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Updated: Oct 18, 2018
3.137 · 128 REVIEWS
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FortFS is a forex broker. Fort FS offers the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile currency trading top platforms. FortFS.com offers currency pairs for your personal investment and trading options.

FortFS.com (Fort Financial Services)

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3.137 · 128 REVIEWS
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
Sep 28, 2018,

This broker has quite fast platforms Mt4 and Mt5 for my EA. So my EA goes up very good in Copy trading ranking they have on their website. Withdrawals profits to local banks or bank cards also fast. I personally see many reasons to say this is excellent broker. My experiens trading in Fort FS is 1.5 years.
Dhaka, Bangladesh,
Sep 27, 2018,
Registered user

when you make profit, you will their real face

horrible broker. i uploaded so many dollars from 2014 for trying high strategies since their spread is low. it was a verified account. even few days ago, i withdrew little money first time from fortfs and it was okay. today i requested withdrawal request they made my account non verified and rejected. when i asked to support what was the reason, they told your passport was not valid. i again asked why did you accept invalid passport? they it was valid in 2014. if they need new passport why do not tell me? why did suddenly made the account non verified? avoid this broker
Reply by Mark Miller (FortFS) submitted Oct 16, 2018:
Dear moin1407!

There is absolutely no connection between you making/not making profit and your profile verification. According to p.2.2.12. (https://static.fortfs.com/download/know_your_customer_policy.pdf) - “Clients are required to provide up-to-date identification information and notify the Company of any changes in their contact or personal information within ten (10) calendar days of occurrence thereof.” - it is your agreed upon responsibility to keep your documents up-to-date.
While it is true that your profile was verified in 2014, it is also true that your passport has expired since then and you have failed to provide a new one.
Thus, according to p.6.10.4. (https://static.fortfs.com/download/client_agreement.pdf) – “The funds withdrawing might be performed by the verified profiles only. It means the personal data as well as the payment account shall be verified.” – we have requested a valid passport to complete your verification and process your withdrawal.

We do not think that you negative review is justified because it is only natural that the profile shall not stay verified with invalid/expired documents. Since then you have provided a valid passport and your verification is complete now once again.
However, we are glad to hear that you enjoy our low spreads and are looking forward to working with you in future!

Please contact our support service should you have any further questions!

Sincerely yours,
Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation,
Sep 21, 2018,
Registered user

Your money will be stolen if you trade profitably

Late review of this company, but better late than never.

This company recalculated the financial result of the closed order № 1000049597 on the account 1115774 (buy market USDCAD 8.00 lots in 15-30-01), changing the opening price by 46.8 (!!!) points and actually stealing my money.
Below from 11.06.2018 also presented a review of another client of the company, which was in the same situation.
In response to the claims, the Company is covered by paragraph 2.5 of its so-called "Regulations for conducting trading operations" which allows it to change the opening and closing prices of orders to literally any value without the possibility of claims from the client.
The regulation of this company is carried out by IFSC from Belize without a single resolved claim from customers.
In fact, the Company just buys a cheap "brokerage license" to then hiding behind its "Regulations" virtually with impunity to steal the funds of its customers.
Later I will open the topic on the forum "Scam Alerts" because I think that all potential customers of this company should know the problems they will face in case of profitable trading.
Reply by Mark Miller (FortFS) submitted Sep 28, 2018:
Dear SergeySergey1975!

The most extensive answers have already been provided to you on different forums, as well as in e-mail letters. Since you can not find support of users on any of the forums and keep spreading misinformation to new ones, we will repeat the answers.

1) Your trading was performed in the news release time with a gap of over 40 p., your orders were still closed with profit and all your withdrawal requests were successfully completed. All the information on order processing, price feed used for profit recalculation and the reasons for this recalculation were covered in details previously for you.

A discrepancy between opening and closing prices used by trading platform and the factual prices of liquidity provider was revealed. According to the p. 3.21 of the “Trading activity performance agreement” (https://static.fortfs.com/download/regulation_of_operations.pdf), recalculation of the opening/closing prices was in order. This discrepancy was caused by the high load during release of important economic news as well as liquidity decrease typical for such times (gap of 40p).
Trading during news release always carries increased risks, which we always warn our clients about. Profits recalculation is not a typical situation and was only caused by the large gap and performing trading during news release. Still, note that all (!) the trades’ results performed during this time were recalculated, both closed with profit and loss. It means that other clients’ losses were compensated, which you don’t mention in your review.
You can find more information as well as both the price feed and recalculation details in our answer to aforementioned review from 11.06.2018.
We would like to assure forum visitors once again that the answers you received previously span pages and pages of incredibly detailed explanations of what has happened, what was done and why.

2) Our regulator is a respected company that provides guarantees of safety not only for our clients but also for many other brokers'. All your accusations have absolutely no foundation beneath them and, unsurprisingly, you did not provide any. In fact, as far as we know, you did not send any complaints to our regulator even if we are sure that there are no legal grounds for it.

FortFS strives to provide quality and transparent service and, as of now, we have given all the possible information on the situation.
Our support will be happy to answer all your questions, should you still have any left.

Sincerely yours,
Prague, Czech Republic,
Sep 21, 2018,
Registered user


Dear Mark Miller(FortFT),
It was definitely not an attempt to extortion, you know well that $ 2500 was the amount I lost in my positions due to the huge spread spreading 26.6.2018 and re-shrinking.

