag for ANY financial company.

You indicated you should be given more trust because "I used your forum for many years as a trader now I get called the scammer wow.", yet you won't even tell AsstMod your old account name. This means you might have signed up and never logged into the account again. You might have been banned for supporting some sort of scam. You might never have really been a member.

As mentioned, I have asked you to put whatever you want to tell me on the phone or in person in writing. So far, nothing you have written here removes the possible explanations that your savings plan wasn't a Ponzi shut down early vs. the possibilities of:
You deciding to temporarily shut it down or just pretend to shut it down.
You realizing that an early warning about a Ponzi makes inevitable regulatory attention likely to happen far earlier, meaning far less cash could be collected before the company vanishes.
You finally got live performance numbers showing that your genuine plan to pay 3% per month wasn't viable, so you shut it down to avoid harming your clients (and blamed me).
You really having a viable and live tested plan to generate big returns, but deciding to bail out of client contracts because I've offended you.

So, will you provide the requested information, or will you bombard me with more evidence-free bluster (which is a common tactic among scammers who have no valid answers to questions?)
As I said Pharaoh.

My whole team and I await you either at:
Client Relations Office:

21580 Atlantic Blvd
Ste 120B PMB 1021
Sterling, VA 20166
United States

Client Services Phone: +1-800-619-0918


CFTC Address: Address: 1155 21st St NW, Washington, DC 20581
CFTC Phone Number: (202) 418-5000

The option is yours.

Maybe we can catch lunch with Rostin Behnam if he is available. He is a good guy I am sure he would like to speak with you as well. If you not know who Mr. Rostin Behnam is. He is the CFTC commissioner.

Also while you here I will let give you information to eVet Rec myself and two of my other team members who are prior service as well since you say we use stolen valor as well. Just make sure you have a TS/SCI clearance. My MOS was 98 Zulu if you are intelligent you can find out what my MOS designated duties were. Deployments are classified unless again you have a TS/SCI. I will give you one transacted MOS from OCS to 35A.

"but won't reveal the name (even privately to AsstModerator, the FPA's Forums and Reviews Administrator). This makes me wonder if his claimed military service is also nothing but stolen valor in another attempt to gain more undeserved credibility."
I guess Pharaoh believes we live in a perfect crime free world. Much like Pharaoh is perfect above God. You would love me to put my name on everything including milk cartons so my life and family life can be in danger. Oh yeah people don't hunt down figures who own and operate brokerages. They don't have much money we don't think of evening attempting to find or rob such people or think of possible ransoms of family members. It is why all brokers give their name and home address for the world to come to their front door to try not to extort them or their family members for anything. Pharaoh idea is the wisest strategy publicly announce my Full Name, Location of my private house, my license plate numbers. Knowing Pharaoh he wants to own my social security number too for public display's.

Pharaoh wants us to put in writing all of our investment strategies. Our Algorithm source codes. Hedge Fund Manager Names. The entire list of our customers email addresses. Our website address HTML source codes. All of our passwords all exclusively for Pharaoh to own and rule because he is God of everything we own. Plus he wants us to give him 10 million dollars wired directly to his bank accounts so he can supposedly donate to his favorite charities of his own bank account.

Like we said we ended the HYISA program and it is gone permanently. All your speculation of it returning like the Mummy is not going to happen.

All funds are almost cleared returned to people who have owned HYISA accounts.

Again I said we will just trade internally with our strategy no love lost. I know our strategy works better than back tests. 50 wins in a row with over 1500 trades a day draw downs can be high as 35 percent but it quickly returns profits for us continuously. Our Algo's have the best internal environment to trade on XAUUSD pair with 1 pip spreads paid to our liquidity providers. We experience virtually no slippage unless times of high impact news releases which our Algo's are turned off with news filters during such slippage events.

