1. A

    Fxcm - what a dissapointment

    I have been a client of Fxcm for over 2 years and I was very happy with them, until the 17th of December when they had a slippage on their platform and closed all my Eur/Chf positions at prices never seen even on their own charts -significantly below the 1.2 threshold. And guess what!!! It...
  2. S

    FXCM vs Alpari UK

    Hi All, I am new comer in forex trading. After researching 2-3 weeks myself, I come to the last 2 choices which are FXCM or Alpari UK. I just want to have your professional suggestions (not from a spammer) which one is better in terms of cost, illegal practice if any (as I found both had...
  3. F

    FXCM will close your account if you make money too fast!

    Opened and funded my FXCM account. Account fully approved to trade. Started trading made over 100 trades all wins 0 losses in a few days. Then on Monday received the email below. Dear David Farrington, This is to inform you that your trading account has been temporarily suspended. This...
  4. E

    Lost money from FXCM

    I lost money from FXCM. In September 5th 8:30pm, I made a Gold 1260.55 sell limit, I lost money in this order. After I checked, historical price of FXCM did go to 1260.55 . I asked few friends who are from different forex brokers, they told me that other companies didn't touch the 1260.55...
  5. LuciferHimself

    Fxcm big time scam!

    PEOPLE BEWARE FXCM IS A FRAUD. Read the article below and find out for yourself. I still experience all that everyday with FXCM. Keeping all my screenshots and I will urge everyone to do that whoever is with FXCM when you can't close a trade or your MT4 is running slow or no connection at all...
  6. D

    Fxcm scam

    On the 15th of June FXCM closed down 3 positions on my account for -394,3 euros due to their error. I had enough funds it was not a margin call,they asked me to open the same positions again at a better price and said they would refund me but they did not, so now I asked for a second audit. I...
  7. A

    Pls help!

    No vice-trader here.I sent an email to FXCM why sell limit order was not being executed/active even it it already touches/hit the price. And the answer is this. "" Hello, Thank you for your interest in FXCM. Limit orders are often filled at the requested price or better. If the price...
  8. R

    FXCM -Fraudsters!!

    Hi Everyone, I am an active trader and have been trading with two brokers - HOTFOREX and FXCM, while I have been with HOTFOREX for longer and find them to be extremely good and trustworthy in terms of execution, slippage, spread, etc icannot say the same about FXCM. As a matter of habit i...
  9. Master Yoda

    FXCM UK Announces $16.9 Million Settlement with FCA for Asymmetric Slippage

    Looks like FXCM is no better than the "FPA Brokers Hall of Fame" members Full Article: FXCM UK Announces $16.9 Million Settlement with FCA for Asymmetric Slippage | Forex Magnates And here's a reminder for the brokers: http://www.fca.org.uk/static/documents/newsletters/market-watch-45.pdf
  10. I

    Resolved | FXCM - a warning

    Hi everyone, I assume most of you will be familiar with FXCM by now. I would like to warn anyone dealing with FXCM and using the FXCM Trading Station. It's an issue that could potentially be affecting you as I type this. I have already opened an audit with FXCM regarding this matter...
  11. S

    I believe fxcm scammed me ..... !!!

    dear all,, i have been a victim of fxcm (IN MY OPINION SO FAR ) ... i swear .. stay away .. they activated my stop loss on 3 trades on the same day althoguh the stop loss was never reached during all the time the trade was open according to their charts on mt4 .... when contacting them ...
  12. T


    Just wanted to alert members to a scheme by FXCM. I had a resting order prior to news which was at least 10 pips out of market prior to CAD Core Retail Sales today. Expected was 0.1% and actual was a kill 1.2%. The market took off and I had a 10 pip fixed trailing stop. Next thing I see my...
  13. Astro409

    Market Maker with FXCM MINIREAL Account???

    Is it just me or does anyone else feel like a market maker when the amount in their account is little(less than $100 USD), at the time i've lost about 70% of learning investment? This is not my 1st time asking myself that question. After reading a few fx notes, looking at a four hour chart for...
  14. A


    Hi Good Evening After Regards.... before i open a real account in The Forex market i was trading on the demo accounts for 2 years and 8 months i knew every thing about Forex and i was make profit on demo and then i open a micro account with a forex company with 500 $ the profit was...
  15. N

    FXCM - Potential Stop Loss Hunting / Spiking Victim - RESOLVED

    Dear FPA Members, PLEASE, SERIOUSLY BEWARE. I have posted this thread because I believe that I have been the victim of Stop Loss Hunting / Spiking by FXCM MENA (this is basically FXCM in the Middle East which reports to FXCM USA based on my communication with them). Please note that I...
  16. H

    RESOLVED - Cannot withdraw funds from FXCM to the bank account of my choice!

    Hello, I use 2 bank accounts for sending funds to brokers. I have one EUR and one USD based bank account. I funded my FXCM Active Trader account from my EUR based bank account. My FXCM Active Trader account is USD based so the EUR was converted into USD. I wanted to trade here by using an...
  17. M


    Fxcm.com Have Stolen My Money And Drainned My Account Of 18k. The Way They Do It By Freeze Your Order Sell Or Buy And Don't Let You Get Out Of Your Position When Market Is Against You. If You Try To Set The Sell Stop Or Buy Stop They Will Try To Spike The Price To Get Your Order Fill And You...
  18. A

    FXCM.com Trading Courses

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    Click here to read or submit reviews and ratings for Fxcm.com >> otherwise use this thread ("Post Reply" button below) to start a LIVE discussion and get responses from our FPA members.