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Up 16 pips on an AUDCAD trade I placed earlier today as I post this.

About three months ago, I was turned onto a group of educators that have perfected a curriculum designed to teach people how to identify and take advantage of institutional moves and how they manipulate the markets. While the strategy they teach is in itself extremely powerful, the core of their success revolves around developing proper mindset and money management to leverage an edge that maintains proper risk to reward. The community of traders they’ve fostered over the last four years since forming this group continually report consistent profits averaging double-digit percent growth on average every single week, with many doing so daily. The support offered is phenomenal. There are daily live webinars Monday through Saturday, where the group leaders and head traders of the company go over market structure, mindset and trade ideas and questions are answered in real time. If you can’t make the live sessions, they are all recorded and available later. I’ve seen my trading change drastically in the short amount of time since joining; we’re taught to see trading in terms of probability and to trade without emotion. As a case study, our team leader posted a 25 trade block using only ONE aspect of the core trading plan, lost 21 of those trades and still walked away with an overall account increase in the high double-digit percentage. It took me weeks to finally decide to join this group and I’m not one to usually bother with testimonials, but I cannot recommend this group enough, especially if, like me, you’ve struggled with trading for years, blown countless accounts and/or given up. The gains people report daily in this group, I could only dream about making in a month or year before and now, last week, I cleared a ten percent account increase on ONE trade, without over-leveraging. I’m still making mistakes and learning, but this has been an absolute game changer for me.

If anyone else is in the same boat and looking for something that really works and a strategy that will stand the test of time (the banks have been trading the same for hundreds of years after all), our group offers an ABSOLUTELY FREE one-week live webinar trial (no credit card or info required, but it’s streamed through Facebook, so you’ll need an account to see the webinars), where you can see how we trade the market and ask any questions. Again, ABSOLUTELY FREE, with no commitment. After the week, if you like what you see, there is a RISK-FREE one-week trial where you get access to all the in-depth education/software/community. If at the end of that you decide to move on, you get your money back, no questions asked. Like I said, it took me both weeks to decide to join; I’m super skeptical and stingy with the funds, but it’s absolutely been worth it in my opinion and I’m already seeing results.

It’s invite only, so if you’re interested in absolutely changing your trading game, send me a message and I’ll give you the link to the free week webinar.