You say why deal with the headaches of owning and operating a broker. Well the beauty about operating true A-book broker with raw true raw spreads internally sky is the limit. As I said I was trader once before and actually looked up to Pharaoh on this site before his disgust towards our company as a Broker. I always wanted to run honest broker that did not deal in B-book C-book activities. For those who don't know B-books deal against your trades and C-books are hybrid of A-Book and B-book depending on what type of trader you are Good = A-Book / Bad = thrown over to the B-book Storm FX Marketz does not even have a B-book side at all. Strictly A-book operations over here which is why we chose cTrader over Metaqoutes there are millions of B-book dealer plugins flooded inside Metaquotes, cTrader not so much. As we all know Metaquotes is on its last legs due to certain US sanctions over an RU country. We can talk to Rostin Behnam with you Pharaoh about the sanctions of Metaquotes all day. Just come to DC once more you are invited to call us a Ponzi in person at the CFTC.

We do not bite Pharaoh above a God. Come claim all of our information source code files and everything we own as you are requesting in person is the best way to deliver you everything you seek. Obviously I am being sarcastic about our source code files and everything we own.

But do come again call us and book appointment to meet.

ball is in your court Pharaoh of perfectness above God.
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I'm not sure which is worse. Your tedious redundancy. Your evasions. Your firm efforts to cling to your own wildly wrong definition of words, such as Pharaoh in the childish hope that they will lend weight to your failed arguments. Yet again, let's let Inigo Montoya explain something to you:


As I previously explained to you:

Pharaoh originally was the Royal Palace in Ancient Egypt and later was used to refer to Egyptian kings and queens (you can check for yourself HERE). The ancient Pharaohs were the intermediary between the gods and the people, much like the monarch of the United Kingdom also leads the Church of England and the Pope leads Catholic church. After death, they got a promotion to some low level of godliness, like some Chinese emperors or similar to former Popes who were made saints.

I find it exceptionally odd that you are sticking to your made up definition of Pharaoh, since you managed to Google the name of the CFTC Chairman. Despite this, you refuse to look up the correct definition of Pharaoh or even to follow the link I sent you. On the other hand, you could just as easily googled the info about the Military Occupation Specialty code you are using to prove your claim of having served in the military. After all, anyone could visit mosdb.com and pick one they like as evidence.

I'm not sure why anyone would want to trust money to a person who insists on making up his own definition of words and continues to cling to a wrong definition to dispatch childish insults even after being given a link to a correct definition. It sounds to me like placing cash in the hands of someone who's already proven that he doesn't care about facts.

Although it would be tempting to show up in the lobby of CFTC HQ and say "Please ask CFTC Commissioner to come down to certify that the HYISA plan offered by your unregulated broker was really capable of generating 3% per month and was not a Ponzi scheme." I already know the CFTC won't even send a regular agent to do that. But since you claim this is possible (like other highly questionable claims you've made), I'll happily give you one more Pharaoh Challenge to add to your list of failures.

Since the CFTC is just down the road from your virtual office, why don't you or one of your claimed partners, legal team, or even your hedge fund trader with the $10k to $6 billion backtest head on over to the CFTC. Ask to see Chairman Behnam so he can look at your so-called evidence and then to write a message (on CFTC letterhead) confirming that your savings plan (that could change the whole world if it was really possible) was not only possible, but was definitely was not Powered by Ponzi. Post a copy of the letter here and also PM AsstModerator with the Chairman Behnam's email address (which should end with CFTC.gov) so that it can be confirmed. If Chairman Behnam is unavailable, I'll happily accept the same from any of the other 4 CFTC Commissioners. If the letter includes a lunch invitation, I just might be willing to hop on a jet. Since you'll likely be forfeiting the other Pharaoh Challenge on May 31st, 2024, I'll put the same deadline on this one.

No one should ever place a cent with any broker or other financial institution that refuses to provide written explanations to questions. My offer to read a document you privately PM me with evidence to show how your BS HYISA plan wasn't a Ponzi (yet was killed by being mentioned in this thread) remains open. Copies of your algos are not needed, but the ability to briefly check a live account that showed anything approaching the thousands of percent a month you claim at a well regulated broker is (surely you must have tried this elsewhere before resurrecting your brokerage, or did you really believe those backtest results would work perfectly under live trading coditions? :p ).

