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Updated: Mar 20, 2019
3.047 · 143 REVIEWS
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FortFS is a forex broker. Fort FS offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile currency trading top platforms. FortFS.com offers currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options.

FortFS.com (Fort Financial Services)

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3.047 · 143 REVIEWS
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United Kingdom,
Mar 13, 2019,
Registered user

ok broker, but

the company partially solved this situation. I was credited back my last deposit. however the communication is only via email. they now provided website with their working hours when they are available on the phone. but even on that website it is not clear, that they are not working over the weekend... you should just guess that.
they also contacted me on my alternative email address. I replied to them, but apparently this is not the way how it works in this company. you have to reply from your main email address...
I am not impressed with the account wiping bonuses, that caused me such a headache.
hopefully it will not be a problem with withdrawals...

Mar 8, 2019 - 1 Star first I went for the deposit bonus. I got an ea running on the account with lot of positions open. after sort of 2 weeks of trading the company suddenly decided to cancel half of my bonuses. with NO prior notice. even 10 minutes would help so I can deposit and keep my positions open.

this lead to stop out and closing all my positions. I lost of course my deposit. I deposited more funds, so I can have the ea run again. When I tried to make a withdrawal, it was not possible. I had to cancel the remaining bonuses. When I cancelled the remaining two bonuses on my account, I was left with negative balance.
not impressed.

Mar 7, 2019 - 1 Star I was provided with deposit bonus. after 2-3 weeks they just took it of me and this caused most of my positions to get closed and I lost all of my deposited funds due to marginal call. they send me an email and in the same minute the bonus has gone. no chance to deposit more to replace the bonus and keep my positions open.
Reply by Mark Miller (FortFS) submitted Mar 15, 2019:
Dear BielyKvietok,

We are glad to hear your impressions got better.

Although we have discussed this thoroughly in private correspondence with you and we have heard your position on the matter, we would like to clear up a few points for other clients who may read this review.
The bonus cancellation was performed strictly according to the bonus terms (see p.6. https://www.fortfs.com/conditions/bonuses/deposit): ”In case the amount of own funds is reduced to the amount equal to the total amount of all deposit bonuses credited into one trading account or lower, all bonuses are cancelled automatically.“
These promotion terms are not kept in secret, they are publicly available and we believe it is trader’s responsibility to ensure their account balance is sufficient for the bonus to stay active. We are sad to hear that you were disappointed in this bonus, but, once again, there were no discrepancies between deposit bonus terms and what actually happened.

We have heard your feedback on working hours not being clear enough and have corrected it on our website.

Regarding your claim that it was us, who contacted you on the alternative email – in short, this is more than unlikely for the simple reason of how would we ever know your alternative email if you had not contacted us from it first. We recommend using solely your registered email to avoid any confusion in future communication.

Our support will be happy to answer further questions should you have them. We wish you good luck in future trading!

Sincerely yours,
Md Hisham,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Mar 1, 2019,

Ok Broker

I think they are ok.  Online chat was helpful too.
Really nice to double your margin, I’m satisfied overall.

Trading terms are good, execution is ok. Withdrawal times are hit or miss , but at least they always arrive. Still trading with them., No bad experience so far.
Jan 22, 2019,
Registered user

do not lose it with this scammer broker
they will zero my account with my profits claiming that I that I made dishonest profits do not waste time with thieves I thought I had found a serious broker but I found] king or broker naughty and the worse than equal to this type of dishonest broker the market ta full I had my hard and bitter experience with this correct thieves stay well away from them if they do not want to be cheated sacamerrrrr
Reply by Mark Miller (FortFS) submitted Feb 5, 2019:
Dear wharley,

There was trading activity detected on your account aimed at getting non-market profit. In regard to this, the orders were a subject to cancellation in according with the following Trading activity performance agreement (https://static.fortfs.com/download/regulation_of_operations.pdf) paragraph:

3.21. The Company reserves the right to (…) nullify or restore the order (…) in the following cases:
3.21.2. If the order is executed with the obvious error (as the result of technical fault, non-market quote occurrence and etc.)

Sometimes clients try to obscure such fraudulent strategies, which is not even the case with you. You were clearly using a faster quotation source and all your trades were opened in the direction of the minimal delay. Thus, the orders were executed with the delayed prices, and such orders were placed by you repeatedly and clearly intentionally, including using an automated button clicker in trading terminal.
These terminal vulnerabilities are known to every broker and are constantly monitored so any attempts at abusing them will be unsuccessful. We wish you to trade honestly in future and good luck in general. You are welcome to contact our support with any further questions.

