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Updated: Oct 18, 2018
2.644 · 195 REVIEWS
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February 2011:  The website appears to be blocked in the USA.

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FBS are forex brokers. FBS offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile forex online trading top platforms. FBS.com offers over 80 forex pairs, gold, silver, other metals, and CFDs for your personal investment and trading options.

FBS.com (Finance Brokerage Services)


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FBS.com (Finance Brokerage Services) profile provided by FBS Official Rep, Oct 1, 2018

FBS is an international broker with more than 190 countries of presence. 9 000 000 traders and 370 000 partners have already chosen FBS as their preferred Forex company. We work since 2009 and provide fast and honest services.

Working with us is easy, convenient and, most of all, profitable. We are happy to offer exclusive terms unprecedented in the Forex market.

To provide the best customer experience we organize seminars and special events, providing our clients with training materials, cutting-edge trading technologies and the latest strategies on the Forex market. Both newbie and professional traders will find these sessions useful.

If you prefer to choose the best for yourself, FBS is just right for you. We even launched a COPYTRADE app which allows you to earn money both by copying a successful trader and by having people invest in your trading.

Once a client of FBS – always a client of FBS.

Unique trading conditions for traders:
• Minimal deposit of $1
• Spread starting from -1 pip
• Leverage up to 1:3000
• 35 currency pairs, 4 metals, 3 CFD, 4 cryptocurrencies
• Split-second execution
• No requotes
• Minimal order volume of 0.01 lot
• Quotes precision of 0.00001
• Trade with any advisors or strategies
• Customer support in 15 languages
• Deposits and withdrawals via Visa/Mastercard, Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Perfect Money, Fasapay; Local Indonesian banks: Bank Central Asia, Mandiri, Bank Negara Indonesia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, OCBC NISP; Thai banks: Krungthai Bank, Krungsri Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Bangkok Bank; Vietnamese bank: Vietcombank. Lots of exchangers in different countries

Permanent promotions:
• $50 bonus
• $123 bonus
• 100% bonus on each deposit
• Cashback up to $7 per 1 lot
• Guaranteed iPhone X gift for a deposit of $5000 and 500 traded lots
• Guaranteed lucky T-shirt for a deposit of $500 or more
• VIP membership
• VPS Service

Partner program:
• $10 commission on EUR/USD
• Monthly partner bonus up to $3000
• 3 levels of payments (15% from 2nd level partners and 5% from 3rd level partners)
• iPartner contest with prestigious prizes

• Most Promising Broker 2018
• Best Forex Broker Asia 2018
• Best Investor Education 2017
• Best FX IB Program

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2.644 · 195 REVIEWS
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Oct 5, 2018,
Registered user

Payment not refunded and customer service is hopeless and robot like!


I am a VIP member as they say but they treat me like a regular customer, my account number is 482090

there are reasons,why this broker doesnt provide phone support, why they dont have points of escalation, they are a cheat broker, i have been with them for more that 3 years and yet they are unsupported.
the customer support of this broker is extremely hopeless, I have a case ongoing since 13th august where i made the below 2 withdrawals

24796584 482090 $ -201.50 2018-08-14 13:08:30

24681676 482090 $ -201.14 2018-08-13 17:59:01

one transaction was credited, the other was.

RRN 000033653449 was credited in my bank & RRN 822507578888 is still not credited!

The confirmation they were providing me with is for the one that has already been credited, I have no issues with that transaction, My concern is the second transaction that hasnt been done. My request is very clear Provide me with the payment confirmation from your payment provider for RRN 822507578888

They provided me repeatedly with a transaction proof from the card payment processor which has already been done, I didnt need it, I needed it for RRN 822507578888 since the card processor wasnt giving ARN numbers.

