1. F

    Problem FreshForex deceives people

    FreshForex company deceives people. When people start to write that they have lost money, scammers create a new site with a new name. All companies have the same work scheme, only different names. This is all one international syndicate to cheat people
  2. F

    Problem removed my 5000$ profit

    I have opened the classic account with 1:1000 leverage and deposited 700$ received 525$ bonus. My account no 360496.Yesterday I opened the sell trade 4 lot of EUR/NZD 4 minutes before of RBNZ rate decision news release and I closed the trade with 5000$ profit something. I closed the trade after...
  3. lorem

    Fresh Spam for FreshForex

    A psychological component really matters in tradomg. For example, I was always concerned with spread's impact on efficiency in the moment of exit. I can get a loss. It was not an easy thing to overcome and if I had a chance to get such a rebate as offered by freshforex now, I would care about...
  4. Ted_Packer

    Trading Journal of the Beginner - by a FreshForex spammer

    Hello, guys! I think the best way to train one's trading skills is to start a blog, cause it allows the beginner to mark some previous mistakes and watch the general progress. I'm gonna write here about my trading experience with the major pairs using FF. I'm really open for your ideas and...
  5. OlafYom

    Freshforex Spam

    Hi there, I'm a newbie and new here as well. Hope everyone is doing great! I'm doing everything I can to learn trading, and I know I can learn a lot from you guys! Thanks! You and your buddy started out so well. Too bad for you guys that Spam Cat had to eat you.
  6. A


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