1. T

    fapturbo moneyback scam

    Ive seen a few old threads regarding this company and it would appear they are still refusing to honour their money back guarantee. I bought their product and was far from happy with it. I requested my money back within the 60 days without success despite several requests to them and clickbank...
  2. G

    Fap Turbo

    I purchased a copy of FAP TURBO online 2/19/10 and notified FAP TURBO on 2/21/10 of my intention to cancel my order for a refund, and referencing my CLICKBANK RECEIPT # ED8W26PM. I have sent 9 subsequent emails and made several telephone calls and left messages, but to date have received no...
  3. A

    need your advise about trading systems and strategies

    hello, i am new at this and and have absolutely no idea about forex. I need money desperately and thought about this. I have looked over the internat about some software but i would realy apraciate your advice. what about Fapturbo that works on its own? is that a good system for someone like me...
  4. athenafx

    SCAM ALERT Kirchberg team forexsmartbot.com

    Another laughable product from the kirchberg team. They have run many scams starting with forex autopilot and continuing with numerous EAs later on. Most of the time they hide their name. This time, the "actor steve" from fapturbo is promoting the EA thru forexsmartbot.com $39 (discount $10)...
  5. A

    FAPTurbo.com (and FAPTurbo2.com and FAPTurbo3.com)

    Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for FapTurbo.com >> otherwise use this thread ("Post Reply" button below) to start a LIVE discussion and get responses from our FPA members. Please see the review page for links to several FAP Turbo Demo Tests by Forex Peace Army