We would also like to take this opportunity to clear up where we stand on such situations for our existing and potential new clients due to the recent increase in attempts to manipulate bonuses conditions and other cases of similar fraudulent activities towards our Company and towards other brokers presented on this forum.

The main thing to take away is that if a client does not use multiple profiles to trade bonuses and does not try to cheat our verification system – he will never have problems with us. If a client’s trading strategy or EA/robot does not use quotation delays (arbitrage) – he will never have any problems with us.
Put simply, if you intend on honest trading, we welcome you at FortFS and you will enjoy an honest treatment in any situation in return. All deposits, as well as profits, for such clients are always withdrawn in full, without any questions from company’s side. It has always been like that and will always be like that, and our successful history of 8 years stands as a testament to this fact.
We are always open for the dialogue via support system and review every situation individually.

However, if you are coming to us to try to execute fraudulent strategies, abuse software vulnerabilities or game the trading/bonus system in other way, you should understand that we have a non-tolerance policy towards such attempts and that it is a waste of both your time and ours. Our team consists of experienced professionals who will detect such attempts every time.

We are proud to have been treating every client fairly throughout our long history and we intend on continuing to do so. We are thankful to every honest trader for putting their trust in us, and we will keep providing them our best service in future, just as we have been doing for 8 years.

Sincerely yours,
Anatoly M,
Russian Federation,
Jan 11, 2019,
Registered user

Fortfs continue hold my profit 10000$ ad 70000$ ib commision. More details to link my case https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/fortfs-scam.58645/

Jan 3, 2019 - 1 Star Is broker very big scam!!! They stolen my money 10000$...they just delete my all trading history!

More. Community discussion of this issue >>

Port Elizabeth, South Africa,
Dec 28, 2018,

Deceptive Deposit Bonus

They are two things about this company. They are deceptive and dismissive. They promise a generous deposit bonus, up to 150%. When you combine this with your own funds you don't get to clearly see your drawdown when trading. On the account setup they allow you to set your margin call and I set mine at 50%. With notification via the platform and email. I started trading with $500 and with the bonus I had $1250. In 3 days I added about $200 in profit . Then an interest rate announcement in the US led to heavy losses and my account went to - $747.61. One conditions of the deposit bonus is that when your own funds are "less than the sum of total of active bonuses" they cancel the bonus.

The problem is, you don't get notification that your own funds are below that of the active bonuses. There is no margin call notification - either on the platform or via email. So unless you are seating with a calculator, always subtracting your own funds from the deposit bonus, you see yourself seating safe with a good trading margin.

FortsFS support staff claim that I was sent margin call notification when my account reached 50% and I am the one guilty of ignoring it. I told them that the only email I got was the one informing me of the deposit bonus cancelation, which led to the whole account wiped out as there was no margin left to hold open positions. We argue to and fro and I then asked me to send me proof of the 'sent' margin call notification. The person I dealt with, Vladislav Oberg, sent me the body of the email and 'server log' from their server but refused to forward or send the actually email. Which would help me to see whether it was sent before or after the bonus cancelation. In other words, was it truly a margin call notification which would have allowed me to recapitalise my account?
It became clear to be by the obfuscation from Vladislav that their systems failed in terms of sending margin call notification. He just refused to take responsibility. In fact he even said the following: "We have no influence on the trading platform itself since we provide it for the clients use in exactly the same way we receive it from its developers - (http:www.metaquotes.net/). He then continued:

"I can admit that due to the rapid changes of your account balance accompanied by the heavy loading of the personal balance (own funds excluding the bonus funds) you might not have received any Margin call notification and directly got to Stop Out.
In case you want to complain about this feature of the trading terminal we can advise you to contact directly the developers of the software."

The 'feature' he referred to is the margin call notification.

I was gobsmacked because I never thought a trading account will tell a trader to contact their software developers if they had a problem with the trading platform. I can asked to escalate the issue but I was told by dealing with Vladislav I had already escalated the issue. It can't go higher and his word is final.
In subsequent emails and in a dismissive tone Vladislav insisted that I was sent the margin call notification. He wasn't prepared to forward the 'sent' email except copy the 'body' of the email - which I argued that it could have been created retrospectively.
The strange thing is that this is not the first time I traded with this time and when my account reached margin, there was not notification. I had stopped trading with them until I was attracted back by a marketing email offering the generous deposit bonus. A big mistake.
Yes, trading positively or negatively, is my responsibility but every trader needs a reliable platform and good support. Not deceptive trinkets designed to get clients while causing them to lose money. So my advise, if you are going to trade with them, don't take the deposit bonus. Also know that when run into problems, you will be met with arrogance and dismissive attitude.
Reply by Mark Miller (FortFS) submitted Jan 14, 2019:
Dear Afrika!