I guess you must live in a world where anonymous criminals don't realize they can offer impossible profits to get people to willingly hand over money to unlicensed websites. A world were not one person has ever been dishonest when saying Trust me bro!. A world where every broker that says We are ECN. or We are 100% A book. is honest and doesn't even need to have a regulator to confirm it. A world where hedge fund managers make thousands of percent every month, yet somehow don't end up getting richer than Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, or Warren Buffett. A world where a backtest showing $10k turning into $6 billion in a month really could work on a live account without derailing the entire global economy within a few months.

Of course, if your world were real, you wouldn't have cancelled your magical HYISA plan (and broken promises you made to your clients, if you actually had any) because one person posted suspicions in one forum. What happens if someone else starts a Fintech War thread somewhere saying it looks like you may be cheating your clients on forex trades? Will you shut down your whole brokerage at that point? Scammer or not, your actions in response to this thread paint you as a very unreliable person to engage in business with.

I live in the real world. A world were plans that set off multiple Ponzi and Scam red flags are incredibly likely to be genuine scams. A world were liars will use bluster, insults, and mis-defined words to try to evade simple questions and distract from serious warning signs. A world where an early warning of a Ponzi scheme can save a lot of potential investors from financial ruin. A world where true raw spreads can improve profitability, but only by the amount of spread saved per trade. A world where potential investors should demand to see LIVE trading results before even considering believing claims of large profits. I wish the world was a better place, but scammers continue to demonstrate that they will claim magical profit making abilities to fleece people who are blinded to obvious warning flags by dreams of profit and growing piles of unsupported claims.

As with all Pharaoh challeges, I'm pretty sure I'm right, but I'm more than willing to be proven wrong. As I said, I want to believe, but I need evidence. I'm looking forward to that letter from Chairman Behnam or one of the other CTFC Commissioners. I hope it includes a lunch invitation. :cool:

I need to focus my business not your forum. I am done engaging in your games of a challenge and antics. "Make me money show me proof's." You are not our client. We don't need to prove to you anything.

The person you speak of "viper7o3" is a person who I know personally and he is actively promoting Storm FX Marketz as an influencer. I know him he is from my own blood. He said he received an email directly from one of your moderators.

We know your goal is to Bash company's here. I simply texted him and reply we were wrong about Forex Peace Army. "They are not an unbiased review site. This is simply an elaborate fintech forum."

We still see we are Ponzi without HYISA anymore. So no matter what we do you will always bash our company.

Actions speak louder than words. Come to Office or to DC.

Until you schedule to meet our team we do not need to engage in your high and mighty posts bashing our entire company and reputation for your personal ego and pride.

Talk is done time for action. I no longer engaging in your forum and focus my company, not starting new ones. 2021 till now no major changes in storm fx marketz besides one simple character "z" instead of "s" due to a domain name issues for a hosting service we were using.

Until you decide to meet face to face in person I will not respond another word on your Fintech forum.

How many Ponzi's operators are eager to meet face to face I wonder.
When browsing different brokerage options or broker surfering. I discovered something different on this newly launched Forex Crypto broker - Storm FX Marketz (stormfxmarketz.com) called HYISA or High Yield Investment Savings Account (stormfxmarketz.com/hyisa) which is acctually an passive investment system for all clients, but exclusively for their USA client base.

Did you get some money for the service?

Just a quick one….no problem to get jailed in the US !

1. Let's ignore the participation and early withdrawal fee for now to make calculations easier. If interest is not withdrawn, is it compounded. I.e. I put in $10,000 and am due $300 at the end of the month, but keep leaving the $300 in place each month. At the end of 12 months, is my balance $13,600 or is it closer to $14,300?

2. Bernard Madoff offered 10% per year.

3. MFX Broker offered 60% to get started, then trimmed back to 45%. They had many excuses, but no proof, until they stopped paying and disappeared.