They told me to wait 45 days. I waited and then i sent them the bank statement where only 1 refund is processed from 13th august till 28th September. i sent this to them they acknowledged and now they are saying the payment is already done, please check with the bank.. i have already checked with he bank they sent an email confirmation that they cant track the second RRN

im tired of repeating myself to the customer service asked for a supervisor, they arent transferring, the names of the people i dealt with are Susan, Johana and eve actually unable to understand and just keep stretching the situation

I am sure that they have messed up somewhere with one payment, its not about USD 200

i have deposited more than 9000 USD just this year alone.

I am still waiting for the refund of this order been more than 50 days

The Financial department will contact Cardpay regarding your transaction #17572911 / 24681676.
Once the confirmation has been provided we will send it to you by e-mail.

this is what they say on oct 3rd

Please be kindly informed that we have contacted with the mediator payment system (Cardpay) in order to double check the status of your payment.

I would like to also clarify that we are talking about transaction #24681676 for the amount of -201.14 $ (which can not be found in your banking statement.

then they send me the same confirmation they sent me on sept 19th on OCT 4th

Payment order ID: 246135611
Refund order ID: 246151251
Authorization code: 767535
RRN number: 822507578888
Card number: 464452...0384
Cardholder's name: *
Refund date: 08.13.2018
Refund amount: 200 USD

this is just going in circle and over again. with the hopeless customer service repeating themselves like robots not understanding the situation.

RRN 822507578888 is still not credited! to my account
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Oct 8, 2018:
Dear Sir!
First an foremost, we would like to remind you that all kinds of withdrawal confirmations were sent to you. This withdrawal confirmations have RRN which allows bank to track the payment and proves that the funds were sent from FBS side.
Also, please, kindly check the last payment confirmation that was sent to you on 05.10.2018 via e-mail. In the provided confirmation the highlighted part is Authentication code which means that the funds has reached the issue-bank, since this code is generated by issue-bank itself. The payment system Card Pay has checked and confirmed that the transaction has been successful (auth code - 76**35). Also in your bank statement we couldn't but notice the refund dated by 13/08/18-28/09/2018 (refund ID - 24***1251). It is possible that in your bank statement the transactions 24***1251 (200 USD) and 24***0595 (200.36 USD) are shown as: "14/08/2018 13000 Credit REV PSPFBS.COM 14/08/2018 122.792 KWD" (around 400.36 USD). All currency exchange is possible on the issue-bank side in case the trading account currency differs from the bank account account currency.
Oct 3, 2018,
Registered user

Be aware

They stole my money two times in a day
One of them
They opened my pending buy stop was on 1194 they opened it on 1194.35 with reason (gap up) and this price wasn't happen on 28/9/2018

Second one they opened my buy stop to it was placed on 1192 they opened it at 1192.3 and this price never happened in 28/9 at 19:50
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Oct 5, 2018:
Dear Sir!
Regarding your #1385414501 order (buy stop), please, kindly let us quote the Investopedia here:
"A buy stop order instructs a broker to purchase a security when it hits a strike price that is higher than the current spot price. Once the price hits that strike, the buy stop becomes a market order, fillable at the next available price. This type of order can apply to stocks, derivatives, forex or a variety of other tradable instruments". Which means that the Buy Stop order will be opened as soon as the price crosses the set level, though it doesn't mean that the order should open exactly at the set price.
Here are the ticks of your #1385414501 order opening:
Date, time ; bid ; ask
28.09.2018 20:42:24 ; 1193,15 ; 1193,60
28.09.2018 20:42:28 ; 1193,10 ; 1193,55
28.09.2018 20:42:29 ; 1193,15 ; 1193,60
28.09.2018 20:42:35 ; 1193,20 ; 1193,65
28.09.2018 20:42:35 ; 1193,15 ; 1193,60
28.09.2018 20:42:35 ; 1193,20 ; 1193,65
28.09.2018 20:42:35 ; 1193,15 ; 1193,60
28.09.2018 20:42:36 ; 1193,20 ; 1193,65
28.09.2018 20:42:36 ; 1193,15 ; 1193,60
28.09.2018 20:42:37 ; 1193,20 ; 1193,65
28.09.2018 20:42:37 ; 1193,15 ; 1193,60
28.09.2018 20:42:37 ; 1193,25 ; 1193,70
28.09.2018 20:42:38 ; 1193,20 ; 1193,65
28.09.2018 20:42:38 ; 1193,25 ; 1193,70
28.09.2018 20:42:41 ; 1193,30 ; 1193,75
28.09.2018 20:42:44 ; 1193,50 ; 1193,95
28.09.2018 20:42:44 ; 1193,75 ; 1194,35
28.09.2018 20:42:44 ; 1193,70 ; 1194,15
28.09.2018 20:42:44 ; 1193,50 ; 1193,95
28.09.2018 20:42:44 ; 1193,60 ; 1194,05
As you may see, there were no price you have set the level for, but there was a price higher than that level. Thus, the order has been opened according to the market rules.
As for your #1385835486 order opened at the price 1192.30 our Technical Department has checked the log-files and found out that this order is a market order (buy), which has been executed exactly at the price requested by you.
Kyle Jacobs,
Cape Town, South Africa,
Sep 26, 2018,
Registered user

