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FX Tech Group Ltd Dennis Buchholz
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Established: 2016
Contact:, +34605137706
3.89 • 277 REVIEWS

Recent User Reviews of Agimat Trading System

Ian Gowland 66
Gold Coast, Australia,
Mar 20, 2023,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I have followed Dennis for a long time now and I have always found him to be genuine and honest, I have just run the Agimat IQ scalping system for the last month and I have never seen so many winning trades, like all trading systems you have to learn and follow the rules of the system, if you do this with Agimat IQ I am confident you will end up in the money, it is the best I have ever used and I have been trading for many years but never into scalping and I love it thanks Dennis you and your team are always available for support and help.
Antibes, France,
Feb 28, 2023,
Registered user

Agimat FX IQ = Excellent new Software

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I’ve been successfully using Agimat FX 2020 software for swing trading for almost 3 years…And now since it was released I’ve been using Agimat FX IQ new scalping software with excellent results…As usual the whole secret to using Agimat products successfully is the discipline to follow the rules! if you do, I don’t understand how you wouldn’t make money , despite the occasional very limited losses that are inherent to any trading strategies as well as to all trading softwares…That’s part of the trading game but doesn’t preclude you from achieving positive earnings consistency …
UK, United Kingdom,
Feb 11, 2023,
Registered user

Agimat constinues to be consitent and perform

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
After using Dennis's last EA (which I am still using) its exciting to have his latest version. The indicator is fantastic and I cant wait for the EA part to go live. His help and support is excellent. Stick to the rules and you will make money!

Aug 28, 2021 - 5 Stars EA seems to be a low risk, low volatility EA. I am very please with it so far. I have been using the EA for nearly 5 months now and its made about a 35% return not compounding which I am very happy with. At this rate I expect the account to almost double in a year. I have seen a DD of 25% once with the rest of the time DD sat between 1 - 12%. It always has traded in the market so you will always have DD. i have also seen it close a basket of trades resulting in a very small loss. This has given me further confidence that it wont blow the account. During this period I have been running a few other very good EAs all of which have got into trouble and taken significant losses so the Agimat EA has done well to survive these market conditions. In summary great EA, cheap for the price, as with all things in the market money management is key and don't get greedy. On that basis the EA looks to be a great long term addition to the portfolio.
p.s. i should add that Dennis has been very helpful and response on email which gives further confidence for the long term viability of the EA

Reply by Dennis submitted Oct 25, 2021 Thank you so much, Matt.
Germany, Germany,
Feb 6, 2023,
Registered user

A collection of mostly free indicators available online

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
The Agimat FX 2020 is not only a lagging indicator that gives yellow box alerts far too late after most of the move has already happened, it is a also a collection of mostly free indicators that you are being CHARGED money for, and don't even know about it.

I bought this piece of trash falling for Dennis's usual spiel that it is patented by the USPTO, but that patent doesn't mean anything in terms of value or authenticity. A patent is actually worthless. it just stops other people selling his system.

The Agimat has an indicator that Dennis calls his 'powerful Maxwell equations.' That's BS. There's nothing new or powerful about it. The so-called Maxwell equations is just the well known free indicator, XprofuterDD.

You can download this for free online from many websites. Don't believe they are the same?

Look here at the photo.

Just look at the two white arrows that compare the indicators. The Maxwell equations indicator, which is part of Agimat, is the first yellow line. Buchholz is trying to claim this as a maxwell equations indicator, hoping that you fall for it.

But the XprofuterDD, which is the second yellow line UNDERNEATH, is EXACTLY THE SAME. I installed the XprofuterDD directly below to show you that the two indicators are IDENTICAL.

The Agimat is just heiken ashi candles. Look again at the photo above.

The XproduterDD and Heiken Ashi can be found FREE online, while Dennis is charging YOU money for this.

You can test this yourself and download the xprofuterdd from this link
That's where I compared it.