4. I am not concerned about your cTrader acconts, other than that they are connected to the same company offering a fixed return plan that offers an impossible rate of safe and stable return. Any qualified fund manager has probably made far more that 3% in a month, sometimes. I'm still waiting to see a multi-year track record from ANY fund manager who can do this. Let's take a look at Berkshire-Hathaway, a holding company that generally blows away any hedge fund over any given 5 year period. From 1965 to 2022, Berkshire's annual compounded growth was 19.8%. Are your people better that Warren Buffett's team?

5. Being a broker might get you better spreads, but I really don't it could increase your rate of return by a huge amount. If being a broker gives that level of advantage why does mostlarge trader get their very own cTrader licenses?

6. If you want to confirm your previous forums membership, I suggest you PM AsstModerator and let him know your original email and username.

7. If you are just starting out as a broker and don't know where your clients will be, that means that your hedge fund managers have not had very much time to prove their long term abilities on your very special "as a broker" level access. Just because they did well for a few months doesn't indicate they can do it for a year. The lack or regulation does not inspire me to place funds with you.

8. Your office address in Virginia seems to be shared with many companies. That usually indicates a virtual office of some sort. I selected my very first forex broker based in part on knowing its physical location. For the stock brokers I've used, I know exactly where they are headquartered as well as the names of their top executives.

A list of Ponzi warning signs directly from a CFTC publication includes:

1. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Yours is far too good to be true.

2. The investment promises little or no risk of loss or promises you won't lose money.

A fixed return while initial deposit remains safe investment. Yes, there's a warning about leveraged products in the footer, but that's the same as all your pages for those who trade.

3. Profits or rates of return on an investment are guaranteed regardless of the direction of markets.

3% no matter what the market is up to. I'm waiting to see a license hedge fund offer a fixed return of even half that.

4. The investment is difficult to understand or incomprehensible.

A hedge fund as a concept is easy, but the website offers no details how these amazingly above average returns actually happen. "Proprietary Trading Method" is the usuall fallback excuse. It was even used by a Tesco worker who started his own Ponzi.

5. There is a need for secrecy. Not being able to get written information about a potential investment should raise suspicions.

Instead of a phone call, prepare a document and attach it to a PM and send it to me. If it can't be explained in writing, then a phone call would also not be able to explain it.

You and your site are making extraordinary claims. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I look forward to seeing the evidence you send.

I have NOT logged in here or even came here to FPA Website SINCE 2019 - i only logged in to extend me SALUTE to Pharoah.

I received an Email from Bill K mentioning about this topic - the biggest BONUS is reading the above response by Pharoah ................ INCREDIBLE. This guy basically took the complete upper hand at making sense of this entire situation. (previously reading the other dude's reply i was thinking wow hes trying to "defend his situation" maybe the mods might give up against him. complete smack down. No need for the 3 tap count the judges already ring the bell.)

Generally when capital is involved - be skeptical and CAREFUL.

Even the current biggest and "most used" broker (IC M4rkets) has the MOST amounts of complaints regarding withdrawals - what makes you think your newly started brokerage is so strongly liquid that you can even operate a hedge fund?

** At that individual (owner / operator of that company)
I really don't want to pop that gentlemen's bubble - but it is seriously not even a good idea to show a back test about a 50k account becoming 26 million dollars, and best part of all in such an extremely short amount of time. The entire network of this forum has seen so many cases the people here are rightfully the most woke of all communities and forums. Your "backtest" was just a few days. If the more loudmouth forum members saw your post - they won't even be as polite and gentle as i am.

**** If WHAT you claimed even happened - you won't be doing what you are doing - you will actually be managing the funds behind the members of the deep-state of humans ->I am completely referring to the contacts and individuals behind the owner of the very bank accounts where the most hidden individuals on earth hide their money - The Vatican, The LDS CHURCH financial system and treasury. Such deep and hidden individuals in this world will get you to manage their money and they will offer you so much you won't even be doing anything else much less come up with some sort of "hedge fund story".

Mentioned completely not to offend anyone but complete props to Pharoah for your insights. Basically seen every possible case at this point.