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This is about why your trading sucks. Yeah that's right, since I think there is a reason you're here.

BUT... It is really not about YOUR trading - it's about EVERYBODY'S (that's a bunch).

[Fact]: With such a large audience SOMEBODY'S trading is going to improve - just by me writing this.

I will just let you know that I know a few things about markets. For your benefit only so you can decide to continue or not...

Tom Hennessy here.
I discovered the New Elliott Wave Rule which finishes RN Elliott's masterful discovery and answers something he wanted to find but couldn't seventy plus years ago. (Multiple tens of thousands of Elliot technicians have downloaded it for free or bought it for their Kindle).

I found out what TA's fatal flaw is.

I discovered a key to each wave the waves themselves form (It is at the heart of the STAR Trading System called Supertradesystem).

I formed the first and only speed matching trading system to fix the flaw.

I discovered that each Currency Base Pair runs at a unique frequency and produced tools which automatically tune to the proper one (eg. one tool that tunes for all EURO base).

Ok enough. Back to your trading... Oh you have some downtime? Alright then just realize I am not special, just pigheaded and blessed with aquired knowledge not of my origin:

Recently I received a couple emails with interesting things and I have them in screenshots:

Good stuff but there was something added in another paragraph on that last one. YOU may be the beneficiary of the answer to their question.

[Fact]: THIS PERSON had also informed me of a 2 year full-time trading venture that was killed by the pain of $60K in losses several years ago and he was getting back on the horse after 5 years.

Here is the question that followed:

Well the good news is that he won't have to pay for any re-programming. The reason is that he already has exactly what he wants - he has STAR. He may have missed a central concept but that just shows that you don't have to know the foundation, just follow the steps to succeed with STAR.

The concept is quite straightforward yet the pre-programming of our brain is very strong. Throughout the time since 2008 I have explained and I've gotten a bit better at it.

This will be brief and use simple pictures and with some thought your trading won't suck.

I made a 1 hour video but understandably that is an hour you could watch tv. Let's condense.

The issue is a fatal flaw in EVERYONE'S technical analysis. It is not possible to escape.

It was not recognized at the beginning of TA when the first indicators were developed. It is not recognized now aside from STAR.

Indicators work of course. That's not the problem. Our understanding of what the market is doing has not opened fully enough to recognize a weakness in how we apply indicators.

All we have done since indicators were first used over 400 years ago is make more of the same thing - and automate everything (weakness included).

Understanding what the indicator does is simple. ALL are the same. They are mathematical equations which yield a POS or NEG value and those values get plotted sequentially for an UP vs DOWN comparison.

The inputs are from the candles and the period settings. ALL varieties of calculations yield the same result, we'll just call it an OSCILLATION.

Typically the period setting is static but in some cases it may not be. The candle is static while it is on the one chart but you can change to a new timeframe.

Of course if either timeframe or period setting input were changed, or both, the output of the equation would change.

Your analysis is an equation, isn't it? With Simple Moving Average (sma):

100sma x M30 = 3000 minutes / 60 min. = 50 min.

50sma x H1 = 3000 minutes / 60 min. = 50 min.

Both analyses give you a virtual 50 minute chart view. M15 with 200sma, same deal.

So TA is actually fluid and moves freely THROUGHOUT the landscape of our charts. We get the same view with any of those examples as far as the indicator OSCILLATION goes (which is our comparative analytical viewpoint).

And there are shown to be TWO control knobs, timeframe and period settings.

We now show only one of the moving averages over the same period of time.

Ahhh, but I've pulled the same trick which TA has played on us all. I have actually changed the timeframe to a 1 HOUR chart (and mis-labeled the MA as 100SMA when it is really a 50SMA just to continue the illusion and smoke n' mirrors).

Here is the correct labeling but do remember that this IS now an H1, not an M30:

Why is that a TA trick? Well it's about the HIDDEN reality that TA is completely fluid.

Yes it is static at any given moment in so far as it is correctly giving back the static equation of the moment for any indicator on a given chart.

I'm not teasing you but you are probably annoyed - because this seems pointless. But it is definitely not. It is why your trading sucks - but there IS more to the picture - I need you to pay close attention here because it has eluded everyone in TA for 400 years.

You see it is all well and good to get out your favorite indicator and do some comparative analysis with it on a chosen timeframe. It will give you what you asked of it.

Above we have one of the confounding realities which show why I challenge you, not as to the indicator spitting out its predictable oscillations and plots, but on their significance and value to you in accomplishing your task.

You see in that daily gold chart 2 sections, one fast and one slow. Speed is price travel in a given time. One is THREE TIMES faster than the other to cover the same ground.

Oscillations of the MA's do not exist in the fast area and there are one or two oscillations in the slower zone depending on the period setting.

We DON'T NEED indicators to tell us trends or consolidations. However we use them in a variety of other ways.

My point again is about the usefulness because as you can see the speed of the market in any given zone will impact the oscillations of indicators. As you can imagine we are not talking here about 2 different varieties.

Two H4 Gold charts:

There are many colors to this rainbow. That is why your trading sucks. Your tools don't know anything but how to oscillate. If there are only 100 variations of the speed you're screwed. Each slightly different flavoring tweaks your tools just a tad differently.

NOW we also have something besides speed changes to challenge us. Here are two more charts...

EURCAD H4 and GOLD Weekly whose patterns show more similarities than differences, display that there is a rather large influencer we call SCALE. That refers to the relative size of formations.

We have scale revealed when we change timeframes by a few clicks but the scale has another aspect called degree of scale. There are specific places in formations where the degree of scale may change dramatically.

When a large movement appears out of a very tiny one this is what has happened. It had to happen to a predetermined extent but that is another study and discipline.

It will just suffice to say that when you take speed changes and degree of scale changes alongside the question marks of just what scale should we be on, given the fact that our static tools are being placed in a fluid environment...

Yes that's right your trading sucks for good reason. One good reason.

The market varies and your tools do not.

STAR uniquely takes the challenge and reveals the only sane approach to these conditions. Make the tools vary along with the exact speed in a given zone.

You cannot even choose the wrong timeframe because STAR won't let you. It will force you to the right one based on what you find on any given one with which you start (trade any scale identically and mechanically).

This is because we use MT4's native timeframes as a continuum. That is made possible by taking the speed control of indicator period settings into our process's hands through a global variable. All the indicators respond at once to this continuous speed dial.

Finally we regulate how that variable gets adjusted by fitting our setup to an extremely common, repetitious short stroke pattern found all over the place at all scales.

Our charts therefore encompass all speed ranges possible in the market. Remember the math equations above which show that multiplying period by timeframe gives a single multiple. If you can change the period setting continuously then the dial for any speed exists.

You can thus fit this particular pattern somewhere in this continuum. AND USE A RELEVANT ANALYSIS. That analysis is always the SAME but at a different VARIABLE scale.

OK - TAKE A CONCEPT BREAK (or just let the system steps force you through the procedure of locking on).

So as an example, when you get to a virtual 44.97 minute (on the real M30 at global variable 1.499) and you need to adjust the global variable even slower in order to fit this pattern you are forced onto H1 where you have virtual M45 through just under H2 at which point again the H4 timeframe gives H2 to 1/2 Daily.

So we don't need no stinking M10. We have EVERYTHING! Well we, meaning us if you have Supertradesystem that is.

Get STAR or your trading may suck.



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