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  1. N

    I've been trying to withdraw money from 10brokers

    I've tried on numerous occasions to ask 10brokers to pay my money and nothing is happening. At present they're not answering my e mails. My account is saying pending message that doesn't change to approved.
  2. Keti Yakimova


    10 brokers are scammers, I made a deposit of 2750 euros and in the beginning everything was nars, but when I was asked to withdraw and for a few hours my money and the profit and the deposit, I just lost them.
  3. O


    I need help to find out if Vip Crypto and 10 Brokers are the same. I opened an account with Vip Crypto after being directed to the platform by the BitBubbleTech software. My declaration of deposit came from 10 Brokers instead of Vip Crypto. The account managers interfered with my account so I...
  4. A

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  5. K

    10Brokers.com Won't Transfer My Money!

    Account No. 9117363 I have been trying for over one month now to withdraw my money from 10brokers.com, without any success. i have more than 40000 USD on my account and i'm not able to withdraw Thay not replying my phones and emails This has become ridiculous and it seems clear that they...

    Ten brokers deceived me

    two months are playing me. constantly wanting to lose losing positions. constantly wanting money to get rid of losing losses. so I scored 8903 dollars. on December 15, 2017 I said I will not give any more money because I see only lost and not profits. at 17.122017.account number 9110730 was...
  7. E

    10brokers smart scammers

    Account No:9121100 They are very nice until you decide to withdraw your money, this is what I read and what I faced. In the beginning I told my account manager (Mahmoud Lotfy) that I need to check the withdraw service, and asked for $100, so it seems he wanted to get my trust and at the second...
  8. S

    Resolved - 10Brokers.com Won't Transfer My Money!!!

    Account No. 9101315 I have been trying for over one month now to withdraw my money from 10brokers.com, without any success. They confirmed in writing that $1826.05 was pending and that a transfer normally takes 5 - 7 banking days. It's been over a month now and each time I call or email, they...
  9. L


    I opened my trading account with 10brokers in June. Account number 9102283, I was operating on the MT4 platform. At first Emanuele called every week to update me on the profits. A few weeks ago I sent the documents for the withdrawal (ID card, prepaid card, and residency certificate). They don't...
  10. T

    10Brokers.com scam

    I was contacted by someone from 10brokers.com promising me at least 30% returns with their trading platform. I don't even know where they got my number exactly. So I invested $2000 and in the end lost it all without getting a single dollar back. Initially the broker was doing really well and...
  11. S

    10Brokers Withdrawal problem

    I was trading with 10brokers under the company broker so I withdraw the money after 3 weeks I haven't received my money I tried communication with the support of the company but they just send me email saying I will get my money as soon as possible but nothing and after two days of complaining...
  12. L


    I opened a trading account with 10brokers.com in July, I have found it quite difficult to work and have requested my money back, this company does not answer the phone number I was given the number on their paperwork is invalid and all email and withdrawal request goes unanswered or closed, as...
  13. maduet

    Resolved - 10Brokers won't pay out

    Placed a withdrawal request for €1000 over a week ago and they just ignore it. Have been writing to them every day now, kindly requesting that they give me my money back, but to no avail. Even phone calls every day have no effect. They say it's my money, they're not scammers, etc. but in actual...