1. J

    FXCH LTD Aka

    Hello there I trust you are well. I am Jacinta Njeri Karua, a trader with FXCH 1.I opened an account with FXCH.Trading went on well. As evident in the attached statement of 24th March,No tax and no swap were being charged. 2. My trading agent David Gakuya Kariuki was...
  2. David Gakuya Kariuki

    FXCH aka Swiss-Forex problem

    I trust you are well. I am David Gakuya Kariuki,an IB and Money Manager with FXCH 1.On 17th Jan 2018 Jacinta Njeri Karua opened an account with FXCH and appointed me as her Trading Agent. Now, a trading agent who has more than one client uses a MUILTIACCOUNT TERMINAL owned...
  3. D

    GUILTY Case# 2018-058 | Dhanushka Sandaruwan vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: Dear Sir/Madam, Name - Dhanushka Sandaruwan Amarasena Address - No: 123/1, Borukgamuwa Western, Pallewela, Sri Lanka Scammed broker - FXCH ( FXCH live account number -...
  4. D

    Submit a complaint against FXCH forex broker

    Dear Sir/Madam, Name - Dhanushka Sandaruwan Amarasena Address - No: 123/1, Borukgamuwa Western, Pallewela, Sri Lanka Scammed broker - FXCH ( FXCH live account number - 6573 I am writing this message to inform clear forex scam of a broker. it's FXCH ( I was...
  5. Vishwajeet Pandey

    FXCH ( is a scam

    This broker is a complete SCAM. They DO NOT let you make a withdrawal without taking a trade (they call it 'activating' the account). And then when you go to place a trade, they allow you to place a trade below 5 lots. And at the exact moment when you do place a trade, they actually increase...
  6. A

    Un authorized trade FXCH( - SCAM!

    Dear all, Please don't trade with FXCH, numberoneforex(WVC), and Global clearing group all are scams. Also there so called regulator "EUEDEX" exchange is a black screen to hide their deeds! I am opened a trading account with FXCH (acc. no 61**) after a long conversation with their supporting...
  7. E traded my account on my behalf

    forex swiss,,forexswiss 24 hour online Forex trading i open an account with them thinking they genuine brokers i never knew they were scam after registering i funded with 5022usd only for them to trade my account by them self and crash the account.. see for yourself details login...
  8. B scammers

    I opened demo account with and tried an EA got excellent results practically no losses with 0.1 lot size as opened by the EA checked with their live chat whether same spreads and trading conditions are same and on confirmation opened live account funded with their min 2000 usd...
  9. C

    Fxch = Scam

    Sorry for my english, i translate by Google. I opened an account with FXCH October 7, 2009 and I sent $ 2,000 with credit card from the website (Whom I have sent?). I noticed that: - There are differences between demo account and live account; - Live account within your volumes are very...
  10. S

    FXCH ( huge, illegal opening slippage, price manipulations, requotes

    I’ve already sent 3 e-mails to FXCH, and finally, almost 3 days later (on Friday, 15-04-2011) I got an anwer for my third message. My first mail was sent at 01:42am, 13-04-2011, GMT+1. Their answer doesn’t contain any concrete, exact informations about my trades, just general informations in a...
  11. B

    Fxch = Scam!

    Hello, Unfortunately, I should have listened to the warnings from the other reviews. Now, after opening a real account with FXCH and I have lost 1000$ in 20 minutes. I have encountered the following negative issues while running my FxRobot: On their website it's stated: 'NO TRADING...
  12. W

    Resolved -

    After starting a demo account and running it for 3 months I emailed the company in question to find out how the live and demo accounts differ. Their answer was "both are the same". I opened a live account but to my horror found just the opposite was true. On entering a transaction a few seconds...
  13. A


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