We do not see where exactly the deception lies. All bonus terms are very clear and can be found here: https://www.fortfs.com/conditions/bonuses/deposit. In fact, you obviously understand the terms. It is true that you need to watch your margin level to avoid stop out, but it is only natural that it is trader’s responsibility. Despite your calculator remark, additional help is provided as well – you can see the amount of your deposited funds on the account versus bonus funds in your trader’s cabinet.
If that is not something you would like to do or if trading with the bonus gets too complicated due to additional calculations – you can always opt out of it, as simple as that. Getting any bonuses is voluntary and no deception is intended whatsoever. In addition to that, we have bonuses that are fully tradeable, so you could have chosen that if you wanted protection from drawdown.

We understand that suffering losses may be frustrating but we also believe that all too often traders ignore their responsibilities to trade safely. This practice is a malicious one and can never lead to successful trading. We wish you to keep a closer look on your margin level in future trading as it is the very basic thing to do and the first thing that we always recommend.

You seem to be a little confused about the trading terminal. First of all, there is no “problem with the trading platform”. It is highly doubtful to begin with that the terminal did not give you a margin call since that would make you the only trader out of thousands with such problem. Even then, we are not the developers of the terminal, even if we provide our services through it - MetaQuotes Software is an independent company, which licenses its product to different brokers, and essentially “our” version of MT4/MT5 is no different from any other. The most we can do is report the supposed bug, of which you have no documented evidence, to them. Here is an example for you: you go to a website but your browser works with a bug. Would you complain to the site creators or the browser developers? We don’t see how you would be “gobsmacked” to learn that you should actually report the supposed browser bug to the browser developers. We hope this clears things up.

From our side we have provided all the possible information to you already but our support is at your disposal should any more questions arise.
Once again, we wish you to keep healthy margin levels and nothing but profitable trading in future!

Sincerely yours,
Imatra, Finland,
Dec 26, 2018,

Excellent broker with useful terms

Excellent for trend followers who takes big profits. Also very good for EA traders. During 2018 I already made successfully withdrawals 6 times more than I deposited. I can recommend this broker. Thank you.
md rahman,
dehli, India,
Dec 7, 2018,

decent broker

dear trader. my name md rahman.
i trade this broker for year. decent broker i want to say. i lost bank card, they help me to withdraw another way. i want binaries too but there no binaries. but forex good, i use bonuses, thank sir. some profit. no big problems and helped me with the card when some other brokers didn't help. please add binaries then 5 stars.
sorry my poor english.
london, United Kingdom,
Dec 4, 2018,
Registered user

SCAM, cannot accept giving profit.

Complete and Pure Scam, stay away like the plague, do NOT get tempted with al the so called promotions.
UNFORTUNATELY I have fallen victim to this scam company.
I made OVER $20,000 yes twenty thousand dollars in a few weeks and they have taken all of my profits.
any and every withdrawal request was refused.

I have all the statements and communications to prove.
please take my advice and avoid at all costs.
Reply by Mark Miller (FortFS) submitted Dec 14, 2018:
Dear Daeetrader!

We are confused to hear your accusations because only yesterday you have contacted us to allow you to trade with us again, which we can prove with chat logs. Surely, things must be better than described in your review if you want to get back to trading with us. You wouldn’t come back to a scam company, would you?

Unfortunately, the decision of risk-management department was made in accordance with Client agreement, is final and cannot be reverted. We are in the process of withdrawing your funds and this obligation of ours, as always, will be fulfilled.

We wish you good luck in future trading and to not leave such hasty reviews for our colleagues from other companies!

Sincerely yours,
Toronto, Canada,
Nov 29, 2018,
Registered user

FortFS Scam Broker.

Be careful when you use one of FortFS bonuses. Do not use the $75 or the $123 bonus. You can ONLY withdraw your money after 100 lots traded, and you are limited to $150 gains.

For any average trader, you will get to $150 after trading 3-4 lots. Once you get to $150 after 3-4 lots, you cannot withdraw your money, because the limit is 100 LOTS! Therefore, you spent your time gaining that profit, and FortFS will happily keep it and never give it to you.

Basically FortFS is scamming new users with the bonus. If you lose money, they win. If you win money, they win. Because the "100 lots" limit to withdraw your money will never be attained.

