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Updated: Mar 19, 2020
XTB Limited
2.94 · 53 REVIEWS
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XTB.com is part of XTB Limited group. Known members of this group include xtb.co.uk, xtb.fr and, XOpenHub.pro.

About XTB.com

XTB is a forex broker. XTB offers the MT4 trading currency platforms. XTB.com offers over 45 currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, shares, gold, silver, commodities and cfds for your personal investment and trading options.

Broker Details

Minimum Trade Size:0.01
Maximum Leverage:500:1
Minimum to Open Live:$1
Address:One Canada Square, E14 5AA, United Kingdom
Contact:uksales@xtb.com, +442036953085
Regional offices:
Regulators: IFSC #IFSC/60/413/TS/17, CySEC #169/12, KNF #DDM-M-4021-57-1/2005, CMNV #40, FCA #522157
Prohibited countries:
Trading platforms:MT4
ECN: Yes
Cryptocurrencies:(25+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
CFD:(1725+) Gold, Silver, Stocks, Stock Indexes, Bonds, Bond Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: Yes
News Spike Trading: Yes
Deposit Methods:Bank Wire, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, PaySafe Card, Skrill
Withdrawal Methods:Bank Wire

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2.94 · 53 REVIEWS
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Consumer Reviews

devon, United Kingdom,
Mar 17, 2020,
Registered user

slow execution,frequent connection issues, subsequent trading losses

Length of use: 0-3 Months

started ok. couldnt remove blue alerts that flashed constantly on chart. me and their staff locked out of client server. account manager beleived this my fault not theirs. regular serious connection issues which xtb debated constantly.
platform would not close trades when needed. subsequent losses. all raised with xtb who continued to deny any technical issues. determined to blame my laptop and wifi instead. alleged investigation by technical team with regular strange questions from account manager. one small investigation escalated to formal complaint. trying to recoup previous losses ,which were being 'invrestigated' i made higher risk trades and had two disastrous trades, xtb are unwilling to accept obvious and refunds are impossible. never again.
London, United Kingdom,
Jan 8, 2020,
Registered user

I like their platform

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

I like their platform, it’s easy to use and clear for me.

I also attended one of their trading classes in Canary Wharf. It was very informative, I had a good day and met lots of friends.

So far I like it so I’ll continue trading with them.
London, United Kingdom,
Jan 1, 2020,
Registered user

Good platform and very good customer service

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

I moved to these guys after my other broker because of a complaint i had there, so decided to try them as found their reviews were good. Since opening I can honesty say I have been quite happy. Their platform is very good (I prefer clean platforms and ones that dont look like excel spread sheets and XTBs is very good in this sense). But most important to me after my last broker experience is their customer service. I found my account manager very personable. They even connected me to their research team on whatsapp so i get breaking news on my phone fast. I visited their offices for a thing they called trading club, which was nice but probably I dont need to go to this every month (they do it monthly they said). The main downside to XTB i find is that they dont have many of the stocks i trade (they blamed market liquidity being low, which is weird because i can trade the same stocks at my other broker). Otherwise, they are v good. So 4 stars from me.
KZN, South Africa,
Nov 21, 2019,
Registered user

Not trustworthy

Service use: Live

Length of use: 0-3 Months

The withdrawals to VISA are instant when you make withdrawal request during certain time of the day but I have been waiting for 2 days and my account manager Renato is not responding to my emails. I am very disappointed in him and the company at large. I used their live chat services, I chatted with Viet and he told me that I should be getting my money later that day and I haven't. After reading reviews about this broker, it is alarming and I am concerned now.
Reply by Xtb Ltd submitted Dec 20, 2019:
We’re sorry to hear about your negative experience with us. Clearly we have not met our usual high standards for clear and transparent communication on this request and for that we apologise, especially as it appears there has been a confusion with our processes.

As a financial services firm with more than 130,000 clients worldwide, we are regulated by the worlds leading supervisory authorities such as the Financial Conduct Authority, KNF, CySEC and the International Financial Services Commission. As such, we have strict processes in place concerning funding and withdrawals. Our policy is to process all withdrawal requests within 24hrs of receiving a request, as we know a smooth and secure deposit and withdrawal process is a vital aspect in our overall customer satisfaction.

European clients, however, typically receive funds within two hours of their request being processed. Unfortunately, sometimes for our International clients, it can take between 3-5 working days for banks to complete the money transfer, especially for our international clients where its fairly common to use intermediary banks to complete the transfer.

