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Out of business FX Tech Group Ltd Dennis Buchholz
Updated: Jul 13, 2023
The FSO Risk Manager is a forex expert advisor by FX-Tech-Group.com. The FSO Risk Manager automated forex trading software for the MetaTrader platform places trades for you.
FX-Tech-Group.com is part of FX Tech Group Ltd group. Known members of this group include Agimat-Trading-System.com,  Forex-Signals.online, Forex-Pin.com, Forex-Trade-Copier.com.
Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.
Out of business

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Oct 30, 2020,
Registered user

I am still trying to get my indicator to work.

Service use: Live Length of use: over 1 Year
I purchased the FSO 7, May 17th 2019. I initially had no problems with the install. It was fairly simple and general. I paid over 200 American dollars. Through the past 2 years, I sent several emails to Support and asked questions about the indicator functions.

On or about May of 2019, I sent an email complaining about receiving an error:
"I have tried to ask questions on Telegram, but apparently I am not in the click with others. However, one kind soul said to me I needed to have 16GB RAM to allow the scanner to function properly. Is that true? Also, Why does my indicator often reads "Neural Network Error" on the top left of the chart?"

Finally, "Lori" did respond. (She has been cooperative) "Yes, for FSO Harmonics Scanner, you would need at least 16GB RAM to run it smoothly specially if you are scanning all 28 currency pairs."

But, their rep inside the Telegram (Claus) said this was not true.

As time went on, I continued to complain inside the Telegram group that the indicator was not identifying trades while others were publishing screen shots. And, I owned 2 other harmonic indicators and they did show trades.
Support said:
" If you have different broker then it can be the reason why you don’t have the same pattern as he has as brokers have different spread."
Ok, I understood this, but so frequently?

Nevertheless, I was insulted and made fun of inside the Telegram group. When the FSO 8 was released, I continued to send messages inside of Telegram as well as emails to support, asking for the revision. Others inside the Telegram group said they had received it.

I was told "We will send you the licenses ASAP. Right now, we have implemented a new license management which caused the delay of sending licenses." I continued to wait as others spoke of their new FSO 8.

I sent another email that read "It has been a month since the last request. Can I please have the upgrade? Others on the Telegram chat say they have received it. Why am I being excluded?"

I received a copy of an email sent to Dennis where Lori requested; "Hi Dennis, Kindly issue FSO HS 8 license for MT4 ID: 3______ please. Thank you." In response. I was then sent an email back from Dennis that read ""The FSO Harmonic Scanner 8 will work ONLY on the MT4 (NOT MT5) account number you have submitted during registration, whether on a live account or a demo account."" BUT MY account WAS an MT4!! This was their last response. No help whatsoever. No follow-up. No customer service to ensure I was up and running. It is as if they have gotten their money so why please the customer.

I have since requested the indicator again, but to this day I have not heard anything. Again, I have sent 2 different MT4 accounts to Dennis so he has no excuses not to send the file.

I also want to note the hype presented on the website; There are just over 800 people inside the Telegram group. They are always selling other indicators inside the room and it is not dedicated to the FSO scanner. If the FSO is so grand, why are they pushing other Forex indicators inside of the FSO Telegram group??

They also say "Support Through Email Guaranteed Reply Within 24 Hrs" That has not been true with me. I am still waiting for the file so I can use the FSO 8.
Thirdly, SOFTWARE UPDATES are spoken of on the website. It reads "Don't be worried about outdated components. All updates and patches are included in your one-time license fee."
Other than the sell of the FSO8, what updates for the Scanner have there been?

"Free Forex Signals" How and where? It says I would be added to the Forex Trade Copier. The website says "I provide everything you need.." But I was never added to anything. Heck, I cannot even get them to provide the FSO 8 even though I have paid for it.
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King Duterte
Makati, Philippines,
Aug 5, 2020,

Your silence is deafening...

Service use: Live Length of use: 6-12 Months
Dennis has not even got the decency to reply to my simple questions. His disregard for his customers is blatantly shown.

It looks like the FXP SSI EA has been abandoned. He can't even be bothered to email his customers and explain what is happening with this EA.

My advice to people is to avoid the FX Tech Group. They are not as legitimate as they would like you to think.


Jul 28, 2020 - 2 Stars I am the author/creator of the previous post. It is me, King Duterte, yes it really is me. I note that instead of Dennis replying to my 'review' with some feedback, he immediately embarks on the fake review path. Is this a tactic to avoid answering my comments? My post would have been the perfect opportunity for Dennis to reply and say that updates are anticipated this year, that the MyFXBook page will be updated and that the expected YouTube videos will be released when the eventual update is released. However, yet again the developer chooses to treat his customers with disregard and arrogance.

Dennis - Why can't you just write a mailshot to your FXP SSI EA customers and be honest with what is happening? Why must we beg for updates from you? This was an expensive EA and we have the right to know what is happening. I ask again, has this project been abandoned?

Jul 25, 2020 - 2 Stars I purchased the Forex Pin SSI EA in December 2019. Any comments which I make about the profitability of this EA will be met with 'wrong broker,' 'should have switched it off over Christmas week,' and 'extraordinary market conditions' replies, so i'm not going to focus on that. What I would like to focus on is the fact that since December 2019 this product has received no further updates or guidance from FX Tech Group. The MyFXBook account is no longer available, the product website just shows an outdated screen grab from November 2019, which is not a clear reflection of the reality. There was a promised YouTube video about the various settings for this EA which never materialised. I have heard from other people who have made contact with FX Tech Group that further updates are coming, but these never seem to come. I appreciate that these updates need testing before release, however, a simple mailshot to customers which explain update features and a timeline for release wouldn't be difficult. This was an expensive EA and it seems to have been abandoned by the developer. I would be grateful for some clarity from FX Tech Group about what is happening with this project...has it been shelved?

Reply by Dennis submitted Jul 27, 2020 First of all, this "review" has nothing to do with the Agimat FX® brand.

Second, we do not have any FXP SSI clients in the Philippines; therefore, this review must be fake. The user name and post as a guest nearly proves it.
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