huge scam broker alert

Hi there

I just would like to lay a complain against this broker fbs , reason why , I was in profit and I decided I wanted to close the trade and as I closed the trade I get a invalid error message and all of the sudden I see my account is completely wipe out !!! I don't understand what they did because I was in profit and then just as I wanted to close the trade the whole account is wiped , Someone please look into this matter I am more than happy to provide you with the account details , I am beginning to think that this broker stole my money and that they might be a huge scam.

Thanks in advance
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Sep 28, 2018:
Dear Sir!

First and foremost we would like to remind you that in case of any disputable trading situation a client can write a claim to our e-mail support@fbs.com for checking the issue.

We have considered your comment about bespoken order (USDJPY, Buy Stop, 9 lots, 1:1000 leverage), consulted with the server data, checked its log-files and come to the following conclusion.

Please, kindly note that at 21:00 MetaTrader time on 26.09.2018 was the release time of several highly important news pieces in USA, that had an extremely remarkable impact on the financial market, particularly on all currency pairs with USD. You can check the information about news releases with the Calendar published on our site: https://fbs.com/analytics/calendar?calendarPeriod=26.09.2018%2C26.09.2018&CalendarSearch%5Bcurrencies%5D%5B%5D=5&CalendarSearch%5Bcurrencies%5D%5B%5D=7 (the aforementioned news pieces are as follows: https://prnt.sc/kzpfk3 )

The mentioned news pieces have caused very high volatility in the market at 21:00 and further, which resulted in abrupt price movements. You can prove this fact with the chart in MetaTrader 4 for USDJPY: http://prntscr.com/kzpmso

Considering your USDJPY order, we would like to draw your attention that according to the log files there was no order to close the deal from your side, unfortunately. We would like to mention, that when current loss of all open orders on a trading account exceeds the allowed limit, a Stop Out event occurs, i.e. your margin level becomes less than 20%. In this case, the server will close your order automatically with the comment “so:…./…/…”.

Example: so: 16.3%/146.7/900 – the order was closed by stop out (where 16.3% is the margin level at the time of order closure, 146.7 – remaining funds at the time of order closure, 900 – margin).

According to the Customer Agreement:
3.6.2. The Company is entitled to mandatory closing of a Client’s open positions without prior notification of the latter one, if Margin level is lower than 20% of the necessary margin for maintaining open positions.

This is exactly how your order was executed.

This sharp price movement in an unfavourable direction caused your account balance to reach Stop Out level, that is why the system closed your order automatically in order to prevent your account balance from going negative.
Also, we would like to remind you that news trading is one of the most risky strategies on Forex as it bears high risks of losses.

It is more so since you have opened an order with such big order volume and used quite big leverage, which only increases risks.

