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Dec 15, 2018,
Registered user

This broker is Scam

Many months waiting for my withdraw... I hace 1 BTC and I cant withdraw. Many emails sent yo support and nothing.
Kansas, USA,
Nov 28, 2017,

Binarymate ripped me off.

I started my account with $250 and took a $250 bonus. I then traded really well and turned $500 into more than $2500 in 7 days. Everything was working well until I tried to take my money out. Nothing but excuses and the never gave me a dime. Then all my trades started acting weird. Most every trade now became a loser even though it should have been in the money. I would either get a flatline until the second I lost then it would recover, or I would flat out win and it would show a loss. I have video proof and I wish I could attach it to this review. The last trade I did was in the money by 8 ticks clearly and they ended it early, took my money, and will not respond. I have it on video. Never give these guys a dime, they are nice until you want to get your money out. Then you are of no use to them and you will be lucky to ever see a dime.
David Manchen
Texas, USA,
Nov 5, 2017,

BinaryMate wont do anything that they tell you when it involves getting money they owe you they are not to be trusted and dont believe the good things

I started trading on Binarymate 2 months ago opened account with a credit card then kept trading and learning how to trade making my deposits with Bitcoin as they said I could get faster withdrawals that way so I did. Also after I started deposits with Bitcoin I told them to delete that card I started with as it was now no good anymore so they knew all this but when I finally made a profit and did my first withdrawal for $250 they said it would be in my Bitcoin account in one day but after 2 days it was still not there. I asked them about that they told me that they had to send my withdrawal to my first deposit which was that credit card that I had already told them was no good but they did it anyway and now they REFUSE to do the right thing and they will not send my withdrawals to my Bitcoin account which means I can NEVER get to any money that I make through trading with them. They are not willing to help me at all so now I want all my money back that I have deposited since I cant ever collect from any profits trading through this scamming company.
Oct 27, 2017,
Registered user


Binarymate is big time scam-broker !!
I have opened an account with $300.- , traded with it and was able to archive a balance of $3,060.-
Everything was just great during that time and support helped whenever something was needed up to the date when I asked for a withdrawal of $1,500.-
I immediately received an offer for a $750.- bonus (50% of the withdrawal-amount) in case I cancel the request now.
I declined the offer and then all the chaos began. At first there was no answer for days. After that they told me that my trading is considered suspicious, my initial deposit of $300.- was refunded and the account terminated by them. All the profits are gone and they have never responded to another message.
All review sites that tell good things about Binarymate are scammers as Binarymate itself.
Never open an account with them. You will never see any profits paid out. And for those who question my words … I can prove all the above with screenshots and even videos.
Stay away also from Finrally and Binarycent ! They are the same as Binarymate.
You will face the same there.
Binarymate Scam
Johannesburg, South Africa,
Sep 19, 2017,
Registered user

Binarymate Scam

I recently invested a large amount with Binarymate, Finrally and Binarycent, who are all related. They offer the same and their own proprietary platform. That is the first issue. They definitely have some sort of dealer plugin running that causes traders to lose trades. They would spike the price against you a couple of seconds before expiry and have you lose the trade.

Dont use Binarymate, Finrally or Binarycent. If you lose, they win.
sedrick phillips
st.louis, USA,
Dec 8, 2016,

OK so here is the most recent update for binarymate...12/08/16 I also have screenshots I can email for web page proof. so I opened an account with this platform on 12/02/16 and I can truly say its been horrible ever day theres an update and they usually issue the update in the middle of a trade causing you to lose. As I have proof of inaccurate platform tick chart verse the stock markets showing a difference of at least 1000 pips at times and averages a constant 4pips difference. Also I have proof of winning the trade on the tick chart but losing the payout. I have been losing constantly because of flat lining signals. I even have a photo of the tick chart jumping up and down my more than 10k pips....Please don't not trade this platform.
Samantha Ruby
Nov 19, 2016,
Registered user

BinaryMate using young girls to SCAM people with Binary Options

I had a friend tell me about their using young immigrant girls in Israel to get people to sign-up to their platform, after that they recommend trades to the users! Besides the fact the software is manipulated these young girls know nothing about trading and this firm should be shut down by Israel as soon as possible! Shame on them using young uneducated women for their scam binary options brokerage boiler room. I just hope these young girls can escape the scummy guys paying them like binary option prostitutes. SHUT THIS FIRM DOWN! My friend lost all his money by the way, but was able to get it back by filing a chargeback with my help!
Nov 18, 2016,
Registered user

BinaryMate is a bad broker

BinaryMate platform is full of quirks and glitches that will drain your account.

DO NOT place money with them.

- It is recommended to obtain a DEMO account before placing funds with a broker. However, BinaryMate provides DEMOs to live account holders ONLY. That means, you'll learn of the problems when it is already too late. You will not be able to withdraw any of your funds per the rules unless you make a 1x turnover. Don't take chances.

- Actual market direction (as seen in MT4 or NetDania, as well as other sites) aren't reflected in BinaryMate. Their direction is often the opposite of the market.
So, while you think to use your knowledge to trade, loses pile up.

- There is no consistent offer price on their viewing platform. There are three prices shown- a grey-colored customized price FINDER, an orange-colored TICKER price, and a QUOTE price. The orange ticker and the price quote should match- THEY DON'T.
You will never know at which price your trade is being placed.

- INCONSISTENT placement DELAYS. Delays are very frequent, often mysteriously affecting trades of three or more digits!!
Time to place the trades are between 2 seconds to up to a minute.

- Price changes during placement delays. BinaryMate platform doesn't capture the price at which you place the trade- it captures a time (which is being delayed by them). So, by the time THEY CHOOSE to accept your placement, they are selecting the price, NOT YOU. Sorry if you chose CALL or PUT in the opposite direction that benefits them!!

- Automatic log out from account during prime market conditions. Yes, while you are active on the site, they will log you out so that your trades don't place. Don't bother trying to hurry and log back in- you will be rejected repeatedly. Wait 5 minutes, then try again. Surprise! It works.

- Viewing market is a pain:

> Screen slides suddenly to the left again and again. No way to track your trades w/o constant manual readjustment of the viewer using multiple max/min buttons and left/right arrows.
> Trade expiries are shown as pop-ups which litter the viewing screen. Good luck closing them out! Stubborn little stickers.
> Ticker is not matched to the price pointer, so that the graph NEVER represents actual movement of BinaryMate pricing; this is a distinct problem from the price action not matching the market- which it doesn't, also.
> The records of closed/open trades shows only the last five. If you want to see more, you must scroll through additional "pages." However, click those page numbers and watch magically how none appear!
> Responsive, but irresponsible account managers. They have pretty model girls to talk to you about bonuses which will delay withdrawals. Do they know anything about technical issues? NO! That's for the "legal department" which never responds.

BinaryMate is owned by the same parent company as FINPARI, which was recently fined for unethical behavior.
They supposedly use the SpotOption platform, which they have tweaked to horrific proportions.

> Happy Trading! Stay AWAY from this broker!!!