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    fapturbo moneyback scam

    Ive seen a few old threads regarding this company and it would appear they are still refusing to honour their money back guarantee. I bought their product and was far from happy with it. I requested my money back within the 60 days without success despite several requests to them and clickbank...
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    Fap Turbo

    I purchased a copy of FAP TURBO online 2/19/10 and notified FAP TURBO on 2/21/10 of my intention to cancel my order for a refund, and referencing my CLICKBANK RECEIPT # ED8W26PM. I have sent 9 subsequent emails and made several telephone calls and left messages, but to date have received no...
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    need your advise about trading systems and strategies

    hello, i am new at this and and have absolutely no idea about forex. I need money desperately and thought about this. I have looked over the internat about some software but i would realy apraciate your advice. what about Fapturbo that works on its own? is that a good system for someone like me...
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    Discuss FAPTurbo.com (and FAPTurbo2.com and FAPTurbo3.com)

    Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for FapTurbo.com >> otherwise use this thread ("Post Reply" button below) to start a LIVE discussion and get responses from our FPA members. Please see the review page for links to several FAP Turbo Demo Tests by Forex Peace Army