Be very careful with FortFS. A broker that will create an elaborate scam like this, will also do a lot of other hidden things and is not reliable. FortFS will never be a big company and a highly successful broker, because of the decisions like this that they make.

They are here to make short term money at the expense of traders. Their server is also very laggy on MT4. They have a live chat customer service which is a good thing, but everything else is very dishonest.

Be careful with this broker and I highly recommend any trader who wants to become serious with trading to never be in this company again.
Reply by Mark Miller (FortFS) submitted Dec 12, 2018:
Dear kingnassim11!

The very premise for your review is wrong, which makes us question your motivation for writing it in the first place. How could you possibly classify our welcome bonus as “scam”? Doesn’t “scam” imply some sort of deception? You make the promotion terms sound like some sort of conspiracy uncovered by you, but here they are, in open access for everyone to see, following this link: https://www.fortfs.com/promotion/promo-actions/welcome-bonus-75

There is no fine print, there are no hidden rules, everything is written out as clear as possible. Moreover, the best part about this promotion is that participating in it is COMPLETELY free and it is COMPLETELY voluntary, so we are not sure where your aggression comes from. You might not like the terms of the promotion – it is your right and there is no one forcing you to take this bonus. We see that you are serious about trading so you are welcome to deposit as low a sum as you wish and enjoy the withdrawals of any profits without any restrictions.

Still, you seem to miss the point of the welcome bonus. It is important to understand that welcome bonus is aimed at testing our services and trying real trading on real server for yourself. The possibility to earn $150 at the same time comes as a little pleasant addition to the received experience. For most new traders it is a great opportunity to take first steps in the world of trading and they are more than happy and thankful to seize it.

Regarding your groundless accusations of unreliability and dishonesty, all we have to say is that they are not based on any real experience of yours with us, because you have no such experience. We believe that reviews should reflect facts and not your fantasies. Unfortunately, your accusations are nothing more than pure speculation and nonsense, and it makes us question once again your true motives for leaving this review.

So, in short, no, welcome bonus is in no way a “scam”. Many traders do enjoy this bonus and find it useful. Of course, you are free to have your own opinion about the terms; we just wish it was presented more objectively and less in the form of blatant slander.

Sincerely yours,
Montreal, Canada,
Nov 28, 2018,

I give FortFS a 5-

Greetings, FPA users! My name is David and I have my own blog about Forex trading. I’ve been testing FortFS services for the last several months and I think I’m ready to share my experiences. So without further ado, let’s get to it.
So as I mentioned my experience with FortFS is about 3 months but I like to consider myself an experienced trader overall. I was not trading with extra large deposits, but I did deposit my own funds. I’m happy to report that my overall experience was mostly positive.
Conditions: A solid variety of trading instruments, high leverages (nice to not be affected by ESMA regulations) and low spreads has got to be the best thing about this broker. You can trade pretty much anything you can imagine: from Forex to cryptocurrencies. Forex is the most convenient starting point for beginners, as it always is, you need to have a little more experience to trade CFDs or cryptocurrencies where the leverage is fixed (a little too low for my taste for crypto – 1:3). Anyway, the trading conditions get a solid 5 out of 5.
Execution: Your experience with execution might vary is the correct way to put it. Sometimes it gets a little on the longer side, but not often. Spreads might widen during lower liquidity hours, which is logical, but still needs to be accounted for. Slippage happens sometimes. But mostly my orders were executed as expected, given that you can’t really hide from slippage or slight delays once in a while, I will give execution a 4-.
Bonuses: Bonuses are good if you know what you take them for. Realistically, you will not get free money but you can get quite a bit of help. I had no interest in welcome bonus but deposit bonuses seemed fair enough to me. Be sure to read the conditions to understand the terms and you are set. I’m giving the bonuses a 5-.
Support: There is not much to say about support other than it is super friendly and helpful. I didn’t have many issues, but the ones I had (card verification – see below) were answered competently and really fast.
Depositing: It was instant and I had no problems with it. No grade there since it is the only way for depositing to be nowadays, really.
Withdrawal: It took a couple of days to execute my withdrawal request which is not super fast, but not slow either. Had to verify my card before it though, which might be a little annoying, but oh well, you do what you have to do. I would recommend using Skrill or Neteller just to avoid the hassle of bank card operations. I will give withdrawal experience a 4.
Overall I had a good time trading with FortFS. Might not be the biggest name but is definitely great for beginners and should be good for most experienced traders.

My final grade for FortFS: 5- (recommended)