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Updated: Dec 13, 2018
3.395 · 250 REVIEWS
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Pepperstone is an online forex broker. Pepperstone offers the MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, MT Mobile, and WebTrader trading currency top platform. Pepperstone.com offers over 20 currency pairs, gold, and silver for your personal investment and trading options.


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Pepperstone.com profile provided by Phil Horner, Aug 31, 2015

Pepperstone Group is an execution-only forex and CFD broker that provides trading solutions sophisticated enough for veteran traders, yet simple enough for the forex novice. Pepperstone assists retail and institutional investors in using forex and other instruments as an asset class and part of their investment objectives. We strive to offer the best trading platforms with access to low-cost pricing, reliable trading infrastructure, fast execution and exceptional client support. Pepperstone offers direct access to multiple destinations of liquidity in the forex markets without the usual burdens of a deal desk which had previously been unavailable to the retail investor. With spreads starting from 0.1 pips, over 70 tradable instruments across 7 different trading platforms, it's no wonder Pepperstone is Australia's leading FX Broker. 


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3.395 · 250 REVIEWS
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Melbourne, Australia,
Dec 4, 2018,

Pepperstone may be losing thousand's to save hundred's.

Pepperstone wouldn't let me delete my pepperstone profile so I could open new pepperstone profile using affiliate link. Pepperstone doesn't have outstanding review star average on forex peace army. So I will not be trading with pepperstone.
Nov 23, 2018,
Registered user

pathetic broker

ive been quite ok with this broker for maybe 5-6 years but recently i had an issue that now places them in bucketshop territory.

they are going downhill fast.

even trying to cancel my 2 accounts - they ignore me - which is NOT good enough.

stay away from them
Nov 20, 2018,

Be aware, This broker does not offer true ECN account. Their razor account is not an ECN account.
Nov 3, 2018,
Registered user

One of the best but not gain my fully trust

I've been with them for 1 year. I can say that it is one of the best broker. I trust them because of the background of ASIC regulation.
The deposit and withdrawal showed no problem to me , in fact the process was getting better.
The placement of order showed no problem to me (razor account) maybe because of I'm using pending orders. Comissions and swap was fair comparing to other brokers.
However, as I learn deeper to the market I realized that despite how impressing they are , Pepperstone isn't a broker I trust the most.
I wish to trade arbitrage system , namely triangular hedging and carrytrade.. which will turn forex trading into investing which is very low risk but can yield 5-15% monthly. Both strategies are well-known amoung brokers especially b-book brokers.
All the b-books will terminate the order or ban your account upon recognise what you're doing. While genuine A-book brokers don't care , they earn profit from swap and comission , they don't care which strategy you're using.
Of course i have talked to the account manager . He stated clearly that both strategies are not allowed(clearly b-book manner).
This made me decide to leave Pepperstone despite the fact I still love them but I can't keep myself trading with the broker that i don't trust the most.
I'm now trading with a bank-grade broker.
Oct 30, 2018,
Registered user

Liked the trading platform, but since I tried to withdraw some money, I am having a horrible experience with Pepperstone.

Requested a withdrawal on 20th of September, and is still not received! (now more than a month later).

Support is not really helping, the chat does not have access to accounts, so they can not help me on this level and are telling me to come back at me via email, which they did not do halve of the times I requested support to get an update on this issue.

E-mail support is telling me the funds are stuck at my bank's side, and I should ask my bank. I contacted my bank, and they tell me this is not possible, the sender is fully responsible until received. Pepperstone sent me a confirmation of the payment, so I went to my bank again, but they told me again that they can not verify the payment in any way, and this is not needed if the payment was successfully sent and received by my bank.

Now I am stuck in between, my money is lost and no one is taking responsibilty! For some reason I trust my bank more than Pepperstone.
Reply by Martin submitted Nov 2, 2018:
Thank you for the feedback from your recent withdrawal experience.

At this stage, what would be best is if you emailed your bank and cc'd in our email address about your withdrawal. This way we can start a direct dialogue with your bank to hopefully sort this issue out for you.

Our sincerest apologies for the delay and we always do what we can to ensure you receive your withdrawals as fast and as efficiently as we can process
Laurent T.,
Luxembourg, Luxembourg,
Oct 27, 2018,
Registered user



Last week i have some trouble with filing order with Ctrader with limit order on several pairs:

Limit Price for XTIUSD was 70.66 and was filled only at 70.11
Limit Price for XBRUSD was 80.2 and was filled only at 79.70
Limit Price for XBRUSD was 80.2 and was filled only at 79.96

who has generated some losses for my account (-2k)

these orders are limit order but seems that broker filled based on market order who make no sence for client as me, could you please clarify or see what is going on as some other brokers who use same technology Ctrader are able to respect a rule like limit order.

thanks in advance

Kind regards,


Aug 8, 2018 - 2 Stars I have bad experience with some trades recently as i have put limit order with specific prices on trades but was recorded as market order and loose money on this transaction, be carefull

Reply by Martin submitted Aug 20, 2018 Hi Laurent,

Thank you for your feedback. Apologies if the service you received did not live up to expectations.

