Combo of the top3 of MFWU Real Account Stopped test

+9.91% WEEKLY · 12.6 weeks
Average Pips per Week:
+1,476,312 (Gross Pips: +18,601,529)
Average P/L per Week:
+9.91% (Gross P/L: +228.98%)
Maximum Equity used:
11.55% (Dec 16, 2020, 7:00:00 AM)
Test started:
Oct 21, 2020
Test Stopped:
Dec 17, 2020 (Tested 12.6 weeks)
Voluntarily Quit
Description from product owner: This is not a new trading system. This is a combination of all top three traders of MFWU. We place all of our trades in this single account, however, we set lot sizes in such a way that it doesn't increase/triple the risk. This is a perfect example of a managed account.