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3.894 • 278 REVIEWS

Agimat Trading System Most Helpful Customer Reviews

London, United Kingdom,
Dec 25, 2021,

Most amazing EA and very professional support

Service use: Live Length of use: 3-6 Months
I have tha Agimat EA running on a VPS server since August 2021. Dennis and his team helped me install and set up everything, very straightforward, at no extra charge. No message I sent them took more than a day to get answered, despite of the different time zones we live in.

The EA generates an average of 0,9% per week with Zero risk. I mean, it just uses 1-3% of my funds. This can by the way be increased if you need more action!

Since 22 weeks it always closed the week in PLUS. That is 80 to 90% gain per year. That is amazing with no sleepless nights.

I decided to increase my funds, because I trust it. I have 20.000 £ on the account now.

The price for the EA ridiculous. I know that Dennis doesn’t NEED the money, but he could definitely charge more for the service and development they deliver.

Toronto, Canada,
Jul 22, 2021,
Registered user

Agimat FX Pro Forex EA 2021

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Trading with Forex with regular day job is hard. Agimat Forex EA make it stress free. I have ran the EA since 2018. The result is consistent with average 5% gain every month. The average gain is up to 8% with EA upgrade in 2021 from January until now.

Dec 6, 2019 - 5 Stars I am using Agimat EA and SSI EA. Both products are excellent. I got 12% average return from Agimat EA since June, 45% return from SSI EA since September. Thanks for all your hard work Dennis.

Reply by Dennis submitted Dec 24, 2019 Thank you for your review, highly appreciate that.
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queensland, Australia,
Jul 1, 2021,
Registered user

Agimat Software

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I am a fan of Steve Mauro. When I saw that Dennis Buchholz was a former student of Steve and a programmer I knew straight away that Dennis was the man to follow. He knows how the Forex Markets work. I joined various companies that followed Steve Mauro's methodology. I could not get it to be profitable. Along comes Dennis. I am now a successful forex trader. I have his EA's pumping out safe and steady $$ every month. I use his systems alerts to get more or less perfect swings into the market. He and his staff are courteous and patient with newbies. I know its not about $$ with Dennis. He has a passion to help fellow traders. Thankyou Dennis Buchholz. :)
Reply by Dennis submitted Jul 12, 2021:
Thank you very much for your kind words. That is true, Steve Mauro has changed my life by 100%, I am grateful forever. That is why I have founded an IT company back in 2016 and you are one out of thousands of successful clients using our trading tools based on Steve's knowledge. Congratulations.
London, United Kingdom,
Nov 5, 2020,

Agimat FX Ultra

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I purchased Agimat FX Ultra 3 weeks ago, but sadly the programme has not returned one signal. I left it running 24/7 and changed brokers, as per their support recommendations. After 2 weeks I asked for a refund or for someone to fix the issue. I was told that the system worked and it was my problem. The company offered another trading system, different to the one I purchased. I have requested a refund again. The company have now stopped responding to my requests. I would be wary of purchasing this system. I have not seen any evidence that it works. I made every attempt to rectify the issue, before leaving this review.
Reply by Dennis submitted Nov 11, 2020:
I am sorry to hear you have trouble with the trading system. You might have a license problem, or you use an outdated version which can be updated quickly. We always help and surely not turn a client away by saying, "that's your problem and not ours". That is not correct.

Feel free you open a support ticket, and someone will fix your issue via a team-viewer remote session:
Mabopane(Pretoria), South Africa,
Jan 27, 2020,
Registered user

Good value for money

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Been with Agimat team since 2018 and never experienced any problems. Always there to help and respond quickly to my emails or problems. I took away one star because I loved 2018 version more than the current one

Nov 13, 2018 - 5 Stars Started trading with it when i was new to forex. And it guided me to make good trades by just following the rules u can never go wrong. while promised signals aren't really worth $200, but the system alone will make you forget about them

Sep 7, 2018 - 5 Stars I'm still yet to find an indicator that do better than this one. All you have to is just follow 3 simple rules and it will never let you down. Take a leap of faith and give it a try you won't regret it.

Reply by Dennis submitted Sep 13, 2018 Thanks, appreciate that. There is no better indicator out there ;-).