We are deeply sorry that you have faced such situation and highly recommend you to take the risks into account.
Thank you for your understanding!
Jack C,
Pretoria, South Africa,
Sep 22, 2018,
Registered user


FBS is a SCAM BROKER!!! Please do not register with them as you will see the review is all bad news please please!!! Don't join I have a lot a can say about them but the reviews said it all thank you world for exposing this fake company
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Sep 24, 2018:
Hello Sir!

We would greatly appreciate it if you provide your account number and explain your situation.

All of our reviews are replied to and clients are helped, we will be happy to help and check on your situation as well.

Thank you and have a great day!
FBS Official
Sep 18, 2018,
Registered user

Stay away from FBS if you a trader. They are silent theft.

Hello. FBS scam..scam..scam

First of all, do not trade with this shit brooker. I never experienced brooker like this one before. After 12 years of my trading experienced, this brooker was the shit one. Number one bad rank in my list. You will lost your money. Confirm.
They know how to trick you with its mt4. Its seems that they can control the movement of the chart and they also know the place you placed your orders. They try to trick you. The price movement sometimes goes up and down drastically eventough there was no fx or big news. 15 k usd lost with this brooker is my worse nightmare. Sometime the mt4 also offline during trading session. I am not provoc anybody but you may try this fucking shit brooker if you not believe me. Support are good. Deposit and withdrawal also great. But...to win big in this brooker, it is hard and impossible. They will answer you and ask you to provide your account number and acting like they are friendly and could fixed everything. Go to hell to this brooker. Can they fixed our lost and return our money they took from us? Just talk and try to make other traders believe that they are good. Cheater

For my conclusion, we better go somewhere and trade with others scam brooke than to trade with FBS. FBS was just a good actor. Last time, i experienced trade with one of the brooker that was marked as a scam, but untill now i am still get paid and also wins trades for many times. Seldom loose. Not like this one. Big liar. Ib who introduce me to this brooker before, you must sleep in hell now. I ask help and guided from you but you change both of your contact number. Now you gone. Maybe gone to hell. Hopefully.

Sep 9, 2018 - 1 Star Please dont use this brooker. You cannot win the trade. They are silent theft. Find other brookers.

Their admin always say sorry when things bad happen to your account. Simply like that? Sorry for millions times not worth if your funds already wiped out. Mt4 always problem and offline. They wiped your profit and easily made your account mc. This is f***ing brooker. Please dont throw your money into this brooker. 100% scam in silent mode. The spread also too high. No chance to won the trades. I am scalper. I already lost 10k usd plus to this brooker. The brooker smile now. They won.
They said will help us. Help with what? Sorry..they onlyhelp us with lost and lost.

For those who not agree with me, you may try. Dont use demo account. Trade their real account. Its a sure the will wiped your money. Its seem that they can control the mt terminal which you use to trade. And..when you complain, they simply said that a server error and say sorry but our money wiped out already. Give big f*** to mr IB whom introduce this suck brooker to me before. Promote brooker which is not real to make money.

Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Sep 11, 2018 Dear Sir,

Can you kindly provide us with you account number and let us know which situation you are referring to. We'll be happy to check on this for you.

We are sorry to hear you've got some issues with us.

FBS Official
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Sep 20, 2018:
Dear Lolipop

Once again, we kindly ask you to provide your account number, as we have no idea who you are, what happened to your account or what you are referring to.

We see that you are upset, and would genuinely like to check on this claim for you.

Foul language and repeatedly calling us a scam does not help other traders when they read this review, I find it a bit odd and slightly suspicious that you came back to update your review, yet you refused for some reason to provide your account number.

Please, provide your account number so that we can follow up on your claim, otherwise, I kindly ask Forex Peace Army representatives to remove this review, because the review is misleading and provides no concrete claim.

