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Updated: Dec 18, 2018
4.658 · 73 REVIEWS
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Agimat-Trading-System.com profile provided by Dennis, Jun 8, 2018

Dennis Buchholz, owner and director of FX Tech Group Ltd. with office in Spain and Hong Kong.


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4.658 · 73 REVIEWS
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Tulsa Oklahoma, USA,
Dec 16, 2018,
Registered user

Life changing money maker...

Best trading system ever it really works! 7 days straight all wins not one loss. Thank you!
Emilio De Marco,
UK, United Kingdom,
Dec 12, 2018,
Registered user

Unbelievable results with Agimat 2018 FX Pro and Ultimate Scanner

Hello all,

I have been struggling to maintain consistent profits since I started trading Forex some three years ago, but with the Agimat tools, this problem has become a thing of the past.

I work a very busy and stressful full-time job as an IT Infrastructure Manager, for a major Microsoft re-seller in the UK. The job is very well paid, but I feel like it is starting to burn me out, so I have been looking for a reliable way to maintain the lifestyle I have become accustomed to, whilst becoming financially independent, but as you can imagine, my job is very demanding and it makes it very difficult for me find the time to trade.

Agimat FX Pro 2018 is proving to be 70-80% reliable on the 1hr and 4hr time-frames, following the exact rules that Dennis has demonstrates in his training video, which is absolutely amazing, but I was missing some good trades, because loading the all the charts during my 1hr per day trading slot, (London Open), was proving to be very challenging, so I did some research and landed on Roland’s website.

I now use the Ultimate Scanner to indicate the strong Agimat reversals and to quickly open the charts on the correct time-frame. The only other indicator I use is ADX to confirm, direction and momentum.

I am now placing 10 to 20 trades during my daily time slot. Two positions per signaled currency pair, with the exact same lot size. No need to work out ATR, because I am hedging anyway, and I am literally in and out so quickly. I am doing this repeatedly and with confidence. Moreover, I am experiencing no more psychological issues with market maker currency manipulation.

I use hedging trades of 20 pips for risk protection, with buy stop and sell limit orders to trigger the trades if they are going against me. I then simply let the market do its thing and I close out my positions as soon as I hit my 100 pips per day target, and this usually occurs within 1-2 hrs of opening my positions. I have been doing this consistently for that last two weeks and I am now categorically sure that this is more than just luck. I also know I am barely scratching the surface with the potential of these tools.

I think my style of trading these tools is unique, in that I am now trading probabilistically. E.g. placing at least 10 trades against the qualifying currency pairs in one go.

I have been working towards becoming an associate trader with an Investment Fund and I am absolutely smashing through all their requirements with these tools. The way things are looking now, I should be a level 4 funded trader within 12 months. This will give me a $500.000 fund to play with and I will actually start making some real money.

I simply cannot wait to see what Dennis comes up with next.

A huge, huge thank you.
Reply by Dennis submitted Dec 14, 2018:
Thank you Emilio, I guess your review says everything the readers need to know. A lever 4 funded Forex trader is a huge success. Congratulations.

As an Agimat FX™ licence holder, you are eligible for our free trade copier as well.
This is free money for you on-top as a loyal costumer.
Dec 12, 2018,


Many issues with EA. Slows down the entire MT4.
1. You have to close all charts before you restart MT4. then reattach charts??? Guy says on his video, you should not be lazy as if its normal. PER INSTRUCTIONS everytime

2. Seeing some repainting. Has many ffreinds putting reviews as well.
Reply by Dennis submitted Dec 14, 2018:
Wow, since when Agimat FX™ is an EA? It is a manual trading system. Clearly a "hater fake review" and very far from the reality. Just have a look to all other reviews here, which are telling the reality.

Also, very interesting that our support never got contacted an individual "Joash" from the USA.
Nov 30, 2018,
Registered user

Agimat best software i ever used for forex

This is the most clear, easy to follow system ever, and works with my time frame of 1 min charts. I like in and out. So a big Thank You. So i put a little funds to test first in my live account. 19 winners in a row today! Here is my broker statement, now i wish i had put more money with all the pips collected.
Reply by Dennis submitted Dec 14, 2018:
Thank you for your honest review, Highly appreciate your words.

As an Agimat FX™ licence holder, you are eligible for our free trade copier as well.
Lagos, Nigeria,
Nov 20, 2018,
Registered user

AgimatPro+ 2018 is awesome!!!

