Fap Turbo


I purchased a copy of FAP TURBO online 2/19/10 and notified FAP TURBO on 2/21/10 of my intention to cancel my order for a refund, and referencing my CLICKBANK RECEIPT # ED8W26PM. I have sent 9 subsequent emails and made several telephone calls and left messages, but to date have received no acknowledgement or confirmation, and my refund has not been received.
Try contacting ClickBank directly. They handle payments and refunds.
Pharoh is correct here. You do not need to contact the vendor at all. Hopefully you still have your e-mail receipt. Just forward your receipt to refunds@clickbank.com with a short message like " please refund this purchase" nothing else is required. you should receive confirmation of receipt very quickly and then within about 2 days confirmation that refund has been sent. It may take a couple more days to reach your bank but at least you know its on its way.
If you havent got your receipt contact clickbank through their customer services and you may still get a refund although not guaranteed.
When buying any EA check the method of payment first. Clickbank are good followed by plimus. Never buy an EA with a direct credit card payment, you will struggle for refund. Always save your receipt and if you need refund on any other product just follow the procedure above. Good luck!!
Sometimes, ClickBank will write back instead of giving an instant refund. If they do, just respond that you are dissatisfied and want an immediate refund.