Now he's released a new Agimat FX iQ product. What are the chances that this is another cleverly disguised, free indicator as well?
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Europe, Ireland,
Jan 29, 2023,
Registered user

My Experience using Agimat FX2018 Pro Forex Ea

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Hello Traders, i would like to share my experience using Agimat FX2018 Pro Forex Ea. I started using this EA at the start of July 2022. I opened two accounts first with a trading capital of €2000 trading only 3 currency pairs as recommended, and the second with €3500 trading all recommended 6 currency pairs. Both accounts were based on 0.01lot size.

By mid-January 2023, both accounts have doubled, and thanks to FX2018Pro Forex Ea.

In parallel, I traded manually, a decision i have come to regret as i lost all starting capital, Also, I have bought a few recommended best-in-class EAs and they failed to perform as advertised (I won't name any here).

The only Ea that has stood the test of time from my experience is the Agimat FX2018 Pro Forex EA, as a result, I made a decision this year 2023 to close all of my other accounts and disable all EAs except for the two accounts running the Agimat Ea accounts, the reason being I am seeing a steady flow of income every day/week/month and I am confident in the next few months (6-8months), I will be able to double the account again and continue on.

I have come to trust the Agimat FX2018Pro Forex Ea even in the most volatile extreme market condition and drawdowns, it will always withstand any shock as long as you follow the recommended settings.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but from my experience, I would like to thank and commend Dennis Buchholz for the gift of this wonderful Ea that to me is priceless compared to others out there that cost a fortune. I would also like to thank his support staff for the quick response to my queries.

I took a chance after doing all the due diligence reviewing Denis's videos on the Agimat Ea and decided to try out the Agimat FX2018Pro Forex Ea, which is paying off pretty well.

my recommendation is that you do your own due diligence and if you must invest in this Agimat FX2018Pro Forex Ea, note there is no shortcut - try to follow the recommendations prescribed by Denis, to do anything contrary will result in a different outcome (don't be stupid to invest €1000 to trade 3 or 5 currencies) it won't work, just follow Denis recommendations relax and let the Ea do its job). Also in my opinion, broker selection and your VPS reliability are factors to consider also.

On a final, thank you Denis for this gift (Agimat FX2018Pro Forex Ea) to a novice trader like me. I hope to continue to build my account in many years to come. Keep your good eye on the Agimat FX2018Pro Forex Ea as many of us depend on it to grow our account 24-7. My personal ask of you is that, if you could add another Ea that rivals or best the FX2018Pro Forex Ea soonest, then you would have made your contribution to humanity, and hope you do. if eventually it happens, please don't forget to notify me.

God bless you and your family.
Shane Hughes
United Kingdom, United Kingdom,
Jan 8, 2023,
Registered user

Dangerous Expert Advisor caused a margin call and eliminated 90% of capital

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
Overall summary: Not recommended
MT4 Number - 1000121879
Broker - IC Markets.

An objective, three-month review of the Agimat FX2018 PRO EA was conducted during the early months of 2022 to determine its value, risk management and potential for return on investment.

Following a visit to the website, Agimat FX2018 PRO Expert Advisor was purchased on 21 March 2021 for a total of £282.20, with payment being sent to Fx Tech Group LTD.
Proof of purchase:

On 10 February 2022, Agimat FX2018 PRO EA was installed on MT4 account number 1000121879. To demonstrate that this MT4 license number registration was approved by the seller, proof of the product download link sent by FX Tech Group for account number 100012187 is provided below:
MT4 number and name matching seller's product download link:

The website claimed the average drawdown would be "5%." This statement created the impression that the risk involved would be minimal. Further, the website also alleged the EA contained a hedging feature that would protect the account against "significant losses" and "adapt automatically to prevent heavy drawdown."

Photo of below 5% drawdown claim:

Photo of minimal drawdown claim:

Photo of claim that the EA would prevent heavy drawdown:

However, it soon became evident that the drawdown was not anywhere near as low as the seller had claimed.

