Upcoming Signals Overview (April 18 ~ 22, 2011)

Henry Liu

Former FPA Special Consultant
Hey folks:

Last week, the U.S. market reported an increase in retail sales which supports the growing trend of the last nine months. The rise in commodity and oil prices continues to threaten CPI but at a moderate level. OPEC announced that they weren’t going to increase efforts to drill higher volumes of oil to offset the rising prices in gas.

BOC decided to maintain an overnight target rate of 1% while UK inflation showed a reverse trend of the last eight months by dropping .4%. UK unemployment still remains at an undesirably high rate therefore major changes in market trends ought not to be expected.

There are 6 tradable news events for this week:

1. Tue April 19, 2011- 7:00 am EST- CAD Core CPI m/m

Historical Chart and Data

2. Wed April 20, 2011- 4:30 am EST- GBP MPC Meeting Minutes
Historical Chart and Data

3. Wed April 20, 2011- 10:00 am EST- USD Existing Home Sales
Historical Chart and Data

4. Thu April 21, 2011- 4:30 am EST- GBP Retail Sales m/m
Historical Chart and Data

5. Thu April 21, 2011- 8:30 am EST- CAD Core Retail Sales m/m
Historical Chart and Data

6. Thu April 21, 2011- 10:00 am EST- USD Philly Fed Manufacturing Index
Historical Chart and Data

This week, we want to pay close attention to the BOE as the vote count and conclusions from the MPC minutes meeting are released.
The Canadian and British retail numbers will hope to project an upward trend while the U.S. clings anxiously to news concerning unemployment claims.


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Martins michael

Job Well Done!!!

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Thanks Henry !


I've put updated my Google calendar with the release times above.

If you don't already have it, it gives you the following:
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Instructions (you only need to add this once and it will appear every week)

Adding to iPhone:
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If you don't see "SMS" as a drop-down option, you need to configure the settings for your mobile phone in Google. Go to your "Settings" (top right) and choose "Mobile Setup" or check Google Calendar Help.

I update this based on news listed in the FPA calendar and then update every week shortly after Henry releases his weekly review, so you should only need to add the calendar once and from there on you'll get reminders every week to help you trade :)

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A Job Well Done

I must thank you for the good job you have been doing there are few like you out there dont stop the good work. I have been following your signal for some time now and i must say i am realy impressed,You are realy a GURU.


Error with emails signals you send out

When sending out emails in ref to trading signals, when you attach a time for the signals, please include the time zones for same. Thanks