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Updated: Oct 17, 2018
4.558 · 62 REVIEWS
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Agimat-Trading-System.com profile provided by Dennis, Jun 8, 2018

Dennis Buchholz, owner and director of FX Tech Group Ltd. with office in Spain and Hong Kong.


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4.558 · 62 REVIEWS
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
Oct 1, 2018,

I have been experiencing constant profits with the Agimat Trading System and Scanner. I trade small sizes (1 mini lot size per trade) and have made pretty decent profits. The key to this trading system is to follow exactly as per what has been advised. You see the yellow box with black arrow, then see the white confirmation arrow. Then wait for a candle to fully form and close below the AAM line. Then the last part is to check the Maxwell indicator if it has a slope in the direction of your trade. I do these checks on the 4Hour & Daily charts as they give much better results and more pips. Once the above 4 are aligned. I then go to the 1 hour chart and wait for an over bought condition if i plan to trade short or i look for an over sold condition if i plan to trade long.......and thats it. I keep it as simple as that. Over bought and over sold are done with stockhastics (14.3.3 for 1 hour candles and 5.3.3 for 1 day candles). Just stick to the procedure.......and there is definitely money to be made. If one is going to be impatient and has itchy hands and feels they have lost something if they have not traded.........well this is a definite recipe for disaster. Keep it simple.. Stay disciplined and trade correct lot sizes in accordance to your account size...................i see no reason why one would fail !!!! Money is not in the chasing but in sitting and playing the waiting game..
Trade responsibly and sensibly and you will realize Agimat is worth not just every penny but a great trading tool to have. This tool/program is evolving and is bound to take trading to another level with time.
Reply by Dennis submitted Oct 3, 2018:
Thank you Rahul, very much appreciate. Nothing to add anymore, well said! Forex trading is not difficult at all.
Sep 29, 2018,
Registered user

Impressive and Accurate Software

I'm very impressed with the good results i've got so far. You don't need to look elsewhere for another software. Here, you found the grail!

I also wanted to point out: 4-5 few pages back, one guy (Attraides) rated Agimat with 1 star bc it didn't work with BO 60 seconds. Guys be aware that no trading system software can work well with a such short TF in the long run bc it's too erratic so obviously unpredictable. But if you like trading on short TF, it does make more sense to trade at least 15-30 min TF which can produce a trend. Anyway personally i trade only on MT4 and i recommend 1h-4h (or +) TF because higher TF are far more accurate.

I'm also looking forward with much anticipation the new trading system software that Dennis will release pretty soon. Keep it up the great work!
Reply by Dennis submitted Oct 2, 2018:
Thank you Claudy. You have seen on where to extract money from the Forex market. On higher time frames only. For example, mid-week reversals are very visible on the 4hr time frame.

Yes, woking hard to have everything done at time, right now including the scanner dashboard on the new system.
hawaii, USA,
Sep 25, 2018,

I have been working with Agimat trading system for a couple of months. Still new to trading. Last week because of the signal alert I received I got into a pair and more money in 4 days then I have in one month! loving it
Reply by Dennis submitted Oct 2, 2018:
Thank you too, David. Stick to the rules and follow advices from the Telegram Chat group, many very experienced traders are in there.
Sep 21, 2018,
Registered user

Agimat Fx 2018 pro it's simply Amazing !!!, I feel more confident now to ejecute my orders, thank you Agimat !!
Reply by Dennis submitted Oct 2, 2018:
I am very happy to have strengthen your confidence in Forex trading. Thank you.
India, India,
Sep 18, 2018,

Agimat and FSO is real Game Changer. If you have not bought one. Go get one.

I bought Agimat over 6 months ago. So far this is the best indicator which I have ever used. Rules are very straight forward. Very easy to use. Number one recommended indicator.
Reply by Dennis submitted Oct 2, 2018:
Thank you Sunder, appreciate that.
Rules are there to be followed and if you do so, success is imminent.
Cancun, Mexico,
Sep 11, 2018,
Registered user

The FSO Harmonic Scanner and Agimat Trading System are excellent programs, give very good results and easily help you grow your account!!!
Reply by Dennis submitted Sep 13, 2018:
Hi Emanuel, keep up your discipline and your profit will come. If there is no pattern, then simply don't trade and wait for the next day. Forex is SSDD "same stuff different day".
South Africa,
Sep 7, 2018,

It will deliver as promised.

I'm still yet to find an indicator that do better than this one. All you have to is just follow 3 simple rules and it will never let you down. Take a leap of faith and give it a try you won't regret it.
Reply by Dennis submitted Sep 13, 2018:
Thanks, appreciate that. There is no better indicator out there ;-).
Giovanni Pagliarani,
Venezuela, Venezuela,
Aug 30, 2018,

The Best Forex System Ever

The Best Forex system Ever!! It is very accurate, just follow the simple rules and you will increase your Account soon.

The support is Great, Dennis always answer soon as possible, of you have any doubt he is always there.
Thanks Dennis for creating this Amazing system.
Reply by Dennis submitted Sep 13, 2018:
Muchas gracias, Giovanni. Un saludo a Venezuela y dios de bendito.
Aug 22, 2018,
Registered user

Best Trading tool by far!

This is an excellent system - and Dennis has been diligently improving his Agimat Trading system, every year to make it better. His upgrades are free and he constantly looks at ways of making it easier for us to benefit from his Agimat Trading system. I would recommend that you buy the Agimat from him or his affiliates (e.g. Uncle Lee). There is even quite a big community of Agimat traders on Telegram that support & help each other to understand & improve our trading ability. It's one of the best systems I have found and i have no regrets recommending this system.

Dennis keep it up! You're doing a great job and don't be fazed by those naysayers.
Reply by Dennis submitted Sep 13, 2018:
Keven, thanks a lot! We just employed an additional person for our support to keep up with the service.
Jose A Vidueira,
Miami, FL, USA,
Aug 21, 2018,

Great Program Agimat

Dennis, your program is an excellent piece of work as it right now. Great for people like me that are starting to learn trading the FOREX.
How it could be improve?
1. Add a B for buying and a S for selling on the chart when Agimat think are the best point to buy or sell;
2. Make the Uncle Scanner part integral of Agimat or something similar.
Dennis, thank you for this program. It has change my trading totally. Now I have confidence when executing my trades.
Jose A Vidueira
Miami, Florida, USA
Reply by Dennis submitted Sep 13, 2018:
Thank you Jose. We will consider your suggestion for the next update of Agimat FX™, which will be released around April 2019.