In the beginning, on 13 February 2022, a sum of £1,000 was deposited via Paypal into the IC Markets account.
MT4 Snapshot below:

Soon after, the Agimat FX2018 PRO EA was installed on two currency pairs, the EURUSD and USDCHF, and later, a third - the USDCAD. This currency selection and deposited sum of £1,000 was recommended by the seller on his website:
"Balance Required - 1-3 pairs = USD1K or equivalent"
"We propose the following pairs to trade with: EURUSD, GBPUSD,USDCHF,USDJPY,USDCAD,AUDUSD,NZDJPY"

The MT4 screen confirmed the system was installed correctly by displaying the message "Agimat FX2018 PRO EA is Authenticated" at the top left of the chart. The large experts tab in the middle also shows this installation and purchase was legitimate.

The seller prescribed certain conditions when using the Agimat Expert Advisor, one of which was to "Never, ever" close or interfere with open positions.
Photo below:

All instructions set out by the seller were followed. Initially, during the starting month of February 2022, the expert advisor produced a series of profitable trades, opening multiple positions each day on one minute charts.

Unfortunately, this would not last.

From 5 April 2022, short positions were opened for the USDCHF. By 6 May 2022, these USDCHF trades executed by the Agimat FX2018 PRO EA produced a deep, concerning drawdown, prompting an urgent margin call from the broker.

Proof of margin call email:

Message from broker:

"Subject: Margin Call Alert - Account 1000121879: - Urgent Action Required
Dear Hughes Shane,
Margin level of your trading account is now below 100.00%
Should the margin level fall to or below 50%, some or all of your open positions will be closed automatically
To prevent some or all of your positions from being closed, you can deposit additional funds from your Client Area, alternatively you may wish to close some or all your open positions.
Status of your Account below : 1000121879
Status of your Account below : 1000121879
Equity: GBP 1.69
Margin Requirement: GBP 1.71
Margin Level: 98.79%
If you have any questions regarding this email, please contact our Support Team.
Kind Regards IC Markets"

On 6 May 2022, the Agimat FX2018 PRO EA maintained several open losing positions for a prolonged period of time, resulting in an alarming wide red column on the MT4 screen, which denoted that catastrophic loss of capital was imminent.

The Agimat FX2018 PRO EA continued to open sell positions against a relentless, formidable bullish trend on the USDCHF, increasing its lot size each time, starting from 0.03, to 0.09, and then finally to 0.21.

Eventually, on 9 May 2022, the Agimat FX2018 PRO EA eliminated 90% of the deposited capital.

Snapshot of final ending balance (£55.52):

Results using Agimat FX2018 PRO EA:
13 February 2022 - Starting Balance: £1,000.
9 May 2022 - Ending Balance: £55.52

The system was also installed on another account (1700092893) using the same pairs. The results were equally calamitous and sustained an overall loss of £900.


The Agimat FX2018 PRO EA is not profitable in the long term. Results demonstrated that the system performed poorly against strong market trends and failed to prevent substantial losses.

Despite the claim of a protective hedging feature, the Agimat Expert Advisor sustained five considerable losses of £253.23, £243.91, £235.35, £223.84 and £185.72, all resulting from short positions opened on the USDCHF currency pair.

The largest win of £104.52 was completed on the 28 April 2022 for the EURUSD currency pair. Profits of triple figures were achieved just once.

As illustrated by these statistics, the average loss far exceeded the average win. Overall, the system exhibited dangerous financial management, senseless counter-trend execution, and an unfavourable risk-reward ratio.
The website sales page marketed the EA by claiming it would "protect against significant losses", involve an average drawdown of "below 5%", and produce a "minimal drawdown only."

In reality, all of this was untruthful, as the EA incurred a catastrophic loss of capital, liquidating 90% of the account balance. In summary, no recommendation can be provided in favour of the Agimat FX2018 PRO EA with regard to attaining consistently profitable, low-risk returns.

Investors are advised to exercise extreme caution when encountering any expert advisors promoted by this company, as the claims of low drawdown for this system were not accurate, trustworthy or fully verified.