Reply by Dennis submitted Nov 15, 2018 Thank you for your review.

Referring to my personal signals (worth $200/month) which I have posted via Telegram you must know that this service has been stopped because people started selling these signals. Instead clients can be added to a trade copier free of charge to get all my trades. And believe me, this is much more worth then $200/month.

Recent User Reviews of Agimat Trading System

UK, United Kingdom,
Jan 9, 2024,
Registered user

5 Stars. One of the very few EA's that actually makes money

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
One of the very few EA's that actually makes money and I have tried many:
I have been using Agimat FX Pro for many years now and the returns are really good.
Yes, I have blown one account, as like all other EA's, it does go into huge draw down, but this was the exception, as I didn't follow the rules.
I now have several Agimat EA's running on accounts and overall, it has performed really well.
When it does into draw down, allow it to recover. From all the years and all the accounts I am running, the one account was blown, because I had more pairs running than what was advised. I am a high risk trader, so nothing to complain.
Dennis is also always very responsive and amazing to engage with!
home, New Zealand,
Dec 17, 2023,
Registered user

Glitches aplenty

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
Hi guys. I've been with FPA for a number of years now and first discovered Agimat in 2018.

I agree with the positive reviews here about the system and they are right. If you follow the rules as Dennis explains it's a pretty good system . . BUT . ... (and there's usually a but in their somewhere), this time, after recent events with Victor and Dennis's support crew, I am unable to continue to give a 5 star rating to Mr Bucholtz.

I'm gonna say "dirty pool" because . . .

One month before he released CLOud IQ (the system he's gone to) I paid the man $330.00 NZD for Agimat FXIQ, only to discover the MT4 platform I am using does not carry at the least 3 months worth of historical data it needs to function properly. So . . . . I went looking for a broker mt4 platform which did. There's a week right there. Then, when I finally found the right broker the software began rejecting my License. Victor sent me one new one. It was rejected. Someone else in his team sent me another one and . . it got rejected to. A third one arrived from Victor the same day as the second one. THAT got rejected as well. Now, 10 days later, after emailing them several times, all I'm getting is silence . . like I'm being ghosted or they've simply dumped everyone still doing things the normal way

Thing is . . after reading a lot on the net about Agimat the more I'm beginning to agree that they're more about Internet Marketing and creating a sales funnel, getting commissions off signups to brokers, and selling a bunch of indicators assembled as a package. All of Agimat 2020's functions are in the trading arena for free. There's nothing too special about it all, but I didn't realize that until about 6 months ago

I guess I'm annoyed with him because they've gone to a cloud system less than 30 days after my purchase and I can't even get my purchase to work (at all) but the reality is that I think they should front up with a refund since they're doing the Cloud version of FXIQ FREE for everybody and mine don't go.


Aug 21, 2019 - 5 Stars Hi everyone

I did place a review a week or so ago but it has not been posted yet I dont know why

I am new to this forum and Forex in general although I do have considerable experience on the net, first previously as a moderator on a large forum well over 10 years ago and also as a product producer, writer etc

I purchased Agimat a few weeks ago and , as the first purchase of any forex software I have to say now, that after the first few weeks I am very impressed. I have recieved excellent support from Dennis and the Software has accurately assessed market trend. Thus far I have been able to increase a meager account balance of $5000 to now $5250ish so I am pretty happy. 3 trades out of 3 successful

Overall the software gives me the impression that it can "read" what's going to happen. If I do everything exactly as Dennis instructs in the user video, o a 4 hour chart, it appears to be incredibly acurate. Anyway, that's my review. I hope they publish this one. If not then sobeit

Aug 15, 2019 - No Rating Hi People

My name is Keith Roberts. I am a Writer by trade, Brand New to this Forum and this is my first post here.

I was born and live in New Zealand. At 55 years young I should say now that I do not mince words. I have nothing to hide from anyone and am known for my (sometimes) brutal honesty.

Having said all of that I am brand new to FOREXPEACEARMY and will show everyone here the respect deserved within a community.

I DID moderate a forum many years ago, of some 30,000 + members, so I know how the flaming process works and how hard it can be to weed out the truth sometimes.