Thank you
FBS Official
Sep 18, 2018,

FBS steal your money! Account Nº 1847741

I started with a deposit of 25 dollars and after some trades I managed to earn 100 dollars. So far so good, but when making the request for loot that the torment began.
I've been more than a week just to release the withdrawal request, that's absurd. They invent necessary documents and until they exist to make withdrawal difficult.
The client support is useless because they do not solve their problem and throw the blame on the financier. Poor service!
If you are interested in opening an account with FBS, open only the bonus accounts and never deposit money in this company. If it is difficult to draw only 100 dollars imagine who has large accounts. I also believe that you will not be able to recover your profits from the bonus account, but at least the money deposited will not be yours.
I have already sent numerous scanned documents and nothing has confirmed the request for withdrawal.
For now my honest opinion and tip is: stay away from FBS!
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Sep 20, 2018:
Dear Sir!

As far as wee see in our system, you have four successful withdrawals on 1847741 account on 18.09.2018 (15$), 19.09.2018 (5$), 19.09.2918 (5$) and 19.09.2018 (81.90$).

Please, kindly take into consideration that according to the Customer Agreement a client can withdraw funds from his/her account only to those payment systems which have been used for deposit (p.5.2.1).
Also, if an account was funded via debit or credit card, a card copy is required to process a withdrawal. The copy must contain the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits of the card number, cardholder’s name, expiry date and cardholder’s signature (p.5.2.7.).

Since you have deposited via card, during the first withdrawal you were asked to provide us with the copy of the card to prove its validity as well as to prove that it belongs to you.

Next, we would like to inform you, that Visa/Mastercard is a payment system, that allows only a refund of the deposited funds.
This means that you can withdraw via card only the sum not exceeding the sum of your deposit (up to 100% of the initial deposit can be withdrawn back to the card).
The amount over the initial deposit (profit) can be withdrawn to other payment system.
Also, this means that withdrawal should be processed proportionally to the deposited sums.

Thus, the company acted strictly according to the Customer Agreement and payment system requirements.

Regarding the bonus funds, we would like to assure you that there are thousands of clients who has successfully withdrawn profit from trading on the bonus funds. You can try it yourself. Though we strictly recommend to read promotion conditions beforehand (they can be found in your Personal Area on the page of the promotion).

We hope we have managed to clarify the issue!
Sep 13, 2018,
Registered user

Dirty practices of FBS

Ok, first things first.. I had a good experience when I joined this website.. Everything was good when I was trading technicals coz there is no much a broker can cheat on that. For a while, I thought about why this broker has bad reviews on forex peace army while I get a peaceful experience But, When I trade fundamentals its the opposite. I mean the worst ever experience I got from this broker is the dirty practices of increasing spreads,slippages etc.

MY pending order always moves at least 100 points from my entered market price..I see no good broker does this. This is unacceptable. I placed my order at 0.71850 why does it move to 0.71956. That's crazy man.. Ok few pips of gap I can understand but this much big gap of 100 points. Are you kidding me?

While my other STP broker account got opened at the same price where I placed the buy stop order. I want FBS to reimburse my losses or profits as my pending order was placed correctly. Please don't explain to me about gaps I know what it is..But, This is quite unnatural gaps. Do something about it.. Stop the dirty practices of opening orders in gaps.
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Sep 17, 2018:
Dear Sir!

We have considered your claim about bespoken pending order (AUDUSD, Buy Stop), consulted with the server data, checked its log-files and come to the following conclusion.

Please, kindly note that 04:30 MetaTrader time on 13.09.2018 was the release time of highly important news pieces in Australia, that had an extremely remarkable impact on the financial market, particularly on all currency pairs with Australian Dollar. You can check the information about news releases with the Calendar published on our site: https://fbs.com/analytics/calendar?calendarPeriod=13.09.2018%2C13.09.2018&CalendarSearch%5Bcurrencies%5D%5B%5D=1&CalendarSearch%5Bcurrencies%5D%5B%5D=5

The mentioned news pieces have caused very high volatility in the market at 04:30 and further, which resulted in significant spread widening, abrupt price movements, and huge price gaps. You can prove this fact with the chart in MetaTrader 4 for AUDUSD: https://prnt.sc/kvdz11
Considering your AUDUSD orders, which is Buy Stop order, we would like to remind you, that according to the Customer Agreement:
4.5.2. In the cases of price gaps order execution is determined by the following rules:
d) “Buy Stop” and “Sell Stop” pending orders are executed at the first quote after the price gap. In such a case a note is added to the comments (started/gap);

This is exactly how your order was executed.
You have made a Buy Stop order at a level of 0.71860. Unfortunately, since the order was created right before the news release, the requested price has got in the gap and, therefore, the order has been opened at the first quote right after this price gap.