Whilst it is widely accepted that trading in the financial markets involves inherent risk, ultimately, the expert advisor was not as advertised. Any trading system that provokes an urgent margin call from the broker clearly does not involve the low drawdown claimed by the seller. Such claims are misleading for new investors who are unaware of the true risk associated with the Agimat FX2018 PRO EA system. This critique has been posted and supported by clear evidence to prevent other investors from suffering the same distressing financial harm experienced by the reviewer.
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indonesia, Indonesia,
May 9, 2022,
Registered user

total garbage

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
5000 usd balance account wiped out by this so called neural network scammer. after 6 months, i must say good bye to mr. dennis scammer ea. the last hours before blowing up, the trades martingle like grazy. i hope everybody read my testimonials. in the future, potential customers do not need to experince the same pain i felt today. if mr.dennis did not believe me, i can show him the link from myfxbook live account. btw , i used ic market broker based on his recommendation.
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Reply by Dennis submitted Jun 15, 2022:
Thank you for your review. I’m sorry to hear you had a frustrating experience, but I really appreciate you bringing this issue to my attention.

I would like the opportunity to investigate your feedback further. Please could you contact me at We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Sydney, Australia,
May 2, 2022,
Registered user

Account blown - almost

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
USDJPY trade went sour - even with hedging enabled it couldn't control risk. I manually closed trades at 70% loss on account. Looking at USDJPY now after 3 weeks it would have blown my account within days. Rubbish martingale EA.
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Reply by Dennis submitted Jun 15, 2022:
Thanks for sharing your feedback. We’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. It was an uncommon instance and we’ll do better in the future.

I would like the opportunity to investigate your feedback further. Please could you contact me at We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.
Crans-Montana, Switzerland,
Apr 5, 2022,
Registered user

Final March 28, 2022 USDJPY experience

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Addition to my November 2021 review

Market conditions have changed so much since then: Inflation, USD interest rates hike, Russian Invasion and Occident sanctions, China COVID.

Agimat EA closed USDJPY series at a significant loss. I only then found out that each time a martingale trade hits 600SL (hidden), it closes it. Could have been a nightmare should he market not have reversed on the 28th around 125.030. I was using Momenta 2 and Hedge = True.

I thought I was safe but I was not. Hedging technique used is not effective and the series closed posting 25% loss on the account and 60% drawdown!. Glad there was only one pair in trouble.

I raised the issue several time with support. Also questioned why trades on their website are so different from mine (no martingale, only positive, less frequent), and how to prevent new series to start (like with Momenta =0) to avoid manually closing a series manually at a loss....

It seems suited for ranging markets. Ive tried to keep my confidence in Agimat and the team, but I can't: today AUDUSD and USDCAD seemed to break their support/resistance and I closed them annually at a small loss.

extract of trade series concerned:
Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Close Time Price
04.03.2022 20:42 sell 0.29 usdjpy 114.77 0 118.306 22.03.2022 12:52 120.77
07.03.2022 15:23 sell 0.22 usdjpy 115.26 0 118.407 23.03.2022 01:55 121.28
08.03.2022 15:37 sell 0.22 usdjpy 115.76 0 119.497 24.03.2022 16:10 121.77
10.03.2022 04:02 buy 0.22 usdjpy 116.07 0 116.368 11.03.2022 02:56 116.38
11.03.2022 04:05 buy 0.22 usdjpy 116.28 0 116.584 11.03.2022 07:10 116.59
11.03.2022 08:30 buy 0.22 usdjpy 116.66 0 116.966 11.03.2022 10:49 116.97
11.03.2022 13:30 buy 0.22 usdjpy 116.91 0 117.212 11.03.2022 19:57 117.21
11.03.2022 17:32 sell 0.67 usdjpy 116.90 0 120.46 28.03.2022 04:24 122.90
11.03.2022 20:20 buy 0.22 usdjpy 117.19 0 117.497 14.03.2022 01:32 117.50
14.03.2022 03:14 buy 0.22 usdjpy 117.53 0 117.837 14.03.2022 05:43 117.84
14.03.2022 07:01 buy 0.22 usdjpy 117.83 0 118.132 14.03.2022 22:36 118.13
14.03.2022 08:11 sell 1.33 usdjpy 117.75 0 120.569 28.03.2022 10:26 123.75
14.03.2022 23:49 buy 0.22 usdjpy 118.17 0 118.475 16.03.2022 18:28 118.48
15.03.2022 04:07 sell 2.00 usdjpy 118.25 0 120.751 28.03.2022 11:36 124.25
16.03.2022 19:44 buy 0.22 usdjpy 118.50 0 118.8 16.03.2022 21:00 118.78
16.03.2022 22:29 buy 0.22 usdjpy 118.65 0 118.952 17.03.2022 01:22 118.96
17.03.2022 02:18 buy 0.22 usdjpy 118.87 0 119.177 18.03.2022 15:50 119.17
17.03.2022 05:00 sell 2.66 usdjpy 118.75 0 121.02 28.03.2022 11:48 124.75

