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Updated: Apr 9, 2020
FX Tech Group Ltd
3.826 · 241 REVIEWS
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3.826 · 241 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

Johnson, United Kingdom,
Apr 30, 2017,


Dennis Buchholz is a world known scammer. He sells other people's software as his own and generate his income that way to travel the world...

The current version of Agimat is exactly the same as the system called Rebel Spirit Trade

Do not buy any of his software or signals.

talking about his signals the software he uses is

it is exactly the one sold in and

why does he pretend and edit the source code to make it look like it is his?

not only that but he guarantees 95% accuracy and offer no support
Feb 3, 2018,
Registered user

This Agimat trading is a great indicator and the best in the market for scalping. Dennis a genuin guy who alway return on questins you might have. He also created the FSO harmonic scanner.
Mendoza , Spain,
Feb 6, 2018,

Understand Agimat and you reach a high accuracy.

After understanding Agimat and the rules I need to follow, I can confirm the profitability and accuracy of the trading system Dennis provides for us.

But it is very clear and necessary you completely understand and learn on how to trade with Agimat.
Only then you will reach the advertised accuracy of nearly 90%.

Support emails are replied very quick, mostly from Dennis.

Agimat works!
Fabio Hernan,
Capital Federal, Argentina,
Feb 12, 2018,

Agimat Works!!!

It is a great tool, you must learn how to use it correctly and you will have great results. Also support emails from Dennis are very quick.
Martinez, Spain,
Feb 15, 2018,

Agimat scalping indicator is legit!

Around September 2017 I got the Agimat scalping system and I am very satisfied. The last 4 month have been amazing!

Very easy to install thanks to an automated installation wizard, Fast consultation from Dennis or his team, Very accurate Forex scalping, Good for intra-day and inter-day Forex trading, Team viewer remote support

If you got a Mac, it is a but difficult to install, the automated installation wizard is for Windows only. But Dennis got done the Mac installation with team viewer in the end.
UK, United Kingdom,
Feb 23, 2018,

Amazing system

Five stars for the Agimat systems.
I’ve used Dennis’s Agimat indicator for the passed couple of months and more recently switched to the EA which has proven really profitable so far.
It’s not the holy grail (which doesn’t exist in forex) but it comes close. I’ve been in the forex market for just over 4 years and this is the best/easiest trading system I’ve used.
The work Dennis has put into the system and the recent update that he’s done in my opinion shows his commitment to helping people make money for a very reasonable price.
This system and the EA is money well spent and I can’t wait to see what Dennis has in store for the future.

Thank you Dennis for making this system available for us.
LILLE, France,
Feb 26, 2018,

Excellent but follow the rules

Agimat fx2017 pro and specially Agimat fx2018 pro + is a very serious system and therefore profitable for who knows how to follow the simple but necessary rules bravo to its inventor Dennis Buccholz a good guy
33319, USA,
Feb 26, 2018,
Registered user

updated review

Even though I stopped using this system some of my friend continued and have gone onto making some impressive profits in the 30 min TF , I will also add Dennis has always responded to emails etc just give him some time to respond. looking forward to trying the 2018 version . Take your time with this system learn what you can ... happy pip hunting

Sep 1, 2017 - 3 Stars Last and final After using this system for 2 months I have found I can no longer rely on it . Every indicator repaints so it has simply not been profitable. It may be for others but not for me at this point in time . Dennis dose update all his systems and Im sure he will come out with better ones.

Aug 15, 2017 - 5 Stars In adding to my last review I been practicing with the 2017 Agimat system , I wish I had this system a year and half ago when I started trading . I can trade without systems and can do my own analysis but this is so easy. I like to trade the 1 hr and 4 hr time frame and was looking for a great scalper system well this one is the best. And buy the way Dennis the maker of this system has alway got back to me when I emailed him. I am going to recommend this to all my friends and family for sure . Also im trading live with it very pleased .

Jul 31, 2017 - 5 Stars I have looked at his latest agimat system, Amazing . One gentle man using the system had 80 win trades in a row, I've personally never seen anything like it in the year and half of trading and using many systems. Its a simple system but effective. the last one (2016) i was not so impressed thus took me a while to even look to practice with the new one. I will update everyone on results .
Rafael Ferrer,
Santa Ponca, Spain,
Mar 1, 2018,

I met Dennis and he explained Agimat in person.

I had the luck to meet Dennis here in Spain. We had some coffee and he explained Agimat2018 version thoroughly.

His Agimat is truly a hidden pearl and very accurate when following his simple but efficient rules.

After some training on demo to gain confidence, I went live and earned the license fee back very quick actually.

Dennis, muchas gracias siempre!
Vilinuis, Lithuania,
Mar 2, 2018,


Agimat is the best indicators in the market. Highly accurate and the future indicator has made all my trades winning trades. I have tried many other indicators on the market most of them are scams, indicators repaint they dont work properly or dont work at all.

Agimat is the only legitimate software i know that has over 90% accuracy but to get the best out of the software you must have an understanding of trend breakouts, pull backs (phase 1, phase 2) so you dont get into the market to early or too late. The reversal direction is highly accurate

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Is Agimat-Trading-System a good company?

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What is Agimat-Trading-System?

Agimat-Trading-System is a forex software company founded by Dennis Buchholz.

Agimat-Trading-System has developed Agimat FX indicator and Agimat EA trading robot.

How much does Agimat-Trading-System cost?

Agimat-Trading-System has 2 products, Agimat FX and Agimat EA, the price structure is:

  • Agimat FX: One time license fee is EUR174
  • Agimat EA: One time license fee is EUR287

Does Agimat-Trading-System offer refund policy?

Agimat-Trading-System doesn't offer refund policy on their products.

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