Please, kindly take into consideration that gaps are natural for the Forex Market. You can read more about gaps in this article - https://www.investopedia.com/walkthrough/forex/trading-strategies/short-term/gap.aspx

Gaps are especially frequent during the news release, at the time of Market opening (on Monday) as well as at the time of low market liquidity.

We would like to remind you that news trading is one of the most risky strategies on Forex as it bears high risks of losses.

We hope that we have managed to resolve this issue and thank you for your understanding!
Nairobi, Kenya,
Sep 12, 2018,
Registered user

FBS is a scam. Keep off.

Fbs has scammed me my money, both my deposit and the profits made from one trade taken on Friday 7th September 2018.

Currently there are no available funds in my account, despite making a deposit of $1301 and making a profit of $ 5047.98. My account balance was $6357.36 but the funds were deducted from the account and the balance changed to 0.

After contacting fbs, they claimed that i had accumulated a debt of $6357.36 (never heard of such a thing in my 10 years trading career!) through negative balance protection and that's why the money was debited from my account, even without receiving any official notification regarding the same from them. This came as a shock because there was no communication from them about abuse of negative balance protection, and was not made aware of any debts that were accumulating. When i made a good profit, the debts arose. Very convinient,right? Also note that i have made over 10 deposits, and no money was deducted from those deposits.

I cannot access my funds. This broker is a scam. Keep off if you value your money..
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Sep 17, 2018:
Hello Sir!

We would like to clarify the whole situation here.
First and foremost, we would like to draw your attention to the fact, that the client has already contacted our customer support and received an explicit explanation of the situation.

Please, kindly be notified that FBS company has acted strictly according to the Customer Agreement, which we would like to prove in the following reply.

As a big broker FBS company always takes into consideration clients’ wishes. Thus, for example, we do not prohibit news trading and in most cases fix our clients’ balances up to zero if they become negative. Unfortunately, some clients consider this as the possibility for fraudulent trading schemes.

First of all, we would like to inform that to our regret this is not the first time the client has abused the Balance Fixed option. On 24.05.2018 the client Mary Wangari Wamuyu has received the message that a fraudulent activity has been registered on her account with the following content:
“We are contacting you regarding your FBS account.
Please kindly note that the system noticed suspicious activity on your account which falls under the regulations of the Customer agreement 3.6.5
According to the company regulations, the debt payment for abusing the Balance Fixed option was claimed from your accounts. The debt payment is 119,85 USD.
Please take a note of the following conditions in the Client agreement.
3.6.5. When after a mandatory position closure the Client account has a negative balance, compensation is added to the account, which sets the account to zero. However in special cases (when the Company considers Client’s actions as intentional) the Company reserves the right to claim a debt payment from the Client.”

Nevertheless, the client has continues using extremely risky news trading strategy. This strategy is allowed. Though in this case the client used not only news trading strategy, but also opened unreasonably risky orders with high leverage (1:2000) and big order volume on a regular basis. Thus, the client abused Balance Fixed condition on her accounts. Please, kindly let us repeat once again that most of the orders were intentionally opened by the client right during the news release, when the Market situation is the most unstable, which increased risks.