Nov 11, 2021 - 5 Stars I have been running it for over 12 months . It delivers 6 to 8% monthly and runs a floating PnL between 5 an 20%. it runs on 4 borkers, just about the same. I just make sure all connections are online and VPS uptodate. it's so nice to be able to count on this steady returns!

Feb 16, 2021 - 5 Stars Agimat EA is running live since Nov 25th on a usd5k account AxiTrader MT4 with a 70usd per month VPS from Commercial Network Services NY. No other EA are running on this MT4 instance. server is 1.5ms. Installing was so simple. I did set Hedging = True! besides that, default settings are good as is. Support from Agimat is reliable, professional, timely and friendly. Performance has been, since day 1, steady and linear, with all recommended pairs, at 10% per month and max draw of 6-8 %. This EA is a breather and its hedging has enabled it to navigate skillfully through US elections and Christmas. I recently purchased a second license and run it on same VPS but with ab IB account on ICMarkets with 2.5-5ms response time and an getting same performance. Really, I've been at since mid 90s and this EA, whilst a black box, demonstrates all characteristics I've been looking for. looking forward to scaling my account up! Congratulations to Agimat team!

Reply by Dennis submitted Apr 25, 2021 We highly appreciate your review. I am happy that you can confirm what we explain on our website.

Reply by Dennis submitted Nov 22, 2021 Thanks a lot, I highly appriciate your long-term support.
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Reply by Dennis submitted Jun 15, 2022:
I apologize that our service did not satisfy your expectations.

We always aim to deliver a great experience, and we are gutted when we don’t meet expectations. Thanks for taking the time to bring this to our attention. We will use the feedback to make us better and to ensure this doesn’t happen again.
Tilburg, Netherlands,
Dec 26, 2021,

I wonder how a scam can get positive reviews...

Service use: Other Length of use: 6-12 Months
I know Dennis from quite a few yars ago. He sells total garbage. He literally puts together freely available indicators, changes a few colors adds a template and than sells it as some super great trading system. In my book he is everything that is wrong with the retail trading industry.

I used to work with retail algo developers and after seeing the disgusting ethics I quit working with them. I ended up working for the Professional banking industry as a coach and educator. I still consider my days within the scam industry as important for my succes. Thanks to a few scammers I started using my research skills from University and applied it to trading. But it still hurts seeing there retail scammers still around after many years.
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Reply by Dennis submitted Jan 9, 2022:
Hello Miller. Well, Miller is not your real name; we do not have any customer with that name from the Netherlands in our database. That's the fact that individuals like you are constantly using fake identities. It means you are a troll spreading nonsense.

Why do we have so many positive reviews? Because our software has worked exorbitant well since 2016. Very simple to understand.

Have you ever visited our office or met us in person? No. Even tho you are saying you have known me for a few years. Strange.

We wish you "good luck" in your trading career. :-D

FPA Forums Team Note: Many of the positive reviews for your company do not appear to be using real names. Should readers automatically assume those are false?
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