The above description is just my opinion from your services as a broker, fortunately there are other brokers who do not make these important things the same way and I can trust them.
Prague, Czech Republic,
Sep 11, 2018,
Registered user

My negative live expiriences with an expanded spread and a long lasting withdrawals

My negative live experience is in two areas:
1.) 27.6.2018 broker fortfs without prior notice expanded EURZAR spread from 640 points to 14260 !!! When I closeed my positions one day after, the broker narrowed the spread to 7,200 points. At this time, no interest rate on the EUR or ZAR changed or the spread of the other brokers did not change.
2.) The $ 12,000 withdrawal took more than 2 months. Because I funded by my credit card, I had to withdraw by making a payment card with a limited choice of $ 2,000. At fortfs you have to wait until the selection transaction is up to your account and it can take weeks, so it is usually the case that the withdrawal is after 6 days waiting rejected. When you ask why, it will tell you that the error occurred with the sorexpay payment company. It's the lie, because if you want to write a error statement from fortfs, they do not send anything and the subsequent transfer will go well.

For me, the behavior of this company is unacceptable and unprofessional, even if under their conditions everything is hidden and so NOTHING actually does not work against business conditions.
Beware of this broker with many awards :(
Reply by Mark Miller (FortFS) submitted Sep 20, 2018:
Dear Client!

1) A full answer regarding the spreads has been given to you earlier via email. Please note that we do not have any influence over the spreads and provide them as we receive from our partners. Changes to spreads might be applied in accordance with the demands of our liquidity providers and that is exactly what happened in the timeframe mentioned by you. Such possibility is based on the following legal documentation clauses: 2.2, 2.4, 3.20 of Rules of proceedings for trading operations (https://static.fortfs.com/download/regulation_of_operations.pdf) and 5.1, 11 of Risk Disclosure policy (https://static.fortfs.com/download/risks_policy.pdf).
These documents, along with other legal documentation, are in open access and can be found here: https://www.fortfs.com/en/about/reglaments. Opening an account with FortFS means that you accept these documents and, judging by your post, you seem to admit that all our actions have been taken strictly according to the documents you have agreed to.

2) Unfortunately, the payment processing company does not practice providing documents/statements on transactions that have not been completed. Still, since you accuse us of lying, we are sending to your email a screenshot of withdrawal transactions numbers as well as numbers of rollback transactions that we received. This screenshot should clear all the doubts on these transactions actually taking place.
Payment processing company is an external independent organization and, sadly, we cannot influence its internal compliance procedures. In accordance with p.6.5. of our Client’s agreement we recommend you to contact SorexPay support directly regarding any information on rollbacks of transactions.

Please note that you have been informed to include our answers if you do decide to post to forex forums, otherwise we would be forced to quote our correspondence ourselves, and so we do.
Additionally, we would like to clear up the following: in your review you make it sound as if you lost money, which is absolutely not the truth. You have earned and withdrawn a considerable profit during your trading with us. On top of that, you asked us to pay you to not post negative reviews online, which we cannot consider anything but an extortion attempt. We quote your letter: “I have a suggestion for you: I am willing to not share this experiences on fx forums if you will refund $ 2500 for loss due to a change of spread. I think it would be better for both sides.”
We think that it is only fair to let other site visitors have an honest perspective on the situation before they form an opinion.

As always, our support is happy to answer your further questions should you have any.

Sincerely yours,
batna, Algeria,
Sep 2, 2018,
Registered user

good company

my name Abdelaziz mohamed bader eddine i start trading with fortfs from 2017 they have good promotions.
my account number is 3132259 i am participating now in mega protect bonus i will write my whole exprience after i accomplish the bonus requirement until now i have good experience with them just some re-quote when i try close deals i will contact the support later for it but generally good company and i hope they continue in this way
Barselona, Spain,
Aug 23, 2018,


Dear traders, do not waste your time in this kitchen. She will not give a big profit, they will cancel the profit by referring to their rules, which can be changed at any time and you will not prove anything. It happened to me. I traded in crypto-currencies. The company canceled my profits for several months of trading!!!
Reply by Mark Miller (FortFS) submitted Sep 12, 2018:
Dear Mike!

We can not find any complaints in our archives about crypto-currency trading so we are not sure what situation you are talking about.
Nevertheless, we are proud to say that we take our regulation seriously and always act according to our legal documents, which are clear and can be easily accessed following this link: https://www.fortfs.com/en/about/reglaments.

We are always happy to answer your questions and invite you to contact our support for any further explanations before you spread misinformation among site visitors.

Sincerely yours,
Aug 14, 2018,
Registered user

I have tried this broker for several years
CFD as index dax are impossible to trade
too few data come from the server .compare youself vs with alpari ,,,
putting live volume indicator in a daily chart ,,
  the datafeed is too poor

about forex ,,,huge slips 4/ 6 pip !!prevent copying a signal
mt4 don't received signal orders ,,for too much slippage
Reply by Mark Miller (FortFS) submitted Aug 20, 2018:
Dear Spacca!

We have looked through our support archives and we could not find any complaints similar to yours. Thus, we ask you to provide us with your account number so we can investigate the problems you are supposedly having further. Also, please clarify which DAX instrument you mean exactly (we have several), because the data feed/liquidity we see are completely up to standard.

Do not hesitate to contact our support should you need any help in future! We are always happy to answer any questions you might have!

Sincerely yours,
Seoul, Korea, Republic of,
Aug 3, 2018,


Tight spreads and convenient trading conditions attracted me to Fort, but in the very beginning I faced the issue with slow order execution and it almost made me withdraw my money back. But after the customer support managers guided me through the step-by-step instruction, I solved the issue within 10 minutes. Beside good spreads, these guys also have transparent deposit/withdraw policy. They were quite helpful and open to offer me the alternative way to withdraw my money when I lost my card from which I made deposits previously. Really apreciate this.
United Arab Emirates,
Jul 29, 2018,
Registered user

positive experience.

Having accounts with them since December 2017. Easy deposit and withdrawals.
I have made withdrawals twice ( April 2018 and June 2018) without any problem.