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I also have been under ICT mentorship. It has been a totally positive experience. I had spent about a 18 months looking for tuition on forex and almost signed twice for courses which started at $5000 ! Am I glad I waited and saved that cash . I can truly say that what I had seen before was mickey mouse at best compared to the tuition I have received from Michael and thank my good fortune finding him. He has been a first class teacher, willing to explain the concepts several times if needed and conducted himself in a straight forward and upfront way which is all you can ask of anyone you have dealings with. For those who are sceptical and enjoy putting people down knock yourselves out it won't change my opinion of level and quality of teaching I have received. The only reason for not being successful in my opinion will be down to me for not being systematic and disciplined with the tools and mindset I have been given.

Thanks again Michael and please thank your wife and family for their patients


I came across ICT's material a few months prior to the mentorship, while searching, if not for the holy grail trading system, then for a way of understanding and approaching the market that didn't rely on imaginary lines or a multitude of widgets drawing colourful pictures/patterns/squiggles/dots on a chart. Was looking for something that actually made sense, and something that I'd be able to use/apply with consistency.
After going through ICT's free website tutorials, and witnessing ICT call specific price levels as targets in advance, it was a no-brainer to join the mentorship. I believe the quantity and most importantly quality of the information I've received during the mentorship makes the monthly fee seem miniscule. We've been given a knowledge-mine, that I personally will be mining for years to come.
I'd like to thank ICT for his commitment, for the enormous personal sacrifices he has made and of course everything he has shared with us over the past year+ (not just the study material either).
Can't go without thanking ICT's wife and family for letting him go through with this whole thing as well :)


It is as easy to get as this: the Mentorship was a very clear/easy to follow treasure map. If you do not have faith in it nor you are wiling to do the work finding the treasure, you will stay exactly where you are. Some people walked half way or less and stopped...they probably missed the biggest opportunity in their lives


Greetings from Singapore,

& sorry to hear about EdBeg's experience.
Actually... no EdBeg, I am not sorry at all.

There are only 2 reasons why you would complain:
a. you are one of the pretend gurus discovering that there is a real trader that has true value and the "he has a bigger tool than me" syndrome sets in or
b. you did not put in the work required

If you are a fake guru, well good luck to you... we snigger at those fools who dare to go toe to toe with ICT.

If you are a genuine person looking to master a craft, then know that you reap what you sow...
You are the master of your destiny.

In both cases, you have no sympathy.

Allow me to elaborate.
You don't hear sane people going for a 3 days course to learn the "tricks" of surgery or
"how to become rich in medical practice with no prior medical experience in 1 week - sitting next to our top doctors...".

Yet countless fools spend thousands in going for short courses that deliver "approaches" to markets that will bring you enough money to buy Scotland, Barbados and the Eiffel Tower.

I discovered Michael's material probably a year before he started his mentorship which I joined immediately the moment it was launched in 2016.
Wish I had discovered it when I first started trading.

I introduced ICT to some friends who signed up and quickly discovered that there are 2 groups of people -
. those that expect immediate fortunes and "simple trading tricks" - inevitably this lot will fail to see the concepts and how they interlock into a whole - they will then blame others, the world, the economy, Michael, Trump, the Russians, capitalism, society... for their lack of results.

On the other hand you have those who keep working at the concepts and understand that results will take time.

We see the same phenomenon in life:

In most decent societies, kids will go to the same schools, will be exposed to the same curriculum, grow up in same cities / countries yet some will make it, some will become criminals and some will become very successful...

Guess who will blame everything else (the world, the economy, Michael, Trump, the Russians, capitalism, society...) for their outcomes. This is the reality, some will do the work, some will give up, but all will get some kind of outcomes.

My humble suggestion would be the same I give to my kids: Roll up your sleeves, place your energy into understanding and building your craft.

Complainers are many, successful people are few... guess which ones kept working at who they want to be.
Your choice.

Your complaint shows only 1 thing - your awareness needs awakening.
You need to figure out who you want to be in life, a fake, a quitter, or real?

Long Live Michael who is guiding me towards the best trader I can be.

Wolf UroBaer


Private, 1st Class
It seems to me that almost any course is a good investment in your development as a trader, even if you are told and explained something like what you knew before. But any phrase can show you trading from the other side. Either change your attitude towards the strategy or open up a new facet of it that you have missed before. So it's worth a try, you can refuse anytime. Plus, you can filter the information yourself and leave for yourself exactly what you personally consider useful or have learned to practice. The choice is always yours!

Tom Hale

Just another SCAM.

No Myfxbooks, and students who back him up cannot produce Myfxbook links either. Just crickets.

All the gullible idiots joining and paying for his lifestyle. Typical hustler.

John perry

Sorry to hear you dropped out. Can't be the "same old BS" because this month's content is mostly brand new. My experience is completely opposite yours. I've observed that people who don't do well with ICT are generally (you may be different) ones who cannot do the hours and hours of hard work to get this. If retail trading training is compared to arithmetic, ICT is like calculus. It's very demanding work, like becoming a CPA or going to law school. I've been following ICT for 18 months and have nothing but positive remarks about the concepts and the results. I do wish you success in your trading efforts and hope you find the right mentor/method that works for you.
Do you still follow ICT and where is the best place to find more videos and information for people starting out? Thanks