Has Scammed Me Out of 2000 Dollars!


I should have done my due diligence before sending this fraudulent company my funds to trade with. Their appearance was very misleading. I thought they were professionals with a solid product. Unfortunately they failed to perform as such when I requested the rest of the funds I had funded into my account be sent back. They came up with every excuse in the book and took me for a 2 month ride of lies and stories of delays with computer errors, bank issues etc. Company's real colors started to show when I was only able to speak to ONE person about my delay.

A "LAURA" who is supposed to be the head of Accounting, one day said to me she was the link between customers and the CPAs. Her grammar had much to be desired as well as the fact that she misspelled words regularly and left me without replies for over 10 minutes on every occasion that we communicated. I began screen printing our communications from the support windows they provide. I realized very early in requesting my money that I had made a seriously bad move by depositing my $2000.00 dollars into their Dominican Republic account. (Should have been the first Flag) Just figured it was offshore accounts for asset protection. To date I have been waiting for a return of funds via wire transfer for almost 2 months this 24th of March. A process that is supposed to take 7 to 14 business days according to their policies. If only I had typed their name in Google to see the reviews before sending my money to them. :-/ They will be shut down. I will see to it completely. They cannot prey on any more innocent victims.
Let Laura know about this thread and your review. Tell her you would prefer to edit it and say how the issue was resolved. See if she responds. If you have any other email addresses for the company, send the same message to those.