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WestwoodOFE is a forex broker. Westwood OFE offers the Mobile forex online trading platforms. WestwoodOFE.com offers over 5 forex pairs, commodities, stocks and indices for your personal investment and trading options.


Website is down. Company seems to be out of business.

WestwoodOFE.com is part of SolutionsCM Ltd group. Known members of this group include CarterFX.com, EasyLinePro.com, LockwoodINV.comOriginalCrypto.com, Bitoinoie.comCryptoFG.comPrimeXClub.com, BritonPrice.com.

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brian sharrock,
liverpool, United Kingdom,
Nov 25, 2018,

westwoodofe.com in a huge scam

people must not give any money to westwoodofe.com, theyre 100 per cent scammers , there style is very convincing but they draw you in and show they've made you thousands in no time then attract you to put big money in and then they pretend a trade went bad and they steal all the money, they are brilliant robbers, do not get taken in , I hope everyone reads this
Wiltshire, United Kingdom,
Nov 19, 2018,
Registered user

Westwood OFE scam

I submitted a review in October. My opinion was undecided at the time. Fortunately, I only deposited 250 Euros. What made me suspicious was their use of a "robot". It seemed to me they only used it when they planned to call me. I asked for the return of 200 Euros and after a few days delay, I received a call from "Don". He said the account could not operate with less than 250 Euros, what did I plan to do. I agreed that my account should be closed and the funds returned to me. You've guessed right. I cannot access the account with my login or password. No one returns voicemails from tel 020 3868 7944. And some 4 weeks after my request, no funds. This seems to me to reflect that Westwood OFE may be a scam operation, based in Bulgaria

Oct 17, 2018 - No Rating Currently, I am dealing with Matthew, an account manager. Very pleasant chap. My initial deposit is 250 Euros. Matthew initially contacted me because his company is aware of Markets Trading scamming millions from European customers.
I am leaving the funds to be traded by Matthew using the site's algorithm. Inital gains are very modest, but I am not getting heavy pressure to add deposits at the moment.
Matthew has also put me in touch with an affiliated pleasant Bulgarian lawyer, Anthony Cynic, who has offered to add my name to a list of clients subject to me bringing my account up to Silver level (i.e. 2500 Euros) with Westwood. Anthony understands I am not in a position to do this at the moment, and again no pressure is being applied.
Does anyone else have experience of dealing with Westwood OFE. I am aware they are not regulated by the FCA in the UK, but that does not deter me at the moment.