Multi of renecreneux
I studied this case very close to understand what are the scam mechanisms.
It''s not really very complicated but however ingenious.
The base of operations is based in Poland and consists in 2 appartaments.
One appartament is "the market maker" and the other appartament is "the investments company".
The "market maker" gives the quotations but the customers have contracts with "the investments company".
In Poland there are no laws or regulations about a minimum amount to deal in order to be "market maker" or "investments company".
Their targets are the customers outside Poland: France, GB,Spain, Germany, but also Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Greece and others.
Their "bussiness" is like fishing. They use the standard MT4 quote, but as slave and the "market maker" as master. So you put the money on the normal MT4 quote (and you're not alone to do so), say 1000 usd and they simply make a bid/offer for 10 usd on the "market maker" master, just enough to take out your (and the others) stop loss. Wow! an unexpected low volatility!
As I said, like fishing !