Here are the examples of the Mary Wangari Wamuyu’s bespoken orders:
Order 1755759956 (lot volume 18.30), 10.08.2018 (15:29), USDCAD, balance fixed (90,27$).
Order 1756155649 (lot volume 14), 16.08.2018 (11:29), GBPUSD, balance fixed (1007,20$).
Order 1757165352 (lot volume 18.11), 30.08.2018 (15:29), USDCAD, balance fixed (5049,76$).
Order 1757299979 (lot volume 4), 03.09.2018 (11:29), GBPUSD, balance fixed (196$).

Our Economic Calendar can prove that the orders were opened during the release of highly important news pieces.

In a case like this, when it is obvious, that a client intentionally abuses Balance Fixed condition, according to the Customer Agreement the Company reserves the right to claim the debt payment from the Client (p.3.6.5.). This is exactly what has happened in client’s case: the debt payment in amount of 6357.36$ for abusing the Balance Fixed option was claimed from the client’s accounts.

We hope that we have managed to clarify this situation.
Canada, Canada,
Sep 11, 2018,
Registered user

FBS is marking up the spread behind the scene to make up for 0 commision

I normally judge a broker by asking a very difficult question and see how they handle it. This FBS, I was getting immediate loss of 170$ on usdzar pair which has the pip value of 0.6 on a standard lot. The spread was shown as 201 (in points), which means 20 pips and 0.6*20= -12. The support person kept going round and round and sending link after link to see that spread is 20. Well i know that you "stable genius". But the cost is wrong. I literally have to sit for 30 mins and tutor him how the spread works. When ran out of all the arguments he could throw at me, he said pleas submit your request at support@fbs.com ..... I thought yeah that will be quicker.
I dont understand where these support persons are coming from or they even have trading knowledge.
Anyhow, Rule of thumb, when broker tries to waste time like this by sending links and pages and hope that you will stop talking, you imagine the time when you will do it again for your real money. Seems to me they are marking up the spread behind the scene.
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Sep 17, 2018:
Dear Sir!
We would like to apologize that your question wasn't answered in full manner during your conversation with our customer support agent. In his excuse kindly let us inform you that links are used in order for each client to get the needed information as soon as possible and to introduce a client to the web pages where he/she can easily find the information next time.
Though, we have checked the chat with the bespoken agent and would like to disagree with your statement that he was sending you link after link, since the link has been sent to you only once in the beginning of the chat.
Also, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that on our site the point value is shown.
As for the spread, indeed, the spread value on the site is given for the 3-digit quotes. We would like to thank you for your comment, the value will be corrected in the short term.
As far as we see, this is where the misunderstanding came from. Unfortunately, we failed to find the connection between the customer support agent's answer and marking up the spread, but would like to assure you that the company has informed client about all the possible marking up on our site as well, which is: the chart price for Cent and Standard accounts differs from the real market price by 0.1 pip, due to the characteristics of MetaTrader4 (you can find this information here - https://fbs.com/trading/specs?account=standard). No other marking up is performed.
Thank you once again for the provided information, hope we have managed to resolve all the misunderstandings.
Sep 10, 2018,
Registered user

Lack of info dissemination and high gaps.

I have a lot of issues with FBS. But first, let me tell you why I continued trading with them even if there are quite some downsides with them.

They have the highest leverage I know. For small traders like me, 1:2000 and 1:3000 leverage is definitely very useful especially if you are a scalper or high volume trader without big capital. Their withdrawals "used to be fast" until recently. I will explain more later.

Now, on to the downsides --- Execution of trades is slow, like it would take several seconds before the trade is executed and by that time, the price is no longer the entry you actually took. (ex. you place an order for EURUSD at 1.1560, it will be triggered 1.1561 or 1.1559, you get the idea), next, the slippage is UNACCEPTABLE. We are all aware of slippages and high volatility especially during news. So, I was trading the news on Aug 30, CAD GDP and it went the other way as I predicted, but I had stop loss in place to secure my account. 10-15 pip slippage is acceptable, but 37 PIPS???! Freaking no way. I contacted their support and I got a prompt email saying that under their company rules, GAPS ARE NORMAL. So I let it go since there is really nothing much I can do.

