What are the requirements to qualify for Performance Testing?

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What are the requirements to qualify for Performance Testing?

First, your company needs to qualify for a review page at the FPA. If there's already a review page, then this isn't a problem.

If there is not a review page, there is one primary restriction. The company needs to own its own unique domain name.

Acceptable examples include MyCoolEA.com, SignalsThatUsuallyWork.com.uk, ManagedByFxGurus.net, LottaProfit.hk, CheapSignalsBringPips.guru, DidYouKnowThatWebsiteWasANewTLD.website

Unacceptbale examples SuperEA.freehostingsite.com, ManagedMillions.blogsite.com, somekindofhosting.com/SignalSite, mt4sharingsite.com/BigBot, facebook.com/GreatSignal, MoneyMaster.anothersocialmediasite.com

Please don't ask for exceptions. If your product is so good you want to enter it into the FPA's PT program, you can easily afford your own domain name.

Second, your product to be tested must be an EA, Signals, or Managed Accounts service.

Third, you'll need to have an MT4 account with a large enough initial deposit at a broker the FPA finds acceptable. Brokers with SCAM ratings at the FPA are not considered to be acceptable. There are a few other brokers the FPA is concerned about, so is not accepting tests on those.

How much money? If this is your first time, EAs only need at least $50. Signals and Managed Accounts need at least $500. This must be a deposit, not a bonus or money supplied by the broker. If you don't have the confidence to a small amount of money on the line, why should the FPA have the confidence to take the time to get your PT page set up?

If this isn't your first time submitting a test to the FPA and any of your other tests ended or currently have over 20% drawdown, please CLICK HERE for information on deposit requirements.

You must provide the FPA with investor access to the account. This means you will be running the EA or putting the trades into the account. The FPA doesn't care if you use a trade copier or manually input signals or managed trades.

The FPA is exploring the option of allowing PTs on other platforms. When another platform is added, an announcement will be made.

Are you ready to volunteer for Performance Testing? If you are, CLICK HERE.

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