1. Jonathankoay

    BDSwiss withdrawal since 11-Sep

    The customer service keep repeating the same thing for weeks that they are waiting for the bank. Its really unacceptable.
  2. PipsHunter69

    Resolved:: Bdswiss price movement abuse, deposit impossible, FSC account closed replaced by CYSEC account

    Hello Dear Traders, I encountered a problem with Bdswiss, at the opening of the markets on August 9, 2021, XAU / USD started to fall and reached the price of 1697 at 00:57 (utc + 2 Paris time). The chart of the Bdswiss platform is linked to Tradingview, the price is exactly the same,I have...
  3. C

    Resolved: BDSWISS won't give money back SCAM

    Hello is anyone been in trouble with bdswiss to get their money back here ? because us yes ! My husband just put money in bdswiss like 2 weeks ago and then wants to get the money back but now they don’t want to give the money back and want us to send them a plenty of papers and everything ( we...
  4. S


    Hi there! I live in Portugal.. and i’ve been induced to create an account in Bdswiss by a guy in instagram... i deposited the money 350€ in bdswiss and i don’t trade nothing i still have the same value in my account of bdswiss and i want to withdrawal the 350€ via transfer account. And the...
  5. G

    Resolved: Bdswiss not paying withdrawals that I requested a month ago - Scam!!!

    It's been more than a month since I requested 2 withdrawals from 2 MT accounts and they are not paying me nor saying anything! At the begining, they requested me a lot of information (documents, proof of deposits, etc.) and once everything was verified they approved both withdrawals. After this...
  6. N


    Hello FPA, Dear Traders This is my first post and I hope I write it in the good section (sorry if not ) I will explain briefly my story with this Broker : @BDSwiss. I am an EU citizen. This broker is under control of the Financial Services Commission (FSC). Licence number is : C116016172...
  7. Aung Chan Min

    BDS MARKETS (BDSwiss) Scammed my Profit Money

    I requested to withdrawal $ 2500 from my Trading Account Number : 3171388 In the meaning time, there is $ 3623.24 USD in my trading account. After 4 hours, they reject my withdrawal $ 2500 then they deducted the full money $ 3623.24 USD from my account. When i contact to them, they sent me email...
  8. C

    BDSwiss wrongfully margin called my account

    I had a total of £753.92 in my trading account. I had a position open on GBP/AUD which was in profit however at around 22:00 UK time my position all of a sudden hit my stop loss even tho i requested to close the position when it was in profit but would not close. I had a take profit set which...
  9. J

    Broker BDSWISS scam, They took my money

    It's disappointing when another scam broker comes from Switzerland, They haven't paid me for 2 weeks already. 1. I come from Vietnam, They took me over $ 10,000 without return, without any email sent to me, they were very quiet. (I have photos proof they do not let me withdraw...
  10. fauzimustafar

    BDSwiss Deposit went missing

    Hi all, would like to ask anyone that had experience depositing money to BDSwiss through online banking.. how long does it take normally? I had deposit made on 30 January 2020 and the status of my deposit “Reject” but the money were gone.. already contact the support but they keep on...
  11. A


    This broker BDswiss is a scam forex broker. They accept your money and when you try to make a withdrawal they refuse to refund it. Instead they put the blame on their bank. Rave by Flutter wave takes 3 to 15 days to refund your withdrawal to your bank but this is the 20th business day since I...
  12. Oche A


    First of all they slipped my trades consistently , the slippage ranged from 5pips to 15pip, i stole -$600 from my account by doing this. I have been trading since 2005, i am an engineer, a forex tutor and have organised several forex seminars round the globe, i have a network of over 40,000...
  13. ferial nagy

    i have been scammed by Bdswiss

    i have registered an account and deposited 2000$ and achieved 2500$ profit as soon as i requested a withdrawal they asked me for more documents although my account is verified. i have already sent them the documents , then they asked me for more documents i have already done every thing they...
  14. BDSwiss

    BDSwiss Press Releases

    BDSwiss Holding PLC, a leading FX and CFD Broker, has officially announced today, April 4, the launch of their new account type, the Sub-Zero Account. BDSwiss new account type comes as a true innovation since no other broker is currently offering any similar features. BDSwiss pioneering...