So I accepted that gaps are part of trading with FBS and there's nothing I can do, except switch brokers which I did not want because no other broker offers the same high leverage. A few days after my loss, I recovered and was able to make enough money to request for withdrawal. To my surprise, BANK WITHDRAWALS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. I checked my email if there was notification regarding it, but no emails were sent to inform us beforehand. I only knew it the exact time i was about to withdraw. I ended up withdrawing thru Perfect Money but it was so fast, less than 30 mins that I thought, "ok this will do".

Then, I withdraw again last Friday. around 5 hours before market closed. I wasn't informed regarding their financial department's working hours. But I got a pop up message saying that 30 mins max is the processing time so I though everything is ok. But then the market closed and weekend came and I did not receive my money. I was informed it will be processed Monday.

Today, Monday, I spoke to a guy named Russell whose answers came across as arrogant. I mean, I was of course impatient since I waited the whole weekend to get my money when I am really needing it. And clients are not really properly informed of their financial department's operating hours. So I spoke to him about that, and the lack of information dissemination about the bank wire withdrawal, but he answered me, "and you were informed still". Duh? I was informed the very minute I was about to withdraw. Not beforehand.

Anyway, I withdrew my money. I don't know if I am still going to trade with FBS. They are good in terms of bonuses and leverages, but the lack of info dissemination, arrogant support guy, and the gaps and execution times are holding me back from trading with them again.
Reply by FBS Official Rep submitted Sep 12, 2018:
Dear Madam!
Thank you for choosing us!
Please, kindly be noted that your chat with Russel has been checked and the matter has been discussed, thank you for the provided information, we are woking on improvement of our customer support.
Also, we would like to inform you that for clients' convenience we have launched the Help Centre, where a client can find answers to the most popular questions (including the question about Financial Departmet working hours). Here is the link - https://fbshelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000271005-How-long-does-it-take-to-withdraw-my-funds-

We would like to draw your attention that this information is also provided in our FAQ section on our website - https://fbs.com/faq/246

As for the bank wire, please, kindly be informed that in a short time new bank will be introduced to make wire transfer transactions more convenient and faster for the customers. Till that time we recommend you to use other payment systems.

Regarding slow order execution, please, kindly take notice that the time of the order processing depends on the connection between the client terminal and the Company’s server, as well as on the current market conditions. During regular market hours the order processing time usually is 1 to 5 seconds. In irregular market conditions, the processing time can last longer.
In case of slow orders execution, please, try to rescan the servers. To do this, left-click on the green-and-red icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your trading platform and choose “Rescan servers”.

Also, considering the bespoken order, kindly let us to repeat here the reply that was sent to you by our customer support agent:
The order #1090299539 was closed with the comment [sl/gap] [sl].
Unfortunately, the Stop Loss level set by you for these order has got into price gap, therefore it has been closed at the first quote after the price gap.
Gaps are sharp breaks in price with no trading occurring in between. In the forex market gaps primarily occur over the weekend. Gaps may also occur on very short timeframes such as a one-minute chart or immediately following a major news announcement.
Take into consideration the following conditions in case of gap according to the Client's Agreement:
4.5.2. In the cases of price gaps order execution is determined by the following rules:
c) “Stop Loss” order with a level in the price gap is executed at the first quote after a price gap. In such a
case a note is added to the comments (sl/gap);
A stop order becomes a market order when the price of the stop order has been reached (or exceeded which, unfortunately, often happens at the time of a news data release).
As a broker we can only close the stop order at the first available price (first price available for us according to the quotes given by our luquidity providers).

Please, kindly take into consideration that gaps are normal not just according to Company rules, but for the Forex Market in general. You can read more about gaps in this article - https://www.investopedia.com/walkthrough/forex/trading-strategies/short-term/gap.aspx

Also, we would like to remind you that news trading is one of the most risky strategies on Forex as it bears high risks of losses.
We hope that we have managed to resolve this issue and wish you successful trading with FBS!
FBS Official