What has bought me here to you all today is obviously Agimat. I need to offer this review now because I am a new customer of Dennis's and I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

This review will be updated as time goes by until the final close of either my time as a trader or the thread or until the need for updating it becomes redundant

So . . . Here goes:

1/ I purchased Agimat approx 7 days ago. In that time I have contacted Dennis and / or his company approx 10 - 12 times. There has been prompt and courteous communications at all times. Thus far support has been 100% all good. Queries have been based around Installation, Copier services, Brokers, VPS services and the like.

2/Over the last 7 days I have been busy setting up VPS, doing the install, getting the Broker Account sorted and funding it and learning the ins and outs of the MT4 platform and Agimat

3/ As a complete NEWBIE to actually trading a LIVE Forex account I have no idea what all the technical jargon means, and don't really have a lot of desire to find out, even though it looks like I will have to learn at least some of it at some point. Having stated this I know enough to be able to see whether or not someone is telling porkies or not.

I do NOT believe there is anything untoward with what Dennis is either saying or doing. In fact now I get to call him a really nice guy.

I state this last point because, due to his Partner Brokers being unable to accept residents from my country (NZ) I was unable to get access to his Trade Copier service. He has, however, added me to the subscription list, AS HIS SOLUTION to my dilemma. Now how's that for a man who goes out of his way to assist his customers

Bear in mind, Dennis is part of running an INTERNATIONAL business with HUNDREDS of customers. I am not important enough to be ANYBODIES number one (except for my wife and even then only when she pleases! ). If I have to take my place in the queue for service then so be it!

Final word:

Respect, thus far Dennis, for all of your assistance and help so far. I am sure that, along with the hundreds of other positive reviews and comments out there, after I have had a chance to master my impatience and Agimat, that I too will be singing you praises

Regards to all


Reply by Dennis submitted Aug 22, 2019 Thank you Keith. Continue sticking to the rules and your financial life will improve.
Ian Gowland 66
Gold Coast, Australia,
Mar 20, 2023,
Registered user


Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I have followed Dennis for a long time now and I have always found him to be genuine and honest, I have just run the Agimat IQ scalping system for the last month and I have never seen so many winning trades, like all trading systems you have to learn and follow the rules of the system, if you do this with Agimat IQ I am confident you will end up in the money, it is the best I have ever used and I have been trading for many years but never into scalping and I love it thanks Dennis you and your team are always available for support and help.
Antibes, France,
Feb 28, 2023,
Registered user

Agimat FX IQ = Excellent new Software

Service use: Live Length of use: 0-3 Months
I’ve been successfully using Agimat FX 2020 software for swing trading for almost 3 years…And now since it was released I’ve been using Agimat FX IQ new scalping software with excellent results…As usual the whole secret to using Agimat products successfully is the discipline to follow the rules! if you do, I don’t understand how you wouldn’t make money , despite the occasional very limited losses that are inherent to any trading strategies as well as to all trading softwares…That’s part of the trading game but doesn’t preclude you from achieving positive earnings consistency …
UK, United Kingdom,
Feb 11, 2023,
Registered user

Agimat constinues to be consitent and perform

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
After using Dennis's last EA (which I am still using) its exciting to have his latest version. The indicator is fantastic and I cant wait for the EA part to go live. His help and support is excellent. Stick to the rules and you will make money!

Aug 28, 2021 - 5 Stars EA seems to be a low risk, low volatility EA. I am very please with it so far. I have been using the EA for nearly 5 months now and its made about a 35% return not compounding which I am very happy with. At this rate I expect the account to almost double in a year. I have seen a DD of 25% once with the rest of the time DD sat between 1 - 12%. It always has traded in the market so you will always have DD. i have also seen it close a basket of trades resulting in a very small loss. This has given me further confidence that it wont blow the account. During this period I have been running a few other very good EAs all of which have got into trouble and taken significant losses so the Agimat EA has done well to survive these market conditions. In summary great EA, cheap for the price, as with all things in the market money management is key and don't get greedy. On that basis the EA looks to be a great long term addition to the portfolio.
p.s. i should add that Dennis has been very helpful and response on email which gives further confidence for the long term viability of the EA

Reply by Dennis submitted Oct 25, 2021 Thank you so much, Matt.

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