1. ScarletPipernel

    Problem XTB has not processed my withdrawal 20+ days

    I placed my withdrawal request on Nov. 7. XTB claims they sent the wire transfer on Nov. 8. My bank has performed a check today, November 28 and the transfer has not been received. XTB appears to have stopped responding to my messages. After steady responses no reply in 24h. I am attaching...
  2. martinlamarque


    Hello, I had malfunction on MT4, and my broker refuses compensation while the evidence is irrefutable, thank you kindly take note and authenticated errors so that my broker reimburses me (prejudice more than 40k €) Unable to put SL / TP: 1) SCREENS...
  3. renecreneux

    SPAM Against XTB (xt brokers)

    I studied this case very close to understand what are the scam mechanisms. It''s not really very complicated but however ingenious. The base of operations is based in Poland and consists in 2 appartaments. One appartament is "the market maker" and the other appartament is "the investments...
  4. A

    Discuss XTB.com

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