1. pipsway

    avapartner.com the affiliation program of avatrade.com is a SCAM

    Hi Everybody, I'm here to report serious abuses and practices of AVA through its affiliation program avapartner.com. I've started working with AVA in Mar 2018 after we discussed a CPA deal and I've started the campaign for them in line with their Agreement, T&C and Code of Conduct. The first 4...
  2. J

    AVA Partner Scam

    AVA PARTNER HOLDING $90'000 PAYMENT! I've been affiliated with Ava Partner for the last 4 months and they used to pay no problem. However I'm now owed $90'000+ from clients who've signed up in July and have qualified under the agreement of my account manager which was; $250 minimum deposit and...
  3. A

    Problem AVATRADE / AVAPARTNER SCAM $160,000 from affiliate

    Hello. My friends works as an Affiliate for Avatrade, He also has employees. Avatrade haven't paid him. They actually sent him proof close to the 15th of when he was meant to be paid showing proof that £91,000 was sent to him. Anyway the following Monday he contacted them after payment was...