Unfortunately, we cannot see any contact information or an account ID for you on this website, so we are unable to investigate this matter any further right now. Please contact us on +357 257 25356 as soon as possible, and we will try to resolve the issue for you straight away.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

XTB Management
Paris, France,
Oct 15, 2019,
Registered user


Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months


I had malfunction on MT4, and my broker refuses compensation while the evidence is irrefutable, thank you kindly take note and authenticated errors so that my broker reimburses me (prejudice more than 40k €)

Unable to put SL / TP:

1) SCREENS: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1oNz4ZHWQUWUWDFahLhvHXYhmGMbPatwi

2) VIDEO: https://photos.app.goo.gl/SiUv7Wd63bKXikKa6

3) Video showing that everything works well at my other broker (beginning of video) and dysfunction at my broker: https://photos.app.goo.gl/dbm7ryFaNzp24cLo7

Best regards,
L. Martin

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Reply by Xtb Ltd submitted Feb 7, 2020:
Dear martinlamarque,

We’re sorry to hear about your negative experience with XTB. However, it seems that you’ve been trading with XTB France, and not directly with XTB UK.

To help resolve this issue, we’ve been in touch with our French branch, who have assured us that they are aware of your case and are working on resolving this matter for you.

If you have any questions for XTB UK, please do not hesitate to contact us on uksales@xtb.com or +44 2036953086.

XTB Management
Italy and Malta, Malta,
Oct 3, 2019,
Registered user

Scammer - they refuse to pay my deposit

Service use: Live

Length of use: 3-6 Months

Account: 694928
Hi, i have funded XTB in may of this year. Besides a very poor performance (slippage, bad prices filled etc. etc (but is not the reason of my feedback) i have a big problem that usually happen only with scam offshore brokers.
They refuse to pay my deposit and the reason is that they do not accept my bank account where to send me back money.
I have given them others 2 iban + bank statement (always owned by me) but they always refuse them... every iban (includeed the iban used for funding) are EU account (NOT A SYRIAN OR AN HONOLULU BANK ACCOUNT). Considered that i have only these three bank account now i dont' know if i will see ever money if they refuse to pay me on them. I have contacted my account manager (DIEGO BOTTIGLIERO) and the result is the same...
I have already sent a communication to the regulators (Cysec and FCA) ...now i left this feedback, i'm opening a scam folder and i proceed with a complaint to the authorities.
Stay away from them
  1 trader has found this review helpful
Frankfurt, Germany,
Aug 27, 2019,

Stop Loss Hunters

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

Almost every time, got stopped out and directly the security change direction.
Happens too much to be coincidence
Poland, Poland,
Jul 8, 2019,
Registered user

Service use: Live

Length of use: 6-12 Months

I cannot complain about xtb. Their fees are very low (for ETFs at least), the platform is nice and I have no problem retreiving money.
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London, United Kingdom,
Jul 5, 2019,

Dont even try it

Length of use: over 1 Year

This is a scam broker I used them for 1 year and when I was using a real account they would stop me out for no reason and they would call me all the time to deposit money this broker is a pure Cheat and people who use this broker clearly want to throw away real money They claim to be FCA Regulated but all they do is give you a fraudulent account manager that will just steal your capital and infact there was even a time they withdrew money from my bank account without me even making a withdrawal dont use this broker it's not worth it please you dont wanna lose your money the platform might look cool but trust me it's not worth it I've seen alot and I hope this can influence you to pick a non stop hunting and dealing desk broker GL!
Baku, Azerbaijan,
Jun 30, 2019,
Registered user

They steal when you withdraw your money!

Service use: Live

Length of use: over 1 Year

I used XTB service 4 years! It works fine until make your withdrawal and each time they steal your money, I mean steal BIG! While they claim "no commission", they run your money through 5 banks and each time they take their commissions! I tried several times to withdraw my money and each time they took big part of and sent me sorry message that they don't know what's happening and advised to go to my bank and find out! Having all those papers from bank shows that they use and option "SHA" in their SWIFT money transfer, which means this amount can be shared between banks. Imagine your surprise when they get 35% of your withdrawal! That's what happening! All these 4 years they were stealing my withdrawals, almost half of it! And each time "We are sorry, we have no idea!" response! But when you have proper papers they admit that and say well commissions must be paid to our mid banks! When you send them money you do it so easily even via SWIFT! But when you wanna return some, they say it must travel the world before reach you, because there's no other way! OTHER BROKERS DON'T DO IT! I'm using their withdrawal, which also located in UK, but they don't do this! XTB takes $100 out of your $300! Can you imagine another broker taking that or stealing that much?! At the same time they claim 0% commission! XTB is a fake Poland broker, who claims being UK broker. I don't recommend this broker, because I have enough experience with them (4 years!) AND THEY WILL NOT LET YOU GO WITH YOUR MONEY! They will take half of it, that's how they steal! Withdrawal option is limited to SWIFT, because other way they can't steal! Take care your nerves and money!
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