Which broker???

Junaid Noor

Hello all, i am a novice trader and am learning things and just planned to open a live account but cant decide which broker to use. i see extremely negative reviews for every broker on the FPA review page. can someone suggest me a good broker so i can start a live account??? anyone who have been using a broker for more than an year and have not faced any problems


Eric Alyea

Master Sergeant
Who's the perfect broker for everyone?

6. Read the articles here:

Forex Basics Boot Camp - Forex Peace Army Forum

That will save you from asking the same "Who's the perfect broker for everyone?" and other questions that a lot of people ask. There's also information there that can save you from getting scammed or from wiping your account out from over-leveraging yourself.
It's all been written before, you just don't know where to look.
Can't find if you don't ask though.
hit the green arrow next to Pharaoh's name for the original article and the 5 before his #6
good luck