What still baffles me about Agimat Pro+ 2018 is that, how could the MEQ prediction be so accurate, even in the time of high impact news!!!. Sometimes I do entertain fears of such, but with Agimat, I discovered that most of the recent high impact news just obeyed Agimat Pro+2018. I`m now trading with confidence and peace of mind, as far I`m following the RULES.
Reply by Dennis submitted Nov 24, 2018:
Thank you for your review, much appreciated. The "MEQ Forex volume future prediction systems" are controlled to 100% by our neural network which works independently and artificial. The neural network has as of today more the 5M data points, therefore you can put your trust on the system.

Here a short article we have just published about neural networks:
Mpumalanga, South Africa,
Nov 19, 2018,
Registered user

Agimat 2018 best indicator I tried thusfar

Purchased this indicator two months ago. Was a bit sceptic at first, took a while to understand the workings. The owner Dennis does provide ample educational material and also is readily available via E-mail support. He and his team responds same day if support is needed. Patience is needed but so it is in Forex. My FX trading has improved since using this system and what I do like is consistency. I found the longer time frames H4 and up to be very accurate. I belong to a few telegram groups that use this system and the general feeling is that people who actually purchased this product are very satisfied with their results. Just follow all rules and you will succeed. Thank you Dennis and the team.
Reply by Dennis submitted Nov 24, 2018:
Thank you very much for your review. Support is the same important to us like the quality of our products. You can reach us any time and a reply on a request is guaranteed within just a few hours, even earlier as you have experienced by yourself.
Houston, TX, USA,
Nov 15, 2018,

I purchased Agimat system last month. I am following Dennis guidelines. So far only trading on H4 Time frame and very pleased with the consistent result. I really appreciate Dennis and their entire team to share their knowledge and Agimat system, so we can take advantage and keep trading without frustration. I have tried few systems in the past, Agimat is the best system so far.
Reply by Dennis submitted Nov 24, 2018:
Thank you for your review. As I have mentioned so many times before, the rules are simple and easy to follow. You are doing well because you are listen to me. Well done!
Mabopane, Pretoria, South Africa,
Nov 13, 2018,
Registered user

Started trading with it when i was new to forex. And it guided me to make good trades by just following the rules u can never go wrong. while promised signals aren't really worth $200, but the system alone will make you forget about them

Sep 7, 2018 - 5 Stars I'm still yet to find an indicator that do better than this one. All you have to is just follow 3 simple rules and it will never let you down. Take a leap of faith and give it a try you won't regret it.

Reply by Dennis submitted Sep 13, 2018 Thanks, appreciate that. There is no better indicator out there ;-).
Reply by Dennis submitted Nov 15, 2018:
Thank you for your review.

Referring to my personal signals (worth $200/month) which I have posted via Telegram you must know that this service has been stopped because people started selling these signals. Instead clients can be added to a trade copier free of charge to get all my trades. And believe me, this is much more worth then $200/month.
Nov 9, 2018,
Registered user

The only technical system I can vouch for

I've been a forex trader 2006-2008 (the good old spike trading days) when I traded a max of 20MM leveraged units on an ECN and recently from 2016-2018. I turned $5k to $50k in a few months after Brexit was first announced shorting the GBP. I would say I am fairly experienced and one of the few reticent, quietly successful forex traders out there. I normally never post; however, this is an exception since Dennis's Agimat system has truly impressed me. This is the only system I've ever bought, ever. Quite honestly, it's damn solid and is an excellent tool at identifying long-term swings. The Agimat system works extremely well during those times of the year when things trend (like now) on a 4-hour chart in the right hands. The system provides excellent buy high, sell higher; sell low, sell lower entries, but you need to be experienced enough to know how to close. I am basically using Agimat exclusively now. No, it doesn't produce the crazy results from short-term fundamental analysis and scalping, but it minimizes the trade analysis, stress, family neglect and sleeping at the day-job consequences. I made bank overleveraging and risking my skin and, yeah, I had a knack for it with some 78% success rate, but it's time for me to chill out and enjoy consistent, scalable returns. I hope this system serves you as well as it is serving me. :)
Reply by Dennis submitted Nov 12, 2018:
Thank you so much for your insight.
Florida, USA,
Oct 28, 2018,
Registered user

5 stars --Has my highest recommendation

I have had difficulty with Forex trading systems and indicators in the past. I recently purchased both the agimat and fso harmonic scanner and I am very pleased that I did based on the user-friendliness of the systems. Finally, trading systems I can understand and with positive results! Furthermore the customer service is excellent; Dennis and his staff have been immediately responsive to all requests I have made. Free updates, and I believe Dennis is offering a free copy service for members next month--I look forward to working with this company for a long time to come. And BTW, this is a legit review from a satisfied and grateful customer.
Reply by Dennis submitted Nov 9, 2018:
User friendliness and simple rules are our main goal beside excellent costumer service. Thank you for your lovely review.