Please note that though all pending orders are pending market orders. For all order types there is no way we can guarantee fills at the given level. Although you may be looking to execute at a certain price, the market may have moved significantly or liquidity exhausted, in which instance your order would be filled at the next best price or the fair market value.
Peru, Peru,
Oct 26, 2018,
Registered user

Bitcoin CFD price manipulation

I opened and account with them in August.
Everything was ok until I opened a short Bitcoin trade.
They hunted the stop loss creating and spike in price between October 25,2018 0:30-1:00 am server time.
This spike never happened in other bitcoin exchange as you can see and I would be free money if someone shorted this because it was a false price.
I summitted a Trade Investigation Form and they say their liquidity provider set the price and they have no fault.
Well, that may be true, so I infer their liquidity providers hunt stop losses and manipulate prices in low volumes markets ,as Bitcoin, when there are few traders to see it and if there is any Expert Advisor that take advantage of it they cancel their trades.
I would like to add images but dont know if is posible here
Just leaving record of what happened and hope they improve. Will keep trading with them until I close the remaining trades if they don't solve it and let me mantain my Bitcoint shorts
Is a shame because they seemed really profesional until this hapenned hope they do it again in the markets I am in.
Reply by Martin submitted Nov 2, 2018:
Hey Jose,

Thank you for your feedback.

Part of the reason for the difference between the price feeds and bitcoin exchanges is that when you trade cryptos with Pepperstone you are trading derivative contracts - not the actual coin.

The prices of the contracts do depend on pricing providers rather than price feeds from exchanges. As such, during periods where few pricing providers are online (such as at the end of the day) there can be more volatility in the price than would be seen in the actual bitcoin market.

Nevertheless, we appreciate your feedback about our liquidity and will work to provider better trading conditions for our clients going forward.
turkey, Turkey,
Oct 25, 2018,
Registered user

pepperstone kötü broker

i did the usdcad operation
pepperstone against customer
price does not allow processing
always against the customer

pepperstone bad broker

price available but not processing
I am complaining
Here's the price
why didn't you process the price there
2018.10.19 15:30 1.30502 1.30622 *pending orders triggered

Below are the spreads at the time that your trades opened:

2018.10.19 15:30 1.30335 1.30409
2018.10.19 15:30 1.30376 1.30464
2018.10.19 15:30 1.30376 1.30475
2018.10.19 15:30 1.30502 1.30622 *pending orders triggered
2018.10.19 15:30 1.30588 1.30622==== Here's the price 2018.10.19 15:30:01.770 '726385': order #15054017 buy stop 0.15 USDCAD at 1.30495 activated at price1.30882
2018.10.19 15:30:01.770 '726385': order #15054021 buy stop 0.15 USDCAD at 1.30563 activated at price 1.30882 ???
2018.10.19 15:30 1.30788 1.30882 * orders executed
2018.10.19 15:30 1.30851 1.30891
2018.10.19 15:30 1.30789 1.30881
2018.10.19 15:30 1.30788 1.30880

Reply by Martin submitted Nov 2, 2018:
Hey Eroll,

What you are seeing is the slight delay between when orders are triggered and then sent to the trading servers and matched against live pricing.

The reason for what you are seeing is that we do not have instant order execution. Rather, we use market order execution at Pepperstone. This can, unfortunately, lead to slippage
United Kingdom,
Oct 24, 2018,
Registered user

Scalping solutions with Pepperstone.com,au

Opened with Pepperstone UK but was limited by 30:1 leverage as I've been using a new scalping strategy.

After speaking with their live chat team I found you could join their Australian arm by going directly to their website: pepperstone.com.AU and get 500:1

Spreads on major pairs have been solid, typically under 0.5, but do push out around roll overs and news events. But this is common for an ECN broker and they offer a spread indicator to highlight the best time to scalp.

I've been exploring their smart trader tools and really enjoying smart lines which lets you set trend lines to be stops/limits and partially exit trades. I

So far, I've found their execution great and team very helpful.
Vijay Gori,
Jamnagar, India,
Oct 23, 2018,

Scam broker with hidden spreads

Pepperstone is a lier white label company. Their standard accounts are for stoling money of innocent clients. Their price feed is totally fake. They show lower spreads in live price feeds and if you place order then there is a hidden glich (thief) of extra spread of enitre full 1 pip hidden spread. 0.5 pip extra spread in buy prize and 0.5 extra hidden in sell prize. In short they are theft. So stay away and find another reputed honest broker.
Reply by Martin submitted Nov 2, 2018:
Hi Vijay,

You may be on our Standard account, which has spreads one pip wider than our Razor account.

You are right in saying that all clients do see our raw/Razor price feed and that clients on Standard accounts are executed with our Standard spreads. The difference is that there is no commissions on Standard account trades.

If you do have a trade query we can review it for you